10: Playing in the Carnival

10: Playing in the Carnival

A Chapter by Mikey S.

Tom participates in his first play as a knight to save Courtney. Then as the week moves on, the Crew spend their last night with Drake at a Halloween where Marie figures out Drake's secret.

Auditorium: Stage
The curtains open with the stage changed to a renaissance dungeon. Courtney awakens in a white dress chained to a wall.

Courtney-Elizabeth: Where? Why?

Paul comes onto stage dressed as a black armored knight.

Paul-Sir Nycolas: Now thou fair maiden. Reveal thy location of thy rebellion.
Courtney-Elizabeth(confused): What are you talking about?
Paul-Sir Nycolas: Doth thou play dumb? Reveal thy location or doth thee wish to face death.
Tom-Sir Lancelot(shout): Princess Elizabeth!

Auditorium: Seats
Michael W.: Tom’s coming on.
Drake: Has Tommy performed before?
Marie: Only during tryouts.
Darcy: During the last play he was just an understudy. He didn’t get to go on though.
Sarah: Who would have though they let him up at such an important show?
Marie(snaps): Who asked for your opinion?
Sarah: Speaking the truth.
Kyle: Hey, hey, calm down. Tom’s coming on.

Auditorium: Backstage
Tom is about come on stage but is panicking.

Tom: Deep breath. You’ve done this hundreds of times during rehearsal. Like Elliot said, “Just stay calm and focused on stage.”

Auditorium: Stage
Tom comes onto stage dress as a knight in silver armor.

Tom-Sir Lancelot: Sir Nycolas? So thee have kidnapped thou Princess Elizabeth. This be treason.
Paul-Sir Nycolas: Sir Lancelot, I have never nor being on thy side.
Tom-Sir Lancelot: Thou plot shall fail and shall face death.
Paul-Sir Nycolas: I think not. Soldiers charge.

Three armored students come onto stage armed and engage Tom in combat. Tom easily defeats them all.

Auditorium: Seats
Drake: Tommy’s doing really well.
Michael W.(taunting): Just like a knight in shining armor. All we have to do is replace Courtney with Darcy and this would be perfect.

Everyone laughs.

Auditorium: Stage
Tom turns toward Paul.

Tom-Sir Lancelot: This be all you have Sir Nycolas?
Paul-Sir Nycolas: Fret not Sir Lancelot. Thou never be able to defeat me.

Tom and Paul cross swords and counter at each hit. Tom and Paul come to a sword struggle. Paul kicks Tom and he falls to the ground dropping his sword and shield. Paul then thrust his blade into Tom.

Paul-Sir Nycolas: This be thy end Sir Lancelot.
Tom- Sir Lancelot(dying): Thou may have beaten me but this be not over. Long live Princess Elizabeth.

Tom dies.

Courtney-Elizabeth(cry): No, this is not how it was suppose to go.

The curtains fall.

Auditorium: Seats
Michael W.: Whoa! I didn’t see that coming.
Kyle: Who would have thought they’d make Tom lose.
Andrew: I bet you feel bad for making that joke now.
Michael W.: You laughed too Andy.
Darcy: Stop fighting. The play is still going on.

Auditorium: Stage
The curtains open back to the modern room where Courtney is asleep on the bed sleep talking.

Courtney-Elizabeth: No Sir Lancelot.
Student-Jane: Elizabeth, wake up.

Courtney wakes up.

Courtney-Elizabeth: Where?
Student-Jane: It was just a dream.
Courtney-Elizabeth: A dream but it felt so real.

The curtains close ending the play. The crowd cheers.

Lakeside High: Entrance
Darcy: That was a really good show Tom.
Tom(excited): You really thought so Darcy?
Michael W.: I have to admit, it did get a little emotional there.
Tom: Really? I figured you take advantage of the moment and make a joke.
Marie: Yeah…
Drake: Either way your performance was great.
Kyle: It was a shame you had to die at the end though.
Courtney: Yeah I hope you were ok with that Tom.
Tom: There was no problem. It was fun.
Sarah: Well it was a good show. Let’s go Kyle.
Kyle: Alright. See ya later guys.
Marie: Yeah I’ll be leaving too.
Andrew, Michael W. & Darcy: Ditto
Tom: Ok Seya.

Everyone leaves.

Tom: Dude you know said “either way” back there right?
Drake: It must have slipped. I meant to say “Anyway”. But I’m sure no one caught on.

The week flies by. On Saturday Tom, Andrew, Drake, Michael, Marie and Dakota attend a Halloween themed carnival.

Carnival Grounds:- Saturday Night
Michael W.(filming self):The Halloween Carnival. An event to scare the pants off of people. (filming everyone/excited) I even brought a camcorder to get it all!
Drake(being filmed): What’s up?
Tom: (being filmed/smile)
Andrew: (hide from camera)
Dakota(being filmed/direct toward Andrew): Why are you so afraid of a camera?
Michael W.(filming self/laugh): Ha-ha-ha, lively group of people. This will be fun.

As the night rolls on, Tom and friends enjoy a montage of rides and games and even win stuffed animal prizes. Michael films everything along the way. After a while of fun, everyone decides to take a rest stop.

Tom(laugh): Ha-ha, that was so funny when you threw the dart at the balloon Andy and it just bounced off.
Dakota(laugh): I know. It was a direct hit and it plopped off. Like a baby grabbing a ball.

Tom and Dakota high five.

Andrew: That’s not nice.
Michael W.: So what should we do when Drake and Marie get back?
Dakota: I saw a haunted mansion in the back. We should go there.

Carnival Grounds: Restroom Front
Marie comes out of the restroom and Drake and Marie head back to rejoin Tom, Andrew, Michael and Dakota.

Drake: Ready for another round?
Marie: More or less. Hey can I ask you a personal question?
Drake: Depends on the question. Ask away.
Marie: You like Andy don’t you?
Drake: Of course I like Andy. I like all of Tommy’s new friends.
Marie: No, I mean do you like Andy. As in love.
Drake(panicked/attempting to stay calm): Why do you ask?
Marie: All week when you’ve been around him, you seemed at your happiest.
Drake: I tend to always be happy. Didn’t Tommy mention that?
Marie: What about when you saved Andy then ignored it, pretty much cling to him all week, laughed at everything he said or gave him your prize from the ring toss booth. 
Drake(speechless): Well…
Marie: It’s ok if you’re gay. None of us are gonna hate you for it. 
Drake: Thanks, but could…
Marie: Don’t worry you can tell them at your own pace. Mike won’t figure it out, but I’m not so sure about Kyle or Darcy. I’m not so sure about Andy though.
Drake: Yeah but wait. What about…
Marie: What was that?
Drake: Nothing, let’s get back.

Carnival Grounds: Haunted House Second Floor
Tom and friends advance in the mansion on the second floor to find the exit.

Michael W.(filming): Here we are, on the second floor of the haunted house. Facing spooks and ghouls as Tom is freaking out.

Tom nervously shakes. Dakota from behind taps Tom on the shoulder with a skeletal hand. Tom jumps up in fear.

Tom(scared): Ahhh! That wasn’t funny Dakota.
Dakota(laughing): Are you sure? Cause everyone else is laughing.
Drake(laughing): Well that part of you is still the same.
Tom(being filmed/mad): You better delete that Mike.
Michael W.(filming): Sorry can’t hear ya.

Marie slightly moves a picture frame and a trap door below Tom and Dakota open up swallowing them and closes again.

Marie: Whoa!
Michael W.(filming/excited): Awesome! Who would have thought there be a trap door there? I can’t believe I got all that too.
Drake: Ok nobody move anything else.

Andrew slightly moves his foot and the floor squeaks. The wall behind Andrew opens up and Andrew falls through to the 1st floor.

Drake: Are you ok Andy?
Andrew(voice): I’m ok

The wall begins to close. Drake jumps through before the wall closes.

Michael W.(filming/excited): This is great! And I got it all on video.
Marie: Come on, lets try to find them.

Carnival Grounds: Haunted House First Floor
Drake: It looks like we fell to the 1st floor.
Andrew: Why did you jump through?
Drake: You shouldn’t have to go through here by yourself.
Andrew: Thanks I guess.
Drake: Come on, let’s look for Tommy and Dakota.

Drake and Andrew wander aimlessly around the floor looking for Tom and Dakota.

Andrew: So how was your week here in California?
Drake: It was fun. Too bad I go back to Florida tomorrow. But at least I can tell everyone back home Tommy’s in good hands. I’ll miss you too.
Andrew: What was that?
Drake: Shush, you hear that?

Drake and Andrew pause for a moment and hear voices uproar.

Drake: It’s those voices again. We might be getting close.

Drake and Andrew advance into the next room. When they go through two skeletal ghouls drop down. One each about Tom and Dakota’s size.

Drake(fake scream): Ah, ok you got us Tom and Dakota. Take off the mask.

The two ghouls fall apart and roll all over the ground. Bits and parts of the skeletal parts light up and spontaneously combust. One of the ghouls heads rolls up to Drake and Andrew and starts laughing. The two heads then burn up turning into ashes. Drake and Andrew scream in fear.

Michael W.(Filming/laugh): Ha-ha-ha, I got it!
Drake & Andrew: (Confused/still scared)
Dakota(laughing): Did you see them? That was classic.
Marie(laugh): Did you enjoy your scare?
Drake & Andrew(mad): No!
Tom(smiling): Hey you had it coming.
Drake: Oh like your one to talk Tommy.

Everyone laughs.

Lakeside High: Entrance- Sunday
The convention comes to an end and all exchange students leave for the respective schools.

Tom: Bien fue gran verle otra vez(Well it was great seeing you again) Drake. Drop a line whenever you come back.
Drake: Apoye en usted(Back at you) Tommy. It was great meeting your new friends too.
Michael W.(hugging Drake): I’ll miss you buddy. I’ll send you the video later.
Drake: Ok dude. Don’t start crying all over me.
Marie(pulling Michael off of Drake): Later Drake.
Kyle: It was great meeting you.
Sarah: Have a safe trip.
Darcy: Come back soon.
Drake: Thanks guys.
Andrew: It was great having you around.
Drake: Thanks. (hold out hand)

Andrew shakes Drakes hand. Drake boards the bus and the bus leaves.

Tom: Maybe we should go visit them. What do you think Andy?
Andrew: Sure.

© 2010 Mikey S.

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Mikey S.


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