Miss Liebe Brauch

Miss Liebe Brauch

A Poem by Aisha

A collage poem about love abuse. **collage poem: taking other people's lines and putting them together to create poetry


Miss Liebe Brauch

He was rich, manipulative

but it made me happy.

so try not to stare

when we turn upon any

that fall.

because sometimes

too much information

isn’t a good thing.

so exit light

and enter night

take my hand, he said

whenever your world comes crashing

dow n.

but I wonder

did I achieve my weekly goals?

is this all that I bargained for?

it reads, “for more help

see chapter One.”

help? I don't need 


now you’re just

wasting my

time, because

this is a small area


from surrounding area.

and it feels so real;

but the colors are all wrong

black and white don’t

fit you.

I can’t keep you

off my mind.


there are

a lot of distractions

so don't judge me

things are different

for the both of


DO NOT use

the numbers

in this calculation

'cause I’m going to


we will never change

don’t want figure out whether

our lines are right

because each new generation

a fresh invasion

of savages

don’t let me breathe

don’t let me think

saying out loud

“I believe”

 but there’s a murmuring crowd

of beings only human

in name

break the spell

dethrone the tyrant

pure suffering


the scars remind me

that the past

is real.

this love

has taken its toll on


so I cover up with make up

in the mirror

here’s my breaking point:

I’m done!

don’t need another

“perfect line”.

don’t want to be treated cold

and left alone

yesterday is gone

I’m floating in my own riptide

the water is fine.

but quick!

run away!

hide before he sees you!

you know

they consume their own kind.

he says: “Baby

I won’t care


I don’t scare

you know I know how”

reborn maggot using

germ warfare

but we were in love

I know

it sounds crazy


on my back

look, your shadows

beautiful lies

pulling triggers back on myself

‘til all my sleeves are stained red

from all the truth

that I’ve said




I guess it wasn’t

really right

I guess it wasn’t

meant to be.

how much should

I pay

for being


© 2011 Aisha

Author's Note

Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated, or even a rating.
Anyhow, thanks for reading! =)

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Added on February 15, 2011
Last Updated on February 17, 2011
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