8: Day at Tom's

8: Day at Tom's

A Chapter by Mikey S.

Andrew and Michael follow Tom home and visit the Cannon house for the first time. The three boys spend the day playing and having fun.

Tom's House:
Tom arrives home after Drama Club practice throwing his backpack onto the couch.

Tom(shout): Mom I’m home.
Daisy(shout): I’m in the kitchen.

Tom’s House: Kitchen
Tom enters the kitchen.

Daisy: How was your day?
Tom: Pretty long and difficult. Tomorrow the clubs director is gonna let everyone know the play were going to put on.
Daisy: Well that’s great.
Tom: How was your day?
Daisy: Well before I could leave today, I get a call from the office telling me that I got changed from the day shift to the night shift.
Tom: So you’re going to be working nights from now on?
Daisy: It’s only temporary.

The doorbell rings. Tom starts out to the door.

Tom: I’ll get it.
Daisy: Take your backpack to your room before you come back.
Tom: Alright.

Tom’s House:
Tom opens the door to find Andrew and Michael there.

Tom(confused): ???
Michael W.: Hey Tom.
Andrew: Hi

Andrew and Michael enter Tom’s house.

Tom(confused): What are you guys doing here? Did you follow me from the school?
Michael W.: We’d thought we come by today.
Tom: Without telling me first? I mean we have 2 classes together.
Andrew: What’s the problem?
Daisy(shout): Tom who was at the door?
Tom: Come on.

Tom’s House: Kitchen
Tom guides Andrew and Michael into the kitchen.

Tom: Mom you know Andy.
Andrew: Hi misses C.
Tom: And this is Mike.
Michael W.(happy): Hi, it’s great to finally meet you.
Daisy: Oh your friends came by. Do your parents know you’re here?
Michael W.: Yeah, we’d told them we’d be here.
Daisy: Ok then. Tom you have guest.
Tom: Thanks. Come on.
Michael W.: Pushy today.

Tom’s House: Tom’s Room
Tom guides Andrew and Michael to his room. Tom throws his backpack on the floor.

Tom: Well this is my room.
Michael W.: You know you have a pretty nice house. Why don’t you invite us more often?
Tom: Well for one you guys just came over today and Andy’s been here before.
Michael W.: So you invite Andy but not me?
Tom: Sorry.

Andrew and Michael sit on Tom’s bed. Tom turns on his TV.

Andrew: You have a messy bed.
Tom: Well sorry. I didn’t have the time to make it this morning. So what do you guys want to play?
Michael W.: Hey wait, Frontier Adventures is on.

Tom looks at the TV.
Itzal reaches for the black stone. 

Itzal: These special black stones are called the Stones of Darkness able to bring forth a powerful being. I'm going to use them to summon up my Master and then...

An ice blast comes toward Itzal but he dodges it. 

Izotz: You know you should tell your enemies your plan when it involves summoning an all powerful monster. 
Itzal: You must be Izotz, teh this won't take long.

Tom: You guys actually watch this?
Andrew: It has a good plot.
Michael W.: Yeah, do you watch it?
Tom: I tried when it first started but it never caught on. What’s it about?
Michael W.: Well you know in the beginning Yu landed on an island named Spiral Island and began traveling around it to find a way back home right?
Tom: Yeah.
Michael W.: Well as he travels he makes new friends.
Andrew: Blaze, Aero, Maya, Suk, Enki and Izotz.
Michael W.: And enemies.
Andrew: Mainly Itzal.
Michael W.: Yu and his friends form a team called Team Frontier and enter a Battle Ball Tournament traveling around the 6 regions on the island playing against other teams in hopes to enter the Master Round at first while Yu secretly looks for a way back home.
Andrew: But Itzal keeps sending creatures and minions after Yu to obtain his magical Amulet and disrupts the balance on Spiral Island.
Michael W.: But as they continue to travel Yu finally reveals to everyone, except Blaze who already knew, that he was from another world and his real name was Subaru. And last week, Itzal attacked Maya and Enki to get a black stone called the Stone of Darkness to summon his master and was stopped when Izotz came to help.
Tom: That’s interesting. If they started that way from the beginning I would’ve watched.
Michael W.: So what are we playing?
Tom: Well here’s some games you might want to play. You choose.

Tom had laid out Super Smash Bro. Brawl, Mario Kart, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and Naruto Clash of Ninja: Revolution 2.

Michael W.: Wii titles.
Tom: I prefer Nintendo. (smirk) Andy is against it though.
Andrew(smile): It just seems childish to me.
Tom: Whatever.
Michael W.: Put in smash.

Tom loads the game.

Michael W.: Hey Tom, why do you have so many controllers if you’re an only child?
Tom: Oh, back in Jacksonville my friends use to always come over, especially Drake, and we would play. (smirk) They seemed to enjoy Nintendo.
Andrew(smile): So who was Drake?
Tom: My best friend in Jacksonville. We have been friends since we were paired up for a kindergarten field trip. He was really mad when I came here.
Michael W.: Why’s that?
Tom: I’m not sure. Anyway choose your character.

Tom selects Toon Link, Andrew selects Yoshi, Michael selects Falco and computer is set for random on level 5.

Tom: You guys know how to play right?
Michael W.: Of course, but why is the computer set for level 5? Set it for level 9.
Tom: Are you sure? Level 9 is the highest difficulty setting.
Michael W.: Yeah
Tom: Ok then. Now do you want to play at a regular stage or one of my custom stages?
Andrew: Custom stage.
Tom: Alright, select one.

Andrew and Michael scroll down the list and select No Man’s Land V3.

Tom: My favorite desert battlefield. Everyone has 3 lives. Good luck.

Toon Link, Yoshi, Falco and Kirby are sent to the field.

Michael W.: Kirby? This will be too easy.

No Man’s Land V3:
Falco charges at Kirby. Kirby uses Basic Special: Inhale and absorbs Falco and gains his blaster. Falco tries to attack Kirby but he sidesteps behind him and uses Basic Attack: Punch Barrage and constantly hits him with a barrage of punches damaging him to 100%. Kirby then hits Falco with his Side Special: Hammer taking a life from Falco. Kirby taunts.

Tom’s House: Tom’s Room
Tom & Andrew: (laugh)
Tom: I though you said it be easy?
Michael W.: Ok it’s tougher than I though. Give me a break.

The battle divides Toon Link with Kirby on the Lower Platform and Yoshi with Falco on the Upper Platform. Toon Link has 2 lives with 50% damage, Yoshi has 1 life with 58% damage, Falco has 1 life with 75 % damage and Kirby has 1 life with 27% damage.

No Man’s Land V3: Upper Platform
Falco grabs Yoshi and tosses him back. Falco shoots lasers at Yoshi but he sidesteps dodging them. Yoshi lands and uses Side Special: Egg Roll. Yoshi rolls at Falco and he jumps over him. Yoshi comes back around and hits Falco. Falco flies to the edge of the stage.

No Man’s Land V3: Lower Platform
Kirby constantly comes at Toon Link  trying to hit him but Toon Link constantly sidesteps backwards. Finally at the edge of the field Toon Link sidesteps forward behind Kirby and uses Side Basic: Double Slash on Kirby and he is sent out of the stage. Kirby recovers and floats back to the stage above Toon Link and drops. Toon Link uses Up Basic: Upper Slash on Kirby and sends him flying up to the Upper Platform.

No Man’s Land V3: Upper Platform
Yoshi and Falco charge at each other at the chance to attack but right as they are about to meet, the flying Kirby rams right into both characters. Toon Link jumps up to the Upper Platform and uses Up Special: Spin Attack on Kirby knocking him out of bounds killing him.

Tom’s House: Tom’s Room
Tom: Hey I’m surprised. You both still alive. But can you beat me?
Michael W.: You haven’t won yet Tom.

No Man’s Land V3: Upper Platform
Toon Link stand in the middle of Yoshi and Falco. Toon Link uses Side Special: Boomerang and throws it at Falco. Falco drops to the Lower Platform dodging the attack. Yoshi charges at Toon Link and uses Charge Attack: Headbutt but Toon Link sidesteps backward dodging the attack. Toon Link uses Side Basic: Double Slash on Yoshi and sends him flying. Falco comes from below using Up Special: Fire Bird. Toon Link activates the shield on impact absorbing the blow. Toon Link uses Up Basic: Upper Slash on Falco sending him out of bounds killing him.

Tom’s House: Tom’s Room
Michael W.(shout): Ahhh!
Tom(smile): Two down. Come on Andy.

No Man’s Land V3: Upper Platform
Toon Link uses Basic Special: Bow and fires an arrow at Yoshi. Yoshi jumps over the arrow and above Toon Link. Yoshi uses Down Special: Yoshi Bomb and drops down on Toon Link. Toon Link drops to the Lower Platform to dodge. Toon Link uses Down Special: Bomb to take out a bomb and throws it up at Yoshi. The bomb explodes on impact and sends Yoshi out of bounds killing him.

Tom’s House: Tom’s Room
Tom: And that is check.
Michael W.: It’s because you have more experience.
Tom(taunt): Come on, anybody could have done what I did. Ha-ha-ha.

Michael grabs Tom’s pillow.

Tom: Hey what are you doing with my pillow?

Michael throws the pillow at Tom. The pillow hits Tom on the head.

Tom: Ok I probably deserved that.
Andrew: Yes you did.

Tom’s House: Kitchen
After much tomfoolery the day draws to an end. Tom, Andrew and Michael enter the Kitchen.

Tom(laughing): 12 rounds and you still couldn’t beat me?
Michael W.(laughing): Hey we came close.
Andrew(smile/question): We came close?
Michael W.: Ok you came close.
Daisy: Goodness with all the noise I thought someone died up there.
Tom(calming down): You never said that when Drake was around.
Daisy: Calm down, I was only joking.
Tom: So not to be rude but when are you guys leaving?
Michael W.: Ouch, that kinda hurt. Can I borrow you phone?

Michael dials his house phone and talks to his mother for a minute.

Michael W.(on phone): Ok one minute. (off phone) Apparently my parent’s car if out of order and they can’t come here. They want to know if your mom would give me a ride.
Daisy: Let me talk for a minute.

Michael hands Daisy the phone. Daisy and Michael’s mom deliberate.

Daisy(on phone): Ok, thank you. (off phone) Ok since I have to work tonight, you can spend the night Michael.
Michael W.: Thank you.
Tom: Mom can Andy stay too?
Daisy: Sure but he should call first.
Tom: Great, Andy hurry and call.

Tom tosses Andrew the phone.

Tom’s House:
Daisy is about to leave for work.

Daisy(shout): Tom I’m leaving now.
Tom(shout): Ok mom. Oh so close.
Daisy: Well it’s good to see he’s alright and making new friends.

Daisy exits.

© 2010 Mikey S.

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Mikey S.


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