All that glitters is not gold.

All that glitters is not gold.

A Story by sgulab

Another old story a wrote a couple of years ago. This is my favorite piece though. I guess it is kinda like a letter written to a previous lover.

"I love her" you say as your smoldering amber eyes blaze a path right into the depts of my soul. I swallow hard as i try to keep a whirlpool of emotions at bay. A million thoughts race through my head. I take a deep breath and silently watch as you walk back towards her. Your princess, your Juliet. Your one true love- or so you think in your drunken state of mind.

I sigh again. My dear why cant you see? I suspenct that you have once again stumbled over reality and have collapsed into your own version of utopia. You know the place where all your wishes and dreams come true? The place where everyone gets their very own fairy tale ending?

Oh im sorry my sweet do you not understand? Has she drugged you once again with her toxic lies? Has she made you drunk with her potent blend of dreams and wishes for the future- or should i say your future together?

In simple terms sweetheart...
Your head is in the clouds.
When will you understand my dear? When?

How can you not see the malice within her enticing eyes? The scorn behind her mezmorizing smile? How can you not hear the spite in her angelic voice?

Oh my mistake, you must still be suffereing from the ill effects of her poisonous mixture of deadly illusions and destructive aspirations for the future- Your future.

Honestly dear how can you be so naive? Oh wait your still off somewhere in utopia arent you? That must be why she looks so impeccable and enchanting. That must be why she looks so graceful and pure. On the contrary my dear, on the contrary.

When will you realize my dear? When will you realize all that glitters is not gold? And what will happen when you do? I gurantee you darling, it will be a very harsh lesson to learn.

There is trouble ahead my sweet, there is trouble ahead. And oh what a shame it is that you refuse to see it, refuse to acknowledge it.

Dont say i never warned you darling.
Dont say i never warned you.

In the near future when your utopia has been annihilated and consumed by her malignancy you will finally understand wont you dear? It is only then you will understand.

It is only then you will realize what i was trying to tell you all along. But then it will be too late darling. Much to late.

© 2010 sgulab

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Added on May 24, 2010
Last Updated on May 24, 2010