7: Link Crew

7: Link Crew

A Chapter by Mikey S.

Junior Link Crew members Kim & Tim offer to change Andrew and Michael after watching them since the beginning of the year and thinking they need a change in personality.

Sarah’s house:- Evening
Sarah has Courtney and Savannah over to devise ways to mess with Marie.

Savannah: What else could there be to be taken from Marie?
Sarah: The thing is that she has become a real nuisance with her friends around. Especially Tom Cannon.
Courtney: Wait, Tom isn’t that bad.
Savannah: Please you’re just saying that because you’re both in the Drama Club.
Courtney: Even so, what does Tom and her other friends have with messing with Marie?
Sarah: That’s a great idea.
Courtney & Savannah: What is?
Sarah: Separating her from her friends.
Courtney: What? How are you going to do that?
Sarah: Savannah you have ties with the Link Crew right?
Savannah: Yes
Sarah: Well need someone to distract Andrew Johnson and Michael Williams.

Lakeside High: Entrance- Morning
Tom arrives at the school.

Tom(tired): Morning guys.
Kyle: Why are you so tired?
Tom(covering mouth/yawning): Ama Ub
Richard: Ama Ub?
Marie: Drama Club.
Tom: Yeah, it’s really tiring with all the practice and memorization.
Kyle: When did you join the Drama Club?
Tom: Well…

Andrew and Michael arrive at the school. Michael interrupting tom.

Michael W.(full of energy): Morrrning! Hey Kyle and Richard are here as well. Tom why are you so tired?

Michael pats Tom on the back. Tom falls to the ground.

Richard: Wow! You must be really tired.
Tom(lacking energy/standing up): Tell my about it.
Michael W.: You know you should get to bed earlier to wake up with more energy.
Marie(annoyed): Or maybe you should learn to calm down once in a while.
Michael W.: Sorry

Kim and Tim join Tom, Andrew, Marie, Michael, Kyle and Richard.

Kim: Hello Andrew.
Tim: Hello Michael.
Kim & Tim: We’ve come to help you.
Andrew(shy/ confused): Help?
Michael W.: Why do we need your help?
Kim: We’ve been watching you two…
Tim: Since the beginning of the school year…
Kim: And since then…
Tim: We could tell…
Kim: Andrew is a shy, quiet boy…
Tim: And Michael is a carefree, slacker.
Andrew(shy): Quiet boy?
Michael W.: Slacker?
Tom: Hey you two can’t go around insulting our friends like that.
Marie: Who are you two anyway?
Richard: It looks as if they are from the Link Crew.
Tom, Marie, Michael W.: Link Crew?
Richard: It’s a club where juniors and seniors help freshmen.
Kim & Tim: That’s right.
Kim: I am Kim Talon, junior class.
Tim: And I am Tim Talon, junior class.
Kim & Tim: We are twins and members of the Lakeside Link Crew. A club built upon the belief that students can help other students succeed. Allowing juniors and seniors to teach freshmen what is necessary to be successful in high school.
Kim: And from the looks if it…
Tim: Andrew and Michael really need our help.
Kyle: The talking in unison really gets annoying.
Michael W.: Well we’re ok without your help. Find some other freshmen to poke around.

Lakeside High: Room 104
Tom talks to Darcy as they work on their photo project.

Darcy: The Talon twins. They always say things in unison.
Tom: I can tell.
Darcy: But to think they would have been watching Andrew and Michael from the beginning of the school year is a little bit odd.
Tom: You think they were set up?
Darcy: More or less.
Tom: But who would do that?
Darcy: Either somebody against you or your friends.
Lakeside High: Parking Lot
Since school has ended Michael has spent all his time hanging around the schools Skateboarding Club. Michael is about to leave when he runs into Tim.

Tim: Great show today Michael.
Michael W.(annoyed): You’re still following me f*g?
Tom: I’m obligated to help you.
Michael W.: I already told you and Kim that I don’t need your help.
Tim: But do you really think skateboarding is gonna make you successful in high school?
Michael W.: I’m good right now.
Tim: But you could be better.
Michael W.: Better how?

Lakeside High: Entrance- Next Day
Andrew and Michael arrive at the school seemingly different than normal.

Andrew(full of energy): Morrrning everyone! What’s going on?

Everyone stare in shock.

Tom: Andy… Are you alright?
Andrew(still full of energy): Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be? Today’s a beautiful day.
Marie: And Mike… you’re not wearing your usual skateboarding shorts. Or exotic shirt. Or have your skateboard with you.
Michael W.(bored face): Useless material isn’t necessary for academics.
Tom: Ok I’ve only been here for a couple of weeks and I know that’s not right.
Kyle: Well that’s for sure. Kim and Tim must have gotten to them.
Richard: The Link Crew strikes again.

Courtney arrives.

Courtney: Morning ev… Something seems different here.
Andrew(full of energy): Hi again Courtney. How’s Drama Club?
Kyle: Kim and Tim from the Link Crew changed them.
Courtney: So Sarah and Savannah did go after them.
Marie(mad): Hold up! What does that mean by that?!
Courtney: Well to try and separate Marie from here friends. Savannah asked Kim and Tim to distract Andy and Mike.
Tom: So Darcy was right.
Marie(still mad): So Sarah is the cause of all this!?!
Kyle: Well if that is true, what about Tom?
Courtney: She thought Drama Club was enough for him.
Tom: Wow! For once I wasn’t the target?
Michael W.(bored face): We are going to be late for class. See you all later.

Andrew and Michael leave. Kim and Tim join everyone.

Kim: Hello everyone…
Tim: Do you like…
Kim & Tim: What we did to Andrew and Michael?
Marie(angry): No!
Kim: What?
Tim: Why not?
Kim & Tim: We made them better.
Marie(angry): You made them worse.
Kim & Tim(confused): Worse?
Tom: Andy and Mike were just fine before you changed them.
Kim & Tim: But we were just going on what Savannah told us.
Kim: A quiet boy that wanted to open up…
Tim: And a slacker that wanted to fall in line.
Richard: They just used you to do their dirty work.
Kim: Then it is clear…
Tim: We must correct…
Kim & Tim: What we have done to Andrew and Michael

Lakeside High: Room C109
Kim tries to reverse what she has done to Andrew during carpentry class.

Kim: Andrew… about what I said before.
Andrew: You were right Kim. It’s a different world when you come out of the shadows and open up.
Kim: About that, maybe opening up isn’t for everyone.
Andrew: It’s great for me. Thanks to your help. We’d better get back to finishing the room before we get in trouble.

Andrew jets off back to work leaving Kim worried.

Lakeside High: Room D118
  Tim tries to reverse what he has done to Michael during Band class.

Tim: Michael, how is it going?
Michael W.(bored face): Everything is going great. I am following what you said about steering from foolishness to focus on studies.
Tim: You know it’s ok to have a little fun once in a while.
Michael W.(bored face): No. Never. It’s too much of a distraction.
Tim: But…
Instructor: Ok everyone fall in.

Lakeside High: Cafeteria
Kim and Tim sit with Tom, Andrew and Michael during 2nd lunch.

Kim(disappointed): Sorry Tom, we were…
Tim(disappointed): Unable to restore your friends.
Andrew: Seriously there is no problem.
Tom: No offense but I’m use to Mike saying something so redundant it’s funny and you Andy making short but meaningful comments.
Michael W.(bored face): Marie never said anything.
Tom: She did. She said you two were better before these two bozos changed you.
Kim & Tim(mad): Hey! She never called us bozos!
Tom(mad): I guess I’m still angry at you two and Sarah for changing them then.

Lakeside High: Entrance- Next Day
Tom arrives with Marie arguing with the Talon twins.

Tom(yawn): Not even seven yet and Marie is already mad?
Kyle: It’s been going on for a while.
Tom: Wow! I haven’t seen Marie this mad before.
Richard: You’ve only been here for a couple of weeks. We’ve seen worse.

Andrew and Michael arrive.

Michael W.(full of energy): Morrrning everyone. Why is Marie arguing with Kim and Tim?
Tom: Hey Mike. Marie’s mad at them for…! (surprised) Mike!?!

Marie stops arguing with the twins and notice Andrew and Michael are back to normal.

Marie(happy): Mike, Andy, your back to normal.
Richard: But wait, didn’t Kim and Tim say they couldn’t change them back to normal?
Kim & Tim(confused): We did. We don’t get this either.
Michael W.: Oh about that. Kim and Tim never changed us. We were just messing around.

Tom walks over to Andrew’s right. Marie walks over to Michael’s left. Both Tom and Marie hit Andrew and Michael on the arm.

Andrew & Michael(in pain): Ouch
Tom & Marie(angry/shouting): WHAT THE HELL? WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO US?
Michael W.(in pain): Well you said I should change. Then Tim came along trying to.
Kyle: Well that explains Mike. What about Andy?
Andrew: Kim wanted to change me. So after hearing that, Mike thought we should play along.
Tom & Marie(angry/shouting): WELL THAT WASN’T FUNNY!
Kim & Tim: So we never changed you?
Michael W.: No you didn’t.
Marie: Well sorry I said you should have change.
Michael W.: Apology accepted. We’re sorry too but we just wanted to see how you guys would react. And we got you something to makeup for it.
Everyone: What?
Michael W.: Follow me.

Lakeside High: Second Floor Hallways
Michael leads everyone to Sarah’s locker.

Marie: Michael why are we here? It’s just Sarah’s locker.
Michael W.: Just watch.

Sarah and Savannah talk over by Sarah’s locker.

Savannah: Well I got the word that Andrew and Michael have began to annoy Marie.
Sarah: Perfect. Now we can sit back and watch it destroy her.

Sarah opens her locker and a bucket of green goop tips over. The goop falls all over Sarah and Savannah.

Sarah(mad/shout): WHAT THE HELL? WHO DID THIS?

Sarah and Savannah step backwards and touch a newly painted black wall. Everybody in the hall laughs

Michael W.: Looks like it was a bad day for Sarah to wear a white shirt.
Tom: How did you get the goop in her locker?
Michael W.: I know some people.

© 2010 Mikey S.

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