13: Christmas Play

13: Christmas Play

A Chapter by Mikey S.

Before the Crew can go on a long awaited winter break, Tom and the Drama Club put on a christmas themed crime mystery play.

Winter break arrives letting the schools out. The Drama Club puts on a performance at the brink of the break.

Tom’s House: Living Room- Evening
Andrew, Michael and Daisy await for Tom as he prepares for the play.

Michael W.(shout): Com on Tom! It shouldn’t take you two hours to put on a tuxedo! (normal talk)Seriously, what’s taking him?
Daisy: It takes him forever to dress formally. He thinks every last detail should be perfect.
Andrew: Well that’s just silly.
Daisy: Finally someone agrees with me.
Tom(shout): I heard that.

Tom comes downstairs dressed in a black tuxedo.

Tom: You guys could have just gone to the school and waited for me there.
Michael W.: Yeah but it’s more fun going in a group.
Tom: Fine. Let’s go.

Daisy grabs a camera.

Daisy: Wait. You look good in that tuxedo Tom. I’ve got to get a picture.

Daisy takes a picture of Tom.

Tom: Great, now can we go.
Daisy: Wait, Andrew, Michael get in the picture too.
Tom: Eh?
Michael W.: Alright.
Andrew: No, I’m…
Michael W.: Come on Andy. Don’t be a party pooper.

Daisy takes another picture of Tom laughing as Michael pulls Andrew into the picture.

Daisy: Now Pose.

Tom, Andrew and Michael crazily pose for another picture.

Lakeside High: Cafeteria
The school becomes filled with people attending the play and performing for the play. Tom, Andrew and Michael meet up with Marie, Darcy and Dakota.
Andrew: What are you doing here?
Dakota: I wanted to come see the play. What’s it matter to you? You’re not in it.

Andrew: Doesn’t mean you have to come see it.
Tom(laugh): Ha-ha, looks like I’m not the only one entertaining tonight.
Darcy: That’s a great tuxedo you’re wearing Tom.
Tom: Thanks Darcy, Ronald told everyone to dress up for the play.
Dakota(turning from Andrew): Why is that? What’s the play about?
Marie(excited): The plays about a valuable diamond that gets stolen while a Christmas party is going on. I’m so excited to see it.
Darcy(excited): Me too. I just love to see a mystery unfold.
Dakota: That’s it? It sounds pretty crappy to me.
Andrew(evil smile): Then go home.
Dakota: I can’t. Mom said you have to watch after me.
Michael W.(provoking Tom): So who steals it? I bet it’s you considering you died in the last play.
Dakota(excited): You died in the last play?! I should have seen that one.
Andrew(evil smile): Too bad.
Tom: Sorry, I can’t tell ya. You’ll have to see the play to find out. I should probably go backstage now. Enjoy guys. Enjoy Darcy.

Tom exits.

Marie(excited): Now I’m just dying to find out now.
Darcy(excited): Let’s go and grab our seats.

Marie and Darcy enter the auditorium.

Michael W.: We should probably go in too guys.

Michael turns to Andrew and Dakota arguing.

Dakota: You listen to music every time you’re playing World of Warcraft.
Andrew: It’s music not in the game. You don’t even have any friends so you crowd around mine.
Dakota: I have friends, but I’m surprised you do with a gay name like Andy.
Andrew: I prefer to be called Andy.
Michael W.(pushing both Andrew and Dakota): Let’s go in already.

Auditorium: Backstage
Tom: Hey Courtney, Elliott, Paul.
Courtney(acting): Good day Mr. Edwards. Fine day for a party is it not?
Tom(acting): Why yes Lady Carol. This will be a pleasant day for a party.
Elliott(laughing): Seems like you have that down perfectly. Ron said the last play received a lot of good comments.
Paul(mocking): A lot of people were upset when they saw Sir Lancelot defeated.
Courtney: People think that the good guy should win.
Paul(uninterested): Whatever.

Paul walks off.

Elliott(taunting): So how is it going with your girlfriend Darcy, Tom?
Tom(embarrassed): What are you talking about?
Elliott(taunting): We all know how you rush to Darcy for her opinion on the plays you’re in.
Tom(embarrassed/turning away): I have no idea what you’re talking about. Seya later.

Tom rushes off.

Elliott(laughing): He’s trying to hide it. This is hilarious isn’t it Courtney?

Courtney hits Elliott on the arm then storms off angrily.

Elliott(confused): What was that for?

Auditorium: Stage
Silence grows in the commoner seats as the play is beginning. The curtains open to a ball room party scene where several stage actors of the Drama Club are dressed in tuxedos and dresses conversing.

Courtney-Lady Carol: Attention.

The stage becomes silent and attention is directed to Courtney.

Courtney-Lady Carol: I am glad to unveil a diamond said to be lost for ages. I present the lost Florentine Diamond.

The crowd on the stage applauds.

Student 1-Mr. Harold: I must say to have found the lost Florentine Diamond said to have fallen into a well in India is quite remarkable.
Student 2-Lady Ward: A diamond said to be as yellow as the sun and worth 137 carats. Is this true?
Courtney-Lady Carol: Mr. Harold, Lady Ward believe not what you hear but what you see. Mr. Edwards bring the Florentine Diamond.

Tom comes onto stage in empty arms and approached Courtney. Tom whispers in Courtney’s ear.

Courtney-Lady Carol(shocked): The Florentine Diamond has been stolen?

The crowd begins to mutter. Paul and another student come onstage as officers.

Student 3-Chief: What’s this about a stolen diamond?
Tom-Mr. Edwards: Lady Carol’s Florentine Diamond has been stolen Chief.
Student 3-Chief: How is this possible? Private Netto weren’t you guarding it the entire time?
Paul-Netto: For the first few moments I wasn’t. By the time I arrived, there was only one person in the room (pointing at Tom) and that was Mr. Edwards.

The crowd and audience gasp in surprise.

Courtney-Lady Carol: My butler Mr. Edwards? He would never. What about the cameras?
Paul-Netto: We checked them all and they were blank. He must have blocked them all before entering to steal it.
Tom-Mr. Edwards: I swear, honestly I didn’t.
Student 3-Chief: Well has anyone else had access to the prize room?
Courtney-Lady Carol: No Chief.
Student 2- Lady Ward: Well it would appear as Mr. Edwards is guilty.
Student 3-Chief: Private.

Paul handcuffs Tom. Tension grows among the crowd.

Tom-Mr. Edwards: I’m telling you, I didn’t do it.
Paul-Netto: You have the right to remain silent.
Student 1-Mr. Harold: This man didn’t steal the Florentine Diamond.

Silence rises. Student 1 steps forward.

Student 1-Mr. Harold: The real culprit is private Netto.
Student 2-Lady Ward: How would you know this Mr. Harold?
Student 3-Chief: Who are you to accuse my private?
Student 1-Mr. Harold: I am not Mr. Harold.

Student 1 pulls off a fake face mask.

Courtney-Lady Carol: Who are you?
Student 3-Chief: It can’t be. The international secret detective Looker?!
Student 1-Looker: Yes I am. And private Netto didn’t block off all the cameras as he thought. (pulling out pictures of the prize room from coat) I hid a secret camera above the display and caught him in the act.

Paul pushes Tom forward and tries to make a run for it. Paul is stopped oncoming policemen heading in the opposite direction. Student 1 walks over to Paul and takes the Florentine Diamond from his belt pocket.

Student 3-Chief: Why’d you do it Private?
Paul-Netto: Isn’t it obvious? To get the money. A diamond of that value would attract a large sum of money from the best buyers willing to have it.
Student 1-Looker: Take him away and free Mr. Edwards.

Student 3 escorts Paul off stage. Tom becomes freed from the hand-cuffs. Student 1 hands Courtney the diamond.

Courtney-Lady Carol: My diamond.
Tom-Mr. Edwards: Thank you detective Looker.
Student 1-Looker: No need. Netto’s been on the run for a while now and we finally have him. Please return to your party.

Student 1 exits stage. The curtains close ending the play.

Lakeside High: Cafeteria
Tom joins everyone talking about the play.

Marie(excited/direct to Darcy): Then when Mr. Howard revealed himself to be to be Looker.
Darcy(excited/direct to Marie): I know, I don’t expect anyone saw that coming.
Dakota: I must say, you’re pretty good at acting Tom. The cowardly part fit you well.
Tom: Thanks, I think?
Andrew: Great you saw the play. Now go home.
Dakota: And you can go stay over your boyfriend Tom’s house.

Andrew and Dakota argue back and forth.

Tom: Hey Mike, have they been arguing all night?
Michael W.: As long as Marie and Darcy have been giddy about the play.
Tom(laugh): Sounds like you had fun tonight then, Ha-ha-ha.
Michael W.: You owe me one Tom.
Tom(smiling): Sure buddy.

© 2010 Mikey S.

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