Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by ~Shadow Kissed~

     "Hey, are we still on for shopping tomorrow?"  Addison asked me, leaning down for another sip of her mocha latte.  I smiled and checked my internal calendar, the full moon wasn't for another four days so i would be fine.

     "Yeah," I replied happily. I loved to shop and Addison and i always have fun.  We finished our coffee and stood up.  I smoothed down my dress and grabbed my Marc Jacobs handbag.  I leaned in for a hug from Addison and told her i would see her tomorrow. 

     I walked to my car feeling at ease, Addie always had that effect on me, she helped to me to relax and have fun.  To forget aobut all my responsibilities.  Unlocking the doors I climbed inside, started the car, and froze. I sniffed and identified werewolf, sniffing closer i determined he was one of mine.  I was curious as to why he was near here though.  As Alpha of the Eastern Montana Pack i liked to know where my subordinates were and why.  Shrugging i put the car in gear and left.

     I have a ranch outside of city limits, and a twon house.  Though the town house is nice and expensive i never spent any time there.  The ranch was home.  I parked in the large driveway, everything here was large.  There are a few other little cabins scattered around the 100 acres of land i was currentally in ownership of.  I stepped out of the car and inhaled, smelling: home, safety, friends, and above all werewolf.

     I walked up the steps and into the huge mansion.  Inside there were lots of rooms for guests, werewolves who needed a place to stay until they could get back on their feet after turning.  There were a few like me that lived on the ranch, my enforcer, or second in command Gabriel, lived in the house with me.  There were also the few werewolves that prefferred the solidarity the ranch offered.  After the change not all werewolves could just assert themselves back into their old lives, or humanity itself for that matter.  For those who couldn't i offerec land to run on and safety.

     Dropping my keys on the hall table i headed upstairs to my office.  I owned a bakery called Blue Moon.  Sitting down i powered up the computer.  I had to manage the income and all sorts of boring things.  Owning a business meant i could work my own hours, but it was horribly boring.  I had been at it about an hour when a knock on the door interrupted my concentration.

     "Yes?" I called as a formality. I could hear and smell that it was Gabriel on the other side of the door.

     "Call for you," Gabriel said walking in and handing me my cell phone.

     "Thanks, I can never keep up with this thing," He chuckled and left.


     "Hey babe are we on for tonight?"  asked a distinct male voice i did not want to hear.

     "I have told you plenty of times already Arron, nothing it happening with us.  It's just not going to work out," i told him huffing a frustraited sigh.  Ever since Addie had drug me along on a double date with a guy she really likes his friend has not left me alone.

     "Come on, I had a great time-"

     "Well i didnt. The only reason i went out with you is because Addison really likes your friend.  You and I dont have any sort of realtionship, nor do i want one,"  I told him with a growl.

     "You'll come around, bet on it,"  he said no longer friendly and hung up.  That had almost sounded like a threat, which brought a bark of laughter. I could take that guy with one hand tied behind my back.  I threw the cell across the room where it landed in the plant, and turned back to the computer screen.  I sighed, no way was i going to be able to focus again.

     Getting up i decided i needed a run.


© 2011 ~Shadow Kissed~

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~Shadow Kissed~
~Shadow Kissed~

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