Concerning Angels and Fairies

Concerning Angels and Fairies

A Poem by shadowtigers

Our wings may be different but, our hearts remain the same

Sometimes I think of you
Those nights long ago
Buried far back
Deep within my mind
It seems more like a dream to me now
Something for time to erase
But for a heart never to forget
I lost myself somewhere
Between the moonlight
And your sheets
I was grasping for something
To hold onto
For someone to understand
What it was like to be different
For someone who knew
What it was like
To be alone
There are many truths in this world
In my own naive way
I was afraid to admit
So many things to myself
To you
With my ignorance
I hurt us both
I suppose
I loved so blindly
With an open heart
And a closed mind
Sometimes I wondered
When I was alone
If you were happy
If you were sad
If maybe everything that had come before
Had been in vain
I told myself
It was better to leave
Than stay and face all of my fears
I was so young
So afraid of emotion
I thought perhaps
I could overcome this all
When I met you
But with each day
I grew farther
From who I truly am
And grew closer
To who I never wanted to be
In these solitary years
I have seen so many things
I have watched those around me blossom
I have experienced the pain of death
With all the things
Somehow I seem to have found
An answer
That I never before had seen
I was trying so hard
To become human
I never realized how much emotion
I had already
Just how much
Everyone and everything affected me
I had embraced the darkness
For so long
I could not see the light
But I needn't be afraid any longer
I forgave myself
I let all the hate
All the rage
Slip away
I only regret hurting all those people
Hurting you
In my blindness
For that I am sorry
Sometimes I think of you
And I smile
Remembering the good things
The beauty of the stars
The images of dreams
All the things
Left unsaid
Passing from your lips to mine
I would like to think perhaps
That night long ago
Between Heaven and Hell
We connected on some level
Where words do not exist
Nor could they ever taint
At that moment
I was not alone
And at that moment
All the differences
between us melted
In each others caress
Sheltered by our flesh and wings
In the waning night
I think of you know
The more I see you
I look into your eyes
I wonder if you still remember
The dreams
The stars
All the moonlight
We had briefly shared
And I smile
Wondering if time has erased all
Or if your heart still burns
As brightly as mine

© 2011 shadowtigers

Author's Note

This piece was actually written a long time ago. I recently found it, while sifting through some of my older poetry and papers that were stuffed away in my attic. It was originally a poem/letter to a particular person, so that is why it reads as such. Still, I thought it might get enjoyed, so I am posting it up.

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You have such a knack for really getting the emotion down on the paper. The carefully winding story with so much depth and personal meaning behind each word.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on January 7, 2011
Last Updated on January 8, 2011
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