1: First Day

1: First Day

A Chapter by Mikey S.

On Tom Cannon's first day at Lakeside High he gets into trouble with the school's bully, makes some new friends and starts his new life in Los Angeles, California moving from Jacksonville, Florida.

Tom’s House: Living Room
Tom finishes preparing for his first day at Lakeside high.

Daisy: Tom, Do you have everything you need?
Tom: Yes
Daisy: Do you need a ride.
Tom: No, I’ll walk.
Daisy: What about money?
Tom: Mom I’m not in middle school anymore. I’ve got everything I need.
Daisy: Alright then Mr. Prepared, Have a good day.
Tom: Alright Bye.

Tom exits his house and starts walking to school.

Los Angeles: Lakeside
Hello, Let me introduce myself. My name is Tom Cannon. I have just moved here to Lakeside, Los Angeles with my mom over the summer. I am 14 years old and now finally a freshmen entering high school. Although I don’t know anybody, I’m sure this might be a good experience.

Lakeside High: Cafeteria
Intercom: To all returning students, we would like to welcome you back to Lakeside. To all freshmen, be sure to find the councilor with your last name in the cafeteria to receive your schedule. And seniors please don’t harass the freshmen.
Tom: This school is way bigger than Jacksonville. But I wonder …

Tom bumps into a big senior knocking his books out of his hands.

Tom: Oh sorry, I wasn’t … Eh!
Gavin(angry): What does a freshman think he’s doing running into upper classmen?
Tom(scared): Ehhh, sorry it was an accident. AHHH!

The senior grabs Tom by the shirt pulling him up.

Gavin(angry): So are you implying this was my fault?
Tom(scared): No, …I

Seeing that a fight us about to erupt, Kyle intervenes.

Kyle: Hey, hey, buddy there’s no need to start something big over a couple of books.
Gavin(angry): This doesn’t involve you Kyle.
Kyle: No but this would involve the student council if this elevates any farther.
Gavin(angry): You’re lucky this time but don’t let me see your face again.

The senior drops Tom and exits.

Kyle: Are you ok?
Tom: Yeah
Kyle: You shouldn’t come into the cafeteria alone. Next time have a friend around.

Kyle exits.

Tom*whispers*: Thanks for the advice.

Tom proceeds in getting his schedule then heads for his assigned homeroom.

Lakeside High: Room D118
Instructor Kate: Welcome to room D118, for the entire year this will be you home base. By home base I mean that everyday when school hours have started, you are required to report to this room for the first 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes you are allowed to do anything you want except leave the room, unless in the case of an emergency. Since this is the first day, school will be let out two hours early. Your only homework will be to get forms signed for your other teachers and returned by Friday. With that being said enjoy the rest of homeroom. If you have any questions please come to my desk or go to guidance.

The class breaks into an outburst of talking while Tom looks over his schedule.

Tom: ‘From the looks of it I have second lunch. Too bad I’m lost with this schools layout. But at least the entire freshmen class is in the same boat with that.’
Marie: You don’t have anybody to talk to either?
Tom: Huh

Tom looks up from his schedule to find Marie sitting across from him.

Marie: Hi, my name is Marie Crossford.
Tom: Hi, my name is Tom Cannon. I guess you can say that. I just moved here over the summer.
Marie: I thought so, I’ve never seen you before. Hey aren’t you the kid that almost got beat up earlier?
Tom: Word about that spread already?
Marie: There’s nothing that stays silent long around here. Except Andrew.
Tom: Andrew?
Marie: A friend of mine. He’s always so quiet. I don’t think he knows that many people either. Maybe you should get to know him.
Tom: I guess, it’s either that or being alone.
Marie: Great then keep a look out for Andrew Johnson.

The first bell rings excusing homeroom. First period flies by heading into second period.

Lakeside High: Room D205
Tom walks in sitting in the second row next to Kyle without noticing.

Tom: The office must have made some kind of mistake. This is a class full of sophomores.
Kyle: Hey you’re the guy that almost got beat up earlier.

Tom looks over at Kyle.

Tom: And you’re the guy that helped me out.
Kyle: Kyle Princeton, I play for the Lakeside baseball team.
Tom: Tom Cannon.
Kyle: Great meeting you Tom but this is a sophomore Chemistry class. Why are you in here.
Tom: I have no idea. The office may have screwed up somewhere.
Kyle: Well as long as you’re in here I have your back.
Tom: Thanks

Second period ends following third period. The first half of fourth period ends leading to second lunch.

Lakeside High: Cafeteria
Michael W.: And so anyway Rap is the best.
Andrew: No alternative.
Michael W.: Rap
Andrew: Alternative
Michael W.: No damn it, I said rap.
Andrew: And I said alternative.
Tom: That some serious cursing problem you’ve got there.
Michael W.: Who the hell are you?
Tom: Wow, I’m surprised. We just came from the same World History class.
Michael W.: Oh now I remember you. Your Tom …
Tom: Tom Cannon, Michael Williams.
Michael W.: Wait, how the hell do you know my last name?
Tom(annoyed): Seriously
Michael W.: Oh right, anyways this is Andrew Johnson.

Tom looks over at Andrew sitting next to Michael W., starring at Tom.

Tom: Wait your Andrew Johnson
Andrew(shy): Yeah
Tom: Wow, Marie doesn’t lie, you are quiet.
Michael W.: You already know Marie?
Tom: Sort of, we have the same homeroom. She referred me to Andrew.
Michael W.: Did she say anything about me?
Tom: Um no.
Michael W.*constantly hitting lunch table*: Damn it, she never refers me to new people.
Tom: I can see why. Say Andy is he always like this?
Andrew(shy): Andy?
Tom: I kind of prefer saying Andy over Andrew, if that’s ok with you.
Michael W.*finished hitting the table*: Well if you’re gonna start calling him Andy, are you gonna start calling me Mike?
Tom: Eh, probably not.
Michael W.: Well then f**k you.

The bell rings ending second lunch.

Tom: Saved by the bell.

As Tom stands up out of the chair and steps back, he bumps into Gavin again.

Gavin(angry): Well what a surprise seeing you again.
Tom(scared): Eh
Rufus: Come on Gavin just leave him alone.
Gavin(angry): Not before I finish him here.

Tom starts backing up with Gavin following until eventually Tom reaches a wall. A crowd forms around Tom and Gavin.

Crowd(chant): Fight, Fight, Fight …
Gavin(angry): Nowhere left to run freshmen.

Gavin slams Tom against the wall and starts punching Tom in the gut until a teacher intervene.

Teacher: Hey, hey, Gavin break it up.

Gavin drops Tom onto the ground.

Teacher: Gavin go to the office.
Gavin(angry): You’re lucky for now freshmen.
Teacher: Now Gavin!

Gavin exits.

Teacher: Are you ok?
Tom(injured): I’m …I’m
Tom collapse on the ground.

Teacher: Hey call the nurse down here.

Lakeside High: Entrance
4 days later after the incident involving Tom and Gavin, Tom has yet to return. Andrew joins Marie and Michael W.

Andrew: Tom has yet to return.
Marie: No, Instructor Kate mentioned yesterday that Tom may not return until next week.
Michael W.: Poor guy getting beat up on the first day.

Tom walks up behind Marie, Andrew, and Michael W.

Marie: You could have helped him out Michael.
Michael W.: And risk getting my a*s kicked, no way.
Tom: Fine then, I won’t help you when you get beat up one day.

Marie, Andrew, and Michael W. turn around to see Tom.

Marie & Michael W.(shocked/surprised): Tom!
Tom(confused): What’s with you guys, you act like you’ve seen a ghost.
Andrew: We thought you weren’t going to come back until next week.
Tom: Oh, well I already missed 3 days and I feel much better now. Just don’t shout anymore or pat me on the back.
Michael W.*hugging Tom*: Damn it, I thought you weren’t gonna come back.
Tom(in pain): Ahh, let go!

Michael W. lets go of Tom who falls to the ground.

Andrew: It’s obvious who wasn’t paying attention.
Michael W.: Shut the f**k up Andrew.

Marie helps Tom up.

Marie: Anyways it’s good to have you back.
Tom: Thanks.

© 2010 Mikey S.

Author's Note

Mikey S.
This is the first chapter in the New Start Arc of the series of 26 chapters.

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Punctuation errors bother me, but that's ignorable.
It seems like a disney movie plot, like a bad disney movie. there's like eighty of them about some kid having troubls entering high school, and the characters are cliches.
it's alright.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Mikey S.
Mikey S.


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