Back for you

Back for you

A Chapter by Oh Wow, Lovely.

One direction has broke up.After years and years of recording they just couldn't do it again. Liam Payne,Zayn Malik,and Niall Horan are all happily married. As for Louis Tomlinson;just came out gay. All this time he has been playing us with Eleanor,wish her luck. She'll be getting major hate. And the last band mate,who filled in for the great Harry Styles, Ed Tomas is still single for all them ladies. Harry Styles;we haven't heard much from him for a while. Apparently he's somewhere in England. That's it for today, have a great day,CNN news.  

Harry heard from his Telly. Harry was shocked. Louis finally came out gay. 
"How long did it take him to do that," Harry said to himself. 
Harry just turned it off. He didn't want anything to do with them anymore. They couldn't bother contacted him after the incident,like they all took Louis's side. 

Harry now worked as a writer,he never published any; never thought they were good enough. Always cutting himself down. He lived in a run down apartment in the middle of nowhere. Isolating himself from the rest. Harry has slumped down to his lowest. He has to go out and get grocery's. He avoids it most times,but it's hard when you don't have food. 

"Get it,Get out,"Harry murmured as he bumped in to a bystander. This bystander was special,from the past.
"Sorry," Harry said to the man.The man grabbed Harry as he was leaving.
"Zayn??"Harry said checking his eyes.
"Yea,"Zayn said starting with small talk. 
"W-W-What are you doing here?"Harry questioned confused.
"I needed to talk to you,you wouldn't answer calls if i tried so i came to you,"Zayn said noticing how off track Harry was with his life.
"Congrats you found me,"Harry said being a snob.
"Stop,Louis wants to see you,"Zayn said trying not to put to much on him now.
"And why couldn't he come, OH  that's right he's busy with Eleanor.I'm sorry i got to go,"Harry said pushing his way past Zayn. 
"He came out,go see him make things right again.We miss you Hazza.Do you know how many concerts we prayed for you to come back.Niall cries every night because you're not there. believe it or not but in every place we stayed we bought you a room,and Louis sleeps in the bed waiting for you. Louis's sorry,we all are.We need to listen to you more but we need our curly q back,Please,you don't know how much crying,sobbing,depression,madness,and yelling happens because you're gone we need you hear,"Zayn said.
 "Well,Listen to me now,i said i'm done so i'm done you'll have to deal,it's not like anyone else tried to contact me so they don't care that  much goodbye Zayn,"Harry said leaving Zayn alone in the parking lot. Zayn chased after Harry and stopped him.
"Do you at least have the same number you did when you were in the band?"Zayn asked trying to care for him. 
"Yeah,why?"Harry asked,it's been long since anyone's every showed affection.
"When Louis comes back you're going to need to be cleaned up,your in no condition to do it by yourself,"Zayn said getting into his car. 

 Harry went home to write something down about what's about to happen.He tried making a book about it but they came out with one of them dying. Or him hiding that Harry's gay which is the last thing he wanted to happen. He tried everything to try to make it good,but nothing would help.This made it harder for him to want to get better.He liked where he was at.Not having to deal with with the world is easy. He thought for several weeks before he came to an answer about wanting to meet Louis. In that time he had been texting Zayn about how he felt,Zayn did nothing but help Harry get better for when he did go see Louis. They were set to meet up at the place they met. Outside X-Factor on July 23,2013. That meant he has two moths to get his act together. 

Zayn got Harry looking the best he's ever.He knew Louis would be proud,a little eye candy for the man! 
When Harry was finally ready they had some extra time to spare,like a whole month. So Harry and Zayn hung out a lot since he has a lot of time of out of the band. they mostly went go-carting,it was something they all like to do in the band. they actually meet up with Niall Horan a couple times.They all,except Louis,became friends again. It was great for Harry to see them all again. 
They all went back to the way they were. Always there for each other,nothing to hide,they were all good again.Harry liked that. 

"Harry,why'd you leave,"Niall asked.
"-uh-,"Harry couldn't answer that.
"You do know that the reason i never called you is management erased your number from all of our phones.Why would i not text you.Even when i was with you i did, about the most ridiculous things,I just found it strange you didn't text or call us,not even Lou,"Niall said getting all sentimental.
"that's because he was part the reason why I  left,"Harry said looking everywhere but their eyes.It was hard to say why and look them in the eyes. Harry didn't want to break all this up again,he just sat there waiting.Waiting for what,I don't know.

JULY 23~~~

"Alright,just be yourself.It's not like you don't know him.You guys were made for each other.He's waiting for you right there,just walk up and say hi.this is Harry Styles,the man media got involved with because he's a womanizer,"Zayn said with a chuckle.
"Yeah,i can do this,"Harry said walking toward the Yorkshire coffee shop. It's always been Louis's favorite. As Harry was walking up he was second guessing himself,as usual. He wanted to turn around and run,run till he couldn't remember why. So he did. He ran,but didn't get far. Like all parents,before crossing the street, look both ways,but he didn't. And it was forever regretted. Louis heard screams,shrieks and police sirens behind him. He turned to see Harry's body mauled. He sat in awe,mad. Louis eventually walked over,a bit light headed.Blood is not Louis Tomlinson's thing. Louis feel to his knees,sobbing. 
"Do you know this man?"A police asked.Louis was so mad he wanted to turn around and yell,"NO,i'm just kneeling here crying about someone I don't  know,but I felt like being a dramatic b***h and mourn over a strainer.
 "Ye-s-,"Is all that came out.
Zayn had been leaving from dropping of Harry so he was just down the street,when he saw the ambulance,he came running. He saw what happened and dialed multiple people at once.Niall,Liam,Mrs.Styles,and his step-dad.Everyone but his parents could make-it. They huddled up to Louis and engaged him in a four way hug. Just like it was at concerts-minus Harry.Louis got all their clothes dirty with his tears,they didn't mind. They were asked if they would meet him at the hospital when he wakes up. They all knew who that should be. Louis agreed and when they all stopped crying he left alone to head up to the hospital. 

After a day of Harry being hospitalized the three went to see him,expecting Louis to be there. 

"Where's Louis?"Liam asked noticing his absence. 
"What do you mean,you're my first visitors,see look at the sign-in sheet,"Harry said with a breathe mid-way. The truck literally knocked the wind out of him.

"Oh,I see,"Zayn said. 
"Yeah,so how are you Hazza,it's been a while since i could call you that,"Niall said.
"As good as I can be for this right now ,Nialler,"Niall smiled at the sound of his name. 
"Good,I think,"Niall said.
"Nialler,how 'bout you go get some hospital food,raid their refrigerator,"Liam said. 
"Sounds good,"Niall said prancing out the door. 
"Hazza,how are you really?"Liam said. He know can act normal,around Niall he has to seem okay otherwise he'll be upset and never leave his side. Niall is their baby,so they have to be careful. 
"I don't know,Louis loves me right,then why isn't he here,love is suppose to bring us closer not farther apart?"Harry said depressed.
"Harry,he just came out,give the man some slack.He's having trouble with his family right now,"Zayn said sitting down next to him,grabbing his hand.
"What could be more worse than him not being with the man he loves?"Harry said being selfish.
"His mother having a miss-carriage,he could have had another little sister to the bunch,"Zayn said ripping off the band-aid.Harry couldn't say anything,there wasn't much to say after he'd acted like a selfish dick. 
"It's the roller coaster of life,"Zayn said going on with his inspirational quotes again.
"Zayn stop,just,gold star,you tried,"Liam said.
"And because he just came out as gay,"Liam added in. 
"Well if he came out when I wanted to he'd have me but no he doesn't,"Harry said going back to his selfish ways. Something a hospital bed does to you.
"Hospitals actually have quality food,"Niall said barging in hyper on hospital sugar food. 
"We were just 'bout to leave,"Zayn said turning Niall around to walk out the door.
Niall resisted.
"No,I'm not about to walk out on Hazza once again,can't you see i'm different with out him,no one us are the same anymore.We can't record with out hi,"Niall said sitting down next to Harry taking his hand. 
"Nialler,Harry has to rest,give him some time,"Liam said trying to ease things over. Liam held out his hand. Niall didn't wan't to go.He felt different without him.He wanted old Harry back.
Niall let go off Harry's hand and stared to cry. He grabbed Liam hand and turned to Harry.
"Niall,Please,Don't,"Harry said trying to resist the urge to start crying.It was the last thing he wanted to see of Niall. He wanted to remember his little Irish man happy,jolly, enthusiastic,care free,and most of all loving. Harry could tell by the way he reacted that it'd be a while for them, to see each other again,a gut feeling. As Niall left he heard something form Harry.
"Bye,"Harry murmured.
"Bye," Niall lipped as he wiped a tear from his cheek. Harry wanted to die.He had nothing to live for.Louis didn't want him,Liam and Zayn don't he was only alive for one reason,Niall. 

Harry didn't have any visitors from anyone since. He saw nurses and doctors,but when he started getting worse they cam less.Which i never put together. Harry would sleep and watch news.
From morning to dawn,it's what he did.He couldn't really move much just a little here and there:he had to save his energy. 

Every once and a while he could hear the lobby music;one time it had been "What makes you beautiful" He started to sing along and cry. He missed it all,and he could never go back. 
JUNE 21 2014
Like any old day Hazza had been watching the news but today was something could take him over the top,something that would give him reason to get better.Today was the day Niall James Horan,Nialler,had died. They say he died of to much alcohol. Niall had always been a drinker,but not to this point. And Harry knew why,which made him feel sick. 

Harry pulled out his nose pieces,he wanted to feel pain. His adrenaline level shot up through the roof,He felt a new high,nothing he's every felt before.He loved it,a little to much to send him to CLOUD 17. His heaven. 

I closed the book and wiped the tear from my face,I didn't want my friends or teachers to notice. 

© 2012 Oh Wow, Lovely.

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Oh Wow, Lovely.
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