This Love can only get weaker.

This Love can only get weaker.

A Chapter by Oh Wow, Lovely.

1,309 WORDS!Two gays who can't come out,yeah yeah cliche NO mys different just read:)

"Which one of you guys have girlfriends? Or Boyfriends? Who knows?" The interviewer asked.
"Two of us have girlfriends," Liam protested. 
"Boyfriend," Harry muffled under his breathe.
"Me and Louis have girlfriends," Liam said trying to cover harry up.
"Louis's boyfriend," Harry said not denying that he's gay. 
"Take it back," Management threatened. 
"Yeah, no problem," The interviewer said. Then he then carried on the interview. That little piece of Larry evidence never got destroyed.
"Yeah. that's gonna have to come out," Louis said kind of blowing of his shoulder. 


"Harry what do you want to drink?" Louis asked coming into the flat with Harry. 
"Tea, you know I'll talk in my sleep without it," Harry said sounding worried. 
"Hazza, what's wrong?" Louis asked bringing Harry's tea. 
"I didn't mean for that to happen how  it did, it just slipped," Harry said looking straight into Louis's great big blue oceans. 
"Harry, I totally understand, you don't need to be sorry. It's not easy on me either. Don't beat yourself up," Louis said engaging him with a hug. Harry started to cry because he knew they would never be able to tell anyone  other then the band. All Louis could do is stay there for him. 
"You know you're not the only one in this, it's hard on me too, I can't just keep pretending. It hurts," Harry stormed out of the room.
Louis just waited it out. He didn't know what to say. After a few hours he called Liam.
"Liam, please tell me you've seen Harry, we got in a fight and he stormed out and haven't seen him since," Louis said frantic.
"No,he's a big boy I'm sure he's fine," Liam said not worried one bit.Louis could hear a girl in the back ground so he just hung up. Louis assumed it was Danielle. Liam and Danielle have had a lot of time together recently,if you know what I mean. Louis had no time to find Harry right now he had a interview to go to. Harry has to go to that same interview but he has no way of getting there  without Lou. 


"How are you guys?" Interviewer started with.
"We're all doing great,thanks, and you?" Liam said being the cheeky lad. 
"Doing well, Doing well. Hey if you don't mind me asking isn't their another person i your band?"he asked being a little noisy interviewer. 
"Yeah,"Louis muffled.
"Well,where?" The interviewer asked. the boys didn't really have a single clue. They all just glanced at each other for a while until one of them replied with an answer.
"England-Home-NANDOS-not here," The boys all replied at the same time. 
"WOAH boys one at a time," He said as Harry walked in drunk.
"Speak of the devil,"Niall said. 
There was Harry stumbling his way over to the couch where they all had been sitting. 
"I LOVED YOU AND ALWAYS WILL,BUT IT'S NOT MUTUAL AND YOU WON'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT WHERE WE'RE AT WHICH SHOWS ME THE REAL SIDE OF YOU I'M DONE. . .done," Harry said right about when he fell done pasted out on the couch. 
"We're done here, Louis grab your boyfriend," Management said rushing out of the room.Louis and the boys carried Harry out of the room and outside. Management had already left because they told Louis and Harry what would happen if anything like this would happen. They couldn't worry about that right now. They needed to go to one of there concerts.
In the middle of Moments:
"Hands are silent, Voice is numb trying to scream out my lungs it makes this harder and the tears stream down my face," Louis said straight into Harry's eyes from across stage with a little tear falling.
"If we could only have this life for one more day,if we could only turn back time..,"Harry said teary eyed.
Everyone who didn't believe in Larry called it a glare. Clearly it's not a glare.

"Wow, I never though in a million years that Louis Tomlinson would get drunk infront of fans,that's gone,"Liam said finishing his water.
At this time Liam didn't have his second kidney working so he can't drink.
"there really going at it aren't they,"Niall said. 
"I am your captain,"Niall said quietly only so Louis and harry could hear. There were fans on the other side of the street.Mean while Louis and Harry are dancing together when...Louis starts to sing "glad you came" drunk stumbling over everything, to find himself in Harry's arms. Louis leans in for the kiss.
"No,not here,"Harry whispers into his ear allowing Louis to kiss him only  on the cheek. 
"C'mon guys I think we've had enough fun for one night,Zayn you get Hazza,i'll get boo bear," Liam said practically ripping Louis from Harry. 
"But I don't want to go yet,"Harry said being stubborn and just a we little bit drunk.
"Yeah,i'm just getting started,"Louis said trying to get out of Liam's arms.Liam and the rest of them finally got the boys to corporate and drove off into bed. Niall got out with Louis and harry to make sure they made it to bed.
(Niall is captain of Larry Stylinson ship~)
Niall is a little weak so he couldn't carry both of them to separate beds instead he put them both in the same bed. 

In the morning they had no recollection of the last night.As they woke up they saw the room turned upside down. 
"Harry?What happened?"Louis asked frantically.
"Wha~Not know,i'm hung over,"Harry said snoring back to sleep. 
"Harry get up now,"Louis said pushing harry off the bed.
"What is so urgent that you wake me from my sleep?"Harry said slowly realizing something did happen last night.Considering the change of clothes that occurred. 
"Uhmm,maybe the boys will know?"Harry said calling up the last one he talked to.

"Uhm,yeah  did you stay after with me and Louis last night?"Harry asked passing the room afraid of the answer.It'll only make things worse.
"Yeah,i stayed to tame you till you passed out on the couch,"Niall said.
"So you know what happened?"
"yeah,"Niall said.
"Okay spill the potatoes," Harry said.
"Yeah,"Niall said avoiding having to answer.
"NIALL,"Louis yelled the grabbing the phone from Harry putting him on speakerphone. 
"well, I don't think the details in this scenario is relevant so you guy shad fun together an I'll just leave it at that,"Niall said in his cute accent and hung up the phone.That's what they were afraid of.  For a while there was complete silence.Awkward silence. They didn't know what to say.harry couldn't say anything. 
"So where do we stand?"Harry said being the younger one asking for advise and none could be given. 
"Uh-Du-I DON'T KNOW OKAY,"Louis said scared something would happen and he just wanted this all to end.
"I wish I never even meet you, we wouldn't be here," Louis muffled under is breathe.
"WHAT, so this is my fault now?Okay let's pretend like you didn't make the first move on me remember,you came into X-Factor GAYYYY,you. Not me.I can't believe how selfish you really are.To be in a relationship it takes TWO,not one. So now with one of us in this,whatever you can call this,definitely not a relationship because i'm done,i'm done with you,,i'm done with the band,it's not like you need someone making others gay right tell them I said see you soon. It was my fault and i'm sorry I'm to blind too see that.i never thought I would see how fake you really are Louis Tomlinson,"Harry said yelling at him with hand motions and tears coming down like a waterfall. Louis is as stiff as a board he can't believe Harry could be so offensive.It all hurt Louis like any other normal human being. All Louis could do was shed a single tear. 

© 2012 Oh Wow, Lovely.

Author's Note

Oh Wow, Lovely.
Yes,I know that some of the things in here don't match up but i had to make it fit so. . deal.

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Oh Wow, Lovely.
Oh Wow, Lovely.

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