3: Student Council

3: Student Council

A Chapter by Mikey S.

Student Council election begins and Tom takes an interest in the running vice president Darcy offering his help in any way possible. When her opponent Mark brings up the fight with Gavin he loses it.

Lakeside High: Entrance
Intercom: Remember students that voting for students council members will take place Friday. Be sure to vote for your favorite candidates. For Treasurer we have …

The intercom announces the names of the people running for Treasurer, Secretary, and President as Tom meet up with Andrew.

Tom: Hey Andy, you don’t think Marie is still mad at us for leaving her on Saturday right?
Andrew: Yeah, She’ll probably end up taking it out on Michael.

Michael joins Tom and Andrew.

Michael W.: Hey guys, how was your weekend?
Tom: Hey where were you on Saturday?
Michael W.: I was at home asleep. Why?
Tom: You didn’t come because you knew Marie would end up trying to impress Kyle, did you?
Michael W.: Yeah it was pretty obvious. She always …
Tom(mad/interrupting): And you couldn’t give me a warning before hand!?!
Michael W.: Oops, I must have forgot.
Tom: Yeah you must have.
Michael W.: What even happened on Saturday anyway?
Andrew: Like always, Marie called up me and Tom to go to baseball practice on Saturday.
Tom: Just to impress Kyle Princeton, but instead of going through the whole ordeal Kyle told us he was already dating Sarah Walker.
Andrew: Then Tom and I ended up joining Kyle and his friends at the mall.
Michael W.: Well at least nobody got hurt in the end.

Marie comes up and hits Michael on the back.

Andrew: Told you so.
Michael W.: What the hell was that for?
Marie: Kyle never showed up on Saturday.
Michael W.: So what does that have to do with me?

Michael and Marie argue back and forth as Tom looks over to the door. Tom sees Darcy carrying two boxes attempting to open the schools door. Darcy’s hand slips and her boxes fall to the ground. The contents of one box end up all over the ground.

Michael W.: Tom what do you think? Should… Hey!
Tom leaves mid speech and rushes over to help Darcy.

Michael W.: Where the hell is he going?
Marie: Isn’t that Darcy over there?
Michael W.: She is a junior. Why is he going to her?

Tom hands a few papers that fell out of the box to Darcy.

Darcy: Thanks.
Tom: No problem.
Darcy: Hey, aren’t you in my Photo class? Your names Tom right?
Tom: Yeah and your names Darcy right.
Darcy: Correct.
Tom: So what are all these papers for?
Darcy: There’re to help my campaign move along.
Tom: You’re trying to get in the student council?
Darcy: Yeah. I’m trying to become its vice president.
Tom: Why vice president?
Darcy: The vice president is the one that handles all the issues around the school. With so many problems that have risen already, like the incident involving you, I want to try and stop them. The problem is that my opponent is already ahead of me and I only have one week to get my point across.
Tom: I really hate being reminded about that event.
Darcy: Oh really, sorry.
Tom: Don’t worry about it. Do you need any help?
Darcy: You willing to help me?
Tom: Yeah, I’ve got the time.
Darcy: Alright then, meet me in the cafeteria after school today.

Darcy finishes collecting the boxes contents and enters the school. Andrew, Marie and Michael follow close behind Tom.

Intercom: Finally for Vice president we have Darcy Hill …
Michael W.: So you’re interested in Darcy?
Tom(embarrassed): No. Darcy just needed some help.
Michael W.: If so then why are you helping her after school?
Tom: You were listening in on my conversation?
Michael W.: Not just me. Andrew and Marie …

Marie hits Michael on the back.

Michael W.: Damn it! What was that for?
Tom(mad): Seriously!

Tom bolts off to homeroom.

Michael W.: What upset him?
Andrew: Maybe he really does like Darcy.
Marie: Kinda already knew that Andrew. We’ll just have to follow them after school.

Lakeside High: Cafeteria
Tom sits at a table with Andrew and Michael still ignoring them.

Michael W.: Hey are you still mad?
Tom: …
Michael W.: I mean you didn’t say anything at all in 4th period.
Tom: …
Michael W.: Then why are you still sitting here?
Tom: Besides being new here, you two are the only ones I actually know in this lunch.
Michael W.: Hey you finally answered. Does that mean you’re not mad anymore?
Tom: For crying out loud.
Principal Goodman: Attention to the front stage.

The students continue to talk.

Principal Goodman: ATTENTION!

The students quiet down and face the front stage.

Cafeteria: Stage
Principal Goodman: Before 2nd lunch is over, the candidates running for vice president in the student council will give a speech on why they think they are best suited for the job. First will be Mark Chang.

Principal Goodman steps down and Mark steps up to the microphone.

Mark: Thank you Principal Goodman. Students, faculty members, I feel I am better suited in the council as vice president because of my determination. Surely we are all aware of last week’s event involving Tom Cannon and Senior Gavin. Rest assured that if I am selected, I will be quite determined to prevent other events as such that would tarnish the school’s name and create restrictions among the students. Thank You.

Mark steps down from the microphone. Darcy looks down into the crowd seeing Tom with a shocked face after hearing Mark’s speech.

Darcy(whisper to Mark): Mark that speech was different from your last speech. You know we can’t do that.
Mark(whisper to Darcy): And why would you care if I change my speech? Is it because it includes your little helper Tom Cannon?
Darcy(whisper to Mark): Yes, Tom hates being reminded of that event.
Mark(whisper to Darcy): The whole importance of the speech process is for the candidates to get the voters to vote for them. If it involves bringing up tragic events then it can’t be helped.

Andrew and Michael notice Tom worried face expression.

Andrew: Tom are you alright?
Tom(nervous): I’m ok.
Michael W.: You look a little pale. Are you sure you’re ok?
Tom(nervous): I’m ok. I’m just going to go back to class now. Seya.

Tom exit’s the cafeteria and Principal Goodman steps up to the microphone.

Cafeteria: Stage
Principal Goodman: Well that was certainly a different speech from last time. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again. Now welcome your second candidate Darcy Hill.
Mark(whisper to Darcy): Good Luck

Principal Goodman steps down and Darcy steps up to the microphone.

Darcy: Fellow student, faculty members, Principal Goodman. The reason I feel I should be vice president in the student council is because I am a hard worker. Problems have already occurred throughout Lakeside and I believe with your support I can get your and my ideas across to address the matters. In short, if selected I will do whatever I can to make the school a safer environment for all. Thank You.

Darcy steps down and Principal Goodman steps up to the microphone.

Principal Goodman: Thank you for listening and be sure to vote on Friday for whom you think should be in the student council as vice president. Remain seated until the bell rings.

Darcy approaches Andrew and Michael at their table.

Darcy: Um… your friends of Tom right?
Michael W.: Yeah, why do you ask?
Darcy: Where is Tom?
Andrew(shy): He left already.
Darcy: He did? Was he alright with what Mark said? He looked worried.
Michael W.: He said he was ok. He just went back to class early.
Darcy: Ok then, tell Tom I’ll see him after school then.
Michael W.: Alright.

Darcy goes back to the stage.

Lakeside High: Room A120
All the students in 2nd lunch return to their 4th periods. Michael arrives in his World History class to find Tom isn’t there.

Michael W.: Odd, I thought Tom already came back here.
Instructor Vigon: He did but he didn’t look so well so I sent him to the nurse’s office.
Michael W.: Odd, I thought he said he was ok?

© 2010 Mikey S.

Author's Note

Mikey S.
The final Crew member, Darcy, shows up for the first time completing the main characters being Tom, Andrew, Michael, Marie, Kyle, Sarah and Darcy.

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Mikey S.


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