A Chapter by ~Shadow Kissed~

Waking up in the woods Allison doesn't know what happened. the last thing she remembers is........nothing

      The rain was coming down hard, and I wasn't sure where I was. The last thing I remember was......... Nothing! I fought to find my memory, but I had no recollection of anything before now. Sitting up, I looked around. Nothing about this place was familiar. The fact that my clothes were in shreds meant nothing to me except that I was cold. Standing proved to be difficult. Grabbing the lowest branch of a nearby tree I finally gained my footing. Once more I looked around. The woods were thick on every side of me and the rain continued to fall. It was night, and my vision was obscured by the lack of light. Picking a direction at random I began to walk forward. My steps were shaky at first, but slowly gained strength. Lightning cracked as I trudged forward into the unknown.
     I came out of the woods onto the road, and saw nothing for miles. Once more I picked a direction, and began walking. The sun rose, and I was starving. I had met no one and failed in all attempts to remember what had happened to me. With the sun came signs of civilization. The small yellow house looked empty, but looks can be deceiving. I walked up to the window, and startled the little old lady doing her dishes in the sink. She gasped, then proceeded to open the kitchen door.
     "What in the world are you doing? You could have given me a heart attack! Who is your mamma? I'm gonna give her a call," Then when she really got a good look at me she whispered "What happened to you, sugar?"
      "I'm sorry I startled you ma'am. I was wondering if anyone was home. Do you think I could come in?" I asked, then was a little startled by my forwardness.
       "Of course, honeybun, come on inside, and we'll get you some dry clothes and hot food in your stomach," she smiled and waved me into her house. Her house was small and pristine. Nothing out of place. I was a little afraid to come in, I was covered in mud, and sopping wet. She led me to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair for me.
       "You sit here, and I'll go fetch you somthing to wear" she shuffled into another room where I could hear her rustling around. When she came back into the kitchen she had an arm full of clothes with her.
        "The bathroom is this way. You can change in there. When your finished just come on back in here," all this being said while she showed me to a bathroom at the end of the hall. Then she turned to go back into the kitchen. The bathroom was small and pink. Pink tile, pink sink, pink toilet, pink tub, and to top it off pepto-bismol pink walls. All in all it made me a little sick. The clothes she gave me consisted of an old night gown, a sweatsuit and some baggy blue pants with a tee-shirt. In the end I settled for the pants and tee. The pants were too short and the shirt was too tight, but I had clothes without holes, and for that I was happy.
         I opened the bathroom door to be greeted by the smell of bacon and eggs. Following the smell, I headed down the hall to the kitchen. When I sat down at the table the little old lady turned and smiled.
         "I'm sorry that those clothes don't fit, sugarpie," she said and handed me a plate piled with eggs and bacon, which smelled wonderful.
          "It doesn't matter. I don't really know what to say. You didn't have to help me, feed me, or give me clothes. It doesn't mean much in my position, but thank you." all this was said between bites. The food was delicious.
           "Listen, pumpkin, It's always good to help people. You never know what will come of it, but it's better than not," she smiled again.
               "Now you eat up. Oh by the way my name is Catherine. What did you say yours was?"
                "My name is Allison," I replied. It's funny how that name came to my mind at all, but I was certain that Allison was my name.

© 2009 ~Shadow Kissed~

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Keep writing! it is interesting!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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This is really interesting. I'd love to read more! Suspenseful and well written. I really like it :]

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Wow! Okay, now I have to find out what happens next!!! I thoroughly enjoy the style of writing and the way the conversations flow together. I also rather like the way we are kept in suspense. Keep it Up!!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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~Shadow Kissed~
~Shadow Kissed~

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A Chapter by ~Shadow Kissed~

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