2: Rank, Ball and Love on the Field

2: Rank, Ball and Love on the Field

A Chapter by Mikey S.

Following his return to school after getting beat up by Gavin, Marie drags Tom and Andrew to the Baseball field to watch the pre team practice where he learns a little more about the school.

Baseball Field:
Saturday at 8 am; Tom, Andrew and Marie are at the Lakeside Baseball Field watching the team practice. Kyle steps up to bat.

Coach Manson: Come on Kyle let me see a home-run.

The pitcher throws the ball and Kyle hits it. The ball flies into the outfield, inside the fence.

Kyle: Sorry coach, I’ll do better next time.
Coach Manson: Keep working on your swing. We’ll need our star player back if we want to beat Charleston this year.

Baseball Field: Stands
Marie(shouting): Come on Kyle! Get a home-run!
Tom(tired): Why do we even need to be here? Its 8 am on a Saturday, I could be sleeping or working on my missed assignments.
Marie: With three days of make-up work, you could use a break. So why not relax and watch the team practice.
Tom: Then why is Andy here?
Marie: He needs to gets out more.
Andrew: Gee thanks.
Tom: But other than you, Andy and me, we’re the only ones here besides the cheerleaders. “Which I kinda don’t mind.”
Marie: Shut it
Tom: Huh?
Andrew: Don’t even think about it.
Tom: Eh, even you too Andy?
Andrew: You would just get shot down.
Tom(shout): Why isn’t Mike here to endure this torture and not me!

Kyle hit’s the ball and it flies into the stand hitting Tom on the head. Andrew catches the ball.

Baseball Field:
Kyle: Oops
Coach Manson: That’s what we’re looking for. Richard retrieves the ball.
Richard: Ok coach
Kyle: No coach, I’ll get it.

Kyle runs from the home plate to the stands before anybody can say anything.

Baseball Field: Stands
Andrew: Are you ok Tom?
Tom(dizzy): Yeah, why do you ask?
Marie: This looks like a bad first week for you.
Kyle(shouting): Hey are you ok?
Tom(mad/shouting): I’m ok!
Marie(excited): Kyle, what are you doing here?!
Kyle: Checking up on Tom. I kinda hit the ball over here.
Marie: Wait, you already know Tom?
Kyle: Yeah, were in the same Chemistry class.
Coach Manson(shout): Kyle what’s taking so long?
Kyle: Oh yeah, can I have the ball back?

Andrew tosses the ball back to Kyle.

Kyle: I’ll pay you back later.

Kyle returns to the field.

Marie(excited): Tom why didn’t you tell me you knew Kyle Princeton?!
Tom: What’s so great about Kyle? He’s just an average guy that plays for the baseball team.
Marie(excited/shouting): Don’t say that! Kyle is the pride of the baseball team. He’s popular. He’s …
Sarah(interrupting Marie): Out of your league.

Sarah from the cheerleader squad comes over to the stands.

Marie(mad): Nobody was talking to you Sarah.
Sarah: Well if my Kyle is included then it includes me.
Tom(whisper to Andrew): Hey Andy, what is this all about?
Andrew(whisper to Tom): She is Sarah Walker. Ever since elementary school, Marie and Sarah have been competing against each other to see who can win Kyle.

Marie and Sarah continue their argument as Tom and Andrew talk.

Tom(whisper to Andrew): So this has been going on for a while then.
Andrew(whisper to Tom): You can say that. It’s just better not to get involved.
Tom(whisper to Andrew): Why? What will happen?
Marie(angry/shouting): Fine, well settle this once and for all! The one who gains Kyle’s attention before 12:00 today wins him!
Sarah(angry/shouting): Fine then! And each person can only have one person assist them! (calm) But seeing who you have to choose from, you’ll have no chance with such losers.
Marie(calm): That’s fine because these are the only two losers that can assist us.
Tom(shock): What?
Marie: I get Andrew and you get Tom.
Sarah: Fine have it your way. It won’t matter who helps me because I won’t lose.

Sarah exits back to the other cheerleaders.

Tom: Marie are you sure it’s a good idea to include me and Andy?
Marie: Of course. With you sabotaging Sarah and Andrew for backup. There is no way I can lose.
Tom(whisper): I think I know why she wanted me and Andy here today.
Marie: What was that?
Tom: Nothing, just heading off now.

Tom exits and heads over to the cheerleader grounds.

Baseball Field: Cheerleader Grounds
The cheerleaders let out a practice cheer: Quick and nimble coming your way.
          Dashing for victory, hitting you away.
            Cheetah’s run, Cheetah’s fight.
            Cheetahs conquer with all your might.

Tom(whisper): I can see Marie having a tough time with that.
Sarah: So Marie sent you over to assist me. I don’t see why she just doesn’t give up on Kyle yet. He’s a sophomore and she is a freshmen. Given that status she’ll never get the star player of the baseball team. Not only that but …
Tom(interrupting): Um, I have a question.
Sarah: Yeah what is it?
Tom: How long has this rivalry been going on?
Sarah: You can say ever since we met each other in grade school. Back when she was in the 1st grade and Kyle and I were in the 2nd grade.
Tom: Wait, you’re a sophomore too?
Sarah: Surprised? It figures since she has been trying to sabotage me.
Tom: But does rank really matter that much around here?
Sarah: You should be able to tell that since you got beat up on Monday. But yes rank matters. Seniors have complete control over the lower classes. Juniors mainly run the clubs. Both classes are allowed to leave campus for lunch. Sophomores and freshmen are the ground bases. All were allowed to do is join clubs. The student council though is a different story. All classes except freshmen are allowed to run for a roll in office. But enough questions, lets get to work.

Baseball Field: Stands
Andrew: Are you sure it was a good idea to send Tom over to help Sarah?
Marie: Of course. Tom is our friend and I’m sure he will sabotage Sarah.

Baseball Field:
Coach Manson: Alright team, take a break.

Kyle looks over into the stands and sees Marie taking to Andrew.

Kyle(confused):Wait, where is Tom?
Kyle looks over to the cheerleader grounds and sees Sarah talking to Tom.

Kyle: Not this again.

Lakeside High: Entrance
11:30 am, the team finished practice and had went back to the locker room to shower and change. Kyle finished comes out to meet Tom and Andrew.

Tom: You could have given me a warning this could have happened Andy.
Andrew: Don’t blame me, blame Marie.
Tom: Whatever
Kyle: Hey guys, how’s it going?
Tom: Hey Kyle, Sarah and Marie want you at the field.
Kyle: That stupid competition again?
Tom: How did you know?
Kyle: They do this every time. Making some kind of competition to see who I would date. But I’m already dating Sarah so I see no point in it.
Tom: You’re already dating Sarah?
Kyle: What? She didn’t tell you when you were talking to her?
Tom: No
Kyle: Figures as much. Say it’s almost noon, what are you guys doing for the rest of the day?
Andrew: Nothing much
Tom: I have some school work to take care of. I could be doing it now if Marie didn’t bring me here to relax.
Kyle: Well it seems you didn’t relax too well. I’m going around the mall with some friends. You guys want to come along?
Tom & Andrew: Alright
Tom: But what about Marie and Sarah?
Kyle: They will be ok. Let’s go

Baseball Field:
Marie: Where are they?
Sarah: Couldn’t you have better friends that could get things done?
Marie(angry/shouting): What about your squad? I see they left as well.
Sarah(angry/shouting): Look here, don’t get me started.

© 2010 Mikey S.

Author's Note

Mikey S.
The 6th Crew member, Sarah, shows up for the first time.

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Mikey S.


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