The Last Survivor of the Year 2055

The Last Survivor of the Year 2055

A Story by shadowsen13232

A disease has struck out in the world, reeking havoc on the population. How many have survived? Nobody knows, as there is only one left. How long can the last survivor last?


The Last Survivor of the Year 2055


I woke up to a lovely morning, the sun shinning very brightly out of my window.

So I decided to go outside. When I opened my front door I saw a deserted street, drenched in blood, dead bodies and empty houses. All of the trees that used to be there 10 years ago have now vanished. There is no more life here on this desolate earth, besides me. I am the only one left on the earth; well I think I am anyways. I am used to being alone. I kind of like it. I walked up to the lake that was tainted with the rotting flesh of those who had died because of this unknown disease. As I stared at the water, wondering if there was another living being on this earth. There were no animals either. I sat down on the muddy ground and I looked up into the sky, hoping, wishing that there could be just one bird in the sky. But like always, no bird. Well, welcome to the year 2055.


I got up, patted the dirt off of my pants and started to walk aimlessly down the street. Thinking back, this all began because of an idiotic scientist that wanted a cure for HIV so badly that they didn't consider any side effect that could arise from it. Why did God let the entire humans die, what was his point? I stopped walking and I looked around my surroundings. Feeling a wave of nostalgia at the house that was in front of me. I heard a suspicious sound coming from the side of the house. I ran as quickly as I could to the sound, even if it was a stupid idea that there could be anyone else besides me still alive. I went closer to the side and seen something moving in the welted bushes. I kneeled down, and called out. To my surprise, it was a wolf. Before this disease struck, I had never seen a real wolf in my life. Now that all of this has happened, I have the chance to see one. He was only a little pup. I guess I could take care of him seeing as he was all alone. “So, I guess I’ll have to name you to. Hmmmm, how about… this will sound dumb, but how about Lucky?” The wolf pup barked with joy at the name. “Okay, good. Now, Lucky lets go home.” When we arrived at my house, I quickly gave him something to eat, figuring that he’d be famished. I patted his head gently while he ate, and then I looked at him, and had a brilliant idea. “Hey Lucky, want to come on a journey with me? I figured that if you had survived, maybe, there might be a human still alive.” The pup barked at me, and then I smiled. I got up and went upstairs, dragged a dusty suitcase out from under the bed, and slammed it onto my bed. The wolf pup came upstairs, tilted his head sideways. Probably wondering what I was doing. But for the moment I ignored him and continued to pack some luggage to go searching for some other life forms still alive.



I found a leash under my bed and tied it around the wolf pup; he didn't seem to mind that much. I smiled at him, and we left the house during the break of dawn with the entire luggage we needed. We walked through many different streets; all seeing the same images… the images of death and decay. Bodies lay in the thousands on the streets, on the wilted grass. I quickly looked at Lucky, suddenly afraid at finding any other living being. “Lucky, what if… what if we end up doing the same thing when the world has repopulated enough of people to start over again?” Lucky looked at me and whimpered. We continued to walk on this lonely street. Forever hoping to find someone that was still alive. “Lucky, could you be a good boy and stay right here for a quick second, please?” Lucky barked at me and I smiled. I moved away from him, placing the leash down and walked over to a store that had its lights still on. I was becoming hopeful that someone was living there. As I entered, I heard Lucky growling viciously for a little pup. I spun around quickly to see a pack of wild dogs. Or were they wolves, I couldn't tell. Their fur had been burned off and they’d been badly wounded for probably several days. They looked absolutely ravenous. Lucky quickly ran in front of me, in an attempt to protect me from them. They came quickly and struck Lucky, instantly killing the poor pup. I stared in disbelief at what the bigger canine was doing. He was eating poor Lucky! I guess they were so hungry that they had to do the unthinkable to survive. I tried moving back slowly to try and survive. One of the animals turned abruptly to look at me, and snarl with the most gruesome set of teeth! He walked closer to me, grinning. He then lunged at my neck, causing my blood to spill everywhere. It flowed onto the street, I died scared and alone. In a world were humans would be extinct in no time. A world that I no longer belonged in. For the real of death awaited me. Like it did for so many others that had survived the disease.

© 2014 shadowsen13232

Author's Note

This is an old piece of work that I wanted to upload and I never had a chance to fix it/updated it, so play nice, please. Thank you.

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Added on May 15, 2014
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Tags: disease, post-apocalyptic, death, lonely, isolated