A Chapter by Every1s_psychotic_vampyre_friend

The nightmares just keep coming and theres nothing I can do to stop them..


I found  myself walking through the forest, the cold wet earth beneath my feet squishing as I walked. Unknown to where I was going, I let my feet lead the way. The full moon's light shined down on the large clearing that stretched out in front of me, a small lake centered in the middle. The forest glistened in the silver moonlight, making everything look as if it were underwater.

It didn't seem real. The silver shadow the moon cast down on the entire forest, the way the water moved around me as I slowly stepped into the lake, and the silence that came from the creatures of the night as soon as they caught sight of me.

Looking down on my reflection I saw how beautiful I looked. This must be a dream, I thought quickly. My skin looked more pale than normal and my face looked a few years older, but still held that flawless unnatural beauty it always had. My thick black hair hung freely, stretching all the way down my back. I wore a simple pair of shorts and a black tank top, but as always I seemed to pull it off better than any normal human could. But what caught my attention was my eyes. I watched as their normal icy blue color began to fade, replacing itself with a bright and vivid silver. One just like the shadow the moon had cast down on the forest.

It wasn't real.. I wasn't real. I could only wish. No, dream. Dream that this was real. Dream..

Before I knew it everything went dark. The sound of the waves splashing against my legs soon faded and left nothing but darkness. Then I saw it. A beautiful face. A familiar face.. My mothers face. But it was.. Wrong. Sad, painfully sad. I wanted to go to her and tell her everything would be okay, but unfortunately my legs wouldn't move.

"Ma.." I whispered, tears starting to form in my eyes.

Suddenly the rest of her came into view. She was practically laying on the ground, hand clamped over her heart. She shook her head at me and tried her hardest to give me one of her reassuring beautiful smiles, but it too looked wrong. Full of fear, not only for herself but for me. I saw why.

He stepped into the strange spotlight, an unattractive grin on his face and a blade in his hand. Shock shook me as I realized their was blood on his silver blade, her blood.

"No," I trembled, still unable to move. "No!"

The grin on his face grew as he grabbed a hold of my mothers long black hair and proceeded to pull her head back as his blade went to her throat. With one quick movement of his wrist he spilled her blood on the ground that separated us. I watched her fall and land in a pool of her very own blood, that wrong smile fading from her face.

I too fell, suddenly able to move again, landing on my knees crying so hard I could barely breathe. "How could you..?" I whispered, my voice coarse.

I heard his dark chuckle and then suddenly I was in my mother position. His blade touched my throat slowly, the cold metal oddly burning my skin. He leaned in to whisper his final goodbye, "You'll be next.." Was all he said before the blade sliced clean through my throat, leaving nothing but the smell of my own blood.

© 2009 Every1s_psychotic_vampyre_friend

Author's Note

Tell me if you like it or not [: This is just the beginning.

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I like it so far. Very descriptive. I like lots. :3

Posted 10 Years Ago

this is extremely intense and descriptive...i love it. i can't wait to read more!

Posted 11 Years Ago

I like how you changed the story slightly to fit what happens later on. This is turning out to be an interesting book. I can't wait to see how the entire thing goes, oh, how demented and cruel will the father get? Will he ever actually kill his daughter? She has to want to escape. Ah, the possibilities...

Posted 11 Years Ago

its very demented, in a interesting odd good way!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 11 Years Ago

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