9: Drake's Arrival

9: Drake's Arrival

A Chapter by Mikey S.

Tom's best friend, Drake, joins in a school festival to come to Lakeside High for the week and meets Tom's new friends.

The first day of the national school convention has started causing students from all over the country to come to Los Angeles, California. Even students from Jacksonville, Florida.

Lakeside High: Entrance
Tom arrives at the school noticing there are more students than usual.

Tom(confused): Is it me or is there more students here than usual?
Darcy: You’re not dreaming. Today is the start of the school convention. Where schools from all over the country send selected students from their school to come and experience another schools style for a week.
Tom(still confused): School Convention?
Darcy: You don’t remember. Two weeks ago at an open meeting we talked about a fundraiser for it.
Michael W.(taunting): I doubt he would. All he was doing was gazing at your beauty.
Tom(embarrassed): Shut up! I remember.
Marie: No use in hiding it. We all noticed.

Somebody familiar with Tom approaches from behind.

Tom(mad): I remember the meeting!
Marie(taunting): Yeah ok just keep saying that.

Everyone there all laugh.

Tom(mad): Yeah thanks for the support guys. Especially you Andy.
???: What’s the matter Tommy? You’re still striking out?
Tom: Hey I know that voice.

Tom turns around finding Drake there.

Tom(excited): Ah mi dios(oh my god), Drake! What are you doing here?!
Drake(excited/pat Tom on the back): Cómo sea yendo a mi amante?(How’s it going my lover?
Tom(still excited): Yo no soy su amante.(I am not your lover.)

Tom and Drake laugh while everyone stare in confusion.

Tom(calming down): Oh sorry guys. Everyone this Drake Jareth. My old best friend from Jacksonville, Florida.
Drake: Old best friend? So who replaced me?
Tom(laugh): You know what I mean.
Drake: Hello everyone. It’s finally great to meet you all. (hold out hand)
Darcy(shaking hand): I am Darcy Hill, student council vice president, welcome to Lakeside High for the week. Thank you for participating in the event.
Michael W.: Michael Williams, but feel free to call me Mike.
Marie: Marie Crossford, welcome to California.
Kyle: Kyle Princeton, Lakeside baseball player, lets get to know each other.
Sarah: Sarah Walker, Lakeside head cheerleader.
Drake: Well its great meeting you all. So have you all been keeping my Tommy out of trouble?
Michael W.: Oh boy are you wrong there. Trouble seems to follow him like a hurricane.
Drake(laugh): Ha-ha, there’s that Mike humor that I’ve heard so much of.
Tom: So where is your homeroom?
Drake(looking at schedule): Um… It says I’m in room B110.
Marie: Well that’s great. You’ll be with Andy then.
Tom: And you have 2nd lunch. I’ll see you there.

The late bell rings. Everyone departs.

Tom: Gotta go. Don’t get lost.

Lakeside High: Room B110
Drake attempts to make conversation with Andrew.

Drake: So how is the school here?
Andrew(shy): It’s alright.
Drake: Is there anything new?
Andrew(shy): No really.
Drake: Tommy was right. You’re pretty much silent when talking to new people.
Andrew(shy): People tell me that.
Drake: But it doesn’t mean we can’t get to know each other.
Andrew(shy): I guess.

Lakeside High: Gym
Utterly defeated trying to make conversation with Andrew, 1st and 2nd periods fly by. Drake joins Tom, Andrew, Kyle and Sarah in 3rd period gym class. Tom talks to Drake separately.
Drake: My god what do they have you wearing for gym class.
Tom: It’s a required gym uniform. Had to get use to it if I was going to pass. So how are you and Andy getting along?
Drake: Not so well. We barely talked during homeroom.
Tom: Give it time. He’s just shy.

Andrew’s conversation with Kyle and Sarah.

Andrew: So what do ya think about Drake?
Kyle: He’s cool in my book. I can see why Tom talks about him so much.
Sarah: Why are you so curious? Could it be your getting jealous that his best friend it in town and that they have some kind of greater history together?
Andrew(quick to respond): No.

A couple of students knock a ball up to a dimming ceiling light. The light begins to shake.

Drake: Wow! That’s not safe.
Kyle: Don’t worry about it. As long as I know, people have been doing that for years and it hasn’t fallen.
Drake: Great, so who wants to play volleyball?
Tom, Kyle & Sarah: Sounds great.

Tom, Andrew and Drake team up while Kyle, Sarah and another student team up. Tom’s team gets the side of the court with the dimming ceiling light. The game goes on until there is only enough time for one more play. Team Tom has a score of 3 while Team Kyle has a score of 8. Conversation on Tom’s side of the court.

Drake: Ah mi dios(Oh my god) we suck. We might as well give in now.
Tom: Hey, if we can get one more point we will be half their score.

Conversation on Kyle’s side of the court. 

Sarah: There’re pretty determined to get beaten badly.
Kyle: At least they're trying.
Sarah: But they suck.
Kyle: If they can get one more point I will be surprised.

Both teams return the ball back and forth. As they continue, the dimming ceiling light begins to loosen. Drake notices the ceiling light loosening with Andrew directly under it and the ball heading for him.

Andrew: I got it.
Drake(shout): LOOK OUT!

The light breaks free from the ceiling and falls at incredible speed. Drake pushes Andrew out of the way. Both the light and the ball crash on the ground and everything the gym becomes silent.

Tom, Kyle & Sarah: Oh my god
Drake: That was close. It would have been bad if that fell on you.
Andrew: Thanks.

The bell rings.

Drake: We’d better get going.

Everyone exit’s the gym and the rest of the day flies by. 

Lakeside High: Room A203
At the end of English class Andrew stops Tom after everyone else leaves.

Andrew: Tom wait up.
Tom: Yeah Andy, what’s up?
Andrew: Drake, why would he pretend nothing happened.
Tom: Oh you mean when Mike asked about if what happened during gym was true and when Mike told Marie during class and he just ignored it. It’s just how he is. He doesn’t like to press on about things like that. Drake is coming over my place. You wanna tag along?
Andrew: No thanks, I’m gonna go home for today.
Tom: Ok Seya.

Lakeside High: Second Floor Hallways
Rushing out of the classroom, Tom crashes into Darcy.

Tom: Oh sorry… Eh Darcy.

Tom gathers everything Darcy dropped and hands them back.

Tom: Sorry about that. Here you go.
Darcy: Thanks but you didn’t have to pick everything up for me.
Tom: No it was my fault. So are you heading for another council meeting?
Darcy: Yes, but there’re suppose to be secret. How did you know?
Tom: Lucky guess.
Darcy(laugh): Well that was a good guess then. What about you? Dirigiéndose a su amante?(Heading for your lover?)
Tom(embarrassed): So you understood that earlier then?
Darcy: Pretty much.
Tom: We were just joking. We’re just good friends.
Darcy: I know but I was still surprised when I heard it. I’ll see you later then.

As Darcy leaves, Tom get lose in a gaze and finally snaps back to normal after a few seconds.

Tom: Oh right.

Tom’s House:
Drake: So you’re living here now? Quite the change.
Tom: Eh, you get use to it.

Daisy enters the room.

Drake: Oye pierde C. Ha sido un rato. (Hey misses C. It’s been a while.)
Daisy: Drake what are you doing here?
Drake: When I heard that the school convention was going to be here, I signed up. So I’ll be here for a week.
Daisy: That’s good to hear. Have you met all of Tom’s other friends.
Drake: Yes I have and there’re pretty good. Especially Andy. I can see why you talk about him so much.
Daisy: Andrew actually talked to you?
Drake: Dang even you’re surprised? But yeah, more or less anyway. But I really find it interesting that he is so shy though.
Tom: But Andy’s not the same way so it will be difficult if you try something.
Drake(sitting on couch): I know, but it’s kinda hard to resist.
Tom: Oh and Darcy understood what we said earlier.
Drake(stand up and rub Tom on the head/laugh): Usted significa a su amante?(You mean your lover?)
Tom(smile): You talked to Mike didn’t you?
Drake(smile): He may have said something.

Tom taps Drake on the back of the head.

Drake: Ouch.
Daisy(leaving): I’ll leave you both to catch up. It’s great seeing you again Drake. I hope things go well for you.

Lakeside High: Auditorium- Next Day
6th period becomes cancelled for a Drama Club presentation.

Drake: Wow! This is your auditorium? It’s huge.
Michael W.: Hey, Tom said the same thing.
Drake: Where is Tommy Anyway?
Marie: He’s in the Drama Club as a stage actor. He’s probably back preparing.
Drake: Who would have thought Tommy had acting talent?
Michael W.: We didn’t. In fact…

Marie pushes Michael down. Drake looks down at Michael.

Drake: Hey you ok?
Michael W.(on the floor): Never… Better…

Auditorium: Backstage
Ronald(announces): Ok everyone, it is almost curtain time. I am asking that everyone does their best seeing we have students from all over the county here with us today. Break a leg.

Everyone takes their position for the show. Tom stands backstage with Elliott to await his moment to appear.

Elliott: Don’t be too nervous Tom. We’ve practiced this for weeks.
Tom(nervous): I know. It’s just the first time I’ve put on a show for a crowd, friends, and people I don’t even know. What’s to worry about?
Elliott: Well I don’t have much advice for a first time actor being a crew member but I can tell you that you should just stay calm and focused on stage.
Tom(calming down): Thanks.

Auditorium: Stage
Everyone in the auditorium becomes silent as the play begins. The curtains open with Courtney on stage sitting in a modern room. Thunder sounds roar.

Announcer: Elizabeth was a normal girl who wanted nothing but to be swept off her feet by a knight in armor.
Courtney-Elizabeth(looking out a window): If only I lived in a world where my knight in armor would come for me.

Another student comes onto stage.

Student-Jane: Will you give it a rest already? There is no way in a million years that a knight in armor will come for you.
Courtney-Elizabeth: Nobody asked for your opinion Jane.
Student- Jane: Whatever. Keep believing in your little fairy tales.

The student exits.

Courtney-Elizabeth: She just doesn’t believe.

Thunder roars and the light fade.

Announcer: Jane never liked Elizabeth for what she believed in but not even Elizabeth thought they could come true.

© 2010 Mikey S.

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