Living a lie.

Living a lie.

A Chapter by Every1s_psychotic_vampyre_friend

Andrea tries her best to live with her father, even with the knowledge of him murdering her mother..

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I woke up with a startling scream. Tears already filled my eyes before I could wipe away my cold sweat. "It was just a dream.. Its over now.." Is what I told myself over and over.

Glancing to the small clock on my bedside table I realized I slept through my alarm. Great, late again. I sighed and climbed out of bed, wiping away my tears and getting dressed as fast as I could. Noticing a small clatter of pans from the kitchen, I quickly zipped up my boots and went to find out who was here. Dad shouldn't be awake.. He's usually too drunk.

I pushed my door open slowly and stepped out of my room, looking around at all the boxes. "What the.." I made my way to the kitchen and saw my father slouched over the counter a beer in his hand. "Typical," I muttered and went to grab a poptart.

He watched me with hateful eyes and waited till I sat down before he stated, "We're moving." Only slurring his words a little.

"What!?" I manage to choke out, swallowing the bits of poptart that got caught in my throat.

"You heard me. Now go pack. We're leaving tomorrow." He grinned, making me shiver at the reminder of my dream. Or should I say nightmare?

"You can't do this to me!" I shouted, getting to my feet. "You can't just decide this for me. This isn't fair! I won't go!"

"You will and you'll like it!" He shouted back, his anger easily shown. "You still live under my house and what I say goes! Now go to your room and pack before I get out my belt!" He threatened, clearly serious.

"Ugh! I hate you!" I screamed, stomping to my room like a child. I'm almost eighteen. He can't do this. I sat on bed, staring at nothing in particular.

What did I have to lose? Friends? No. I haven't made any real friends while I've been here. Sure there were a few kids at school I hung out with, but I couldn't truly call them friends. Family? No. He's the only family I have left. I never met my mother grandparents, or any of her relatives for that matter, and my father parents died years ago. Or so he claims.

My dream was still fresh in my mind. The scary thing is, it was real. My mother did die my fathers hands. But he played it off as someone else who killed her, leaving me with his dirty secret and no one to turn to. Sure I could have turned him in, but I was six at the time. What would I have said? Excuse me mister police man, I saw my daddy cut my mommy and now she won't wake up? No, they wouldn't have believed me. Not with him hovering at my side, making sure I didn't say anything against him. I'll admit it, he scarred the living s**t out of me. But besides that, where would it have left me? His next victim?

A shiver brought me back to reality. What was I to do?

© 2009 Every1s_psychotic_vampyre_friend

Author's Note

To be continued..


you have my attention

Posted 11 Years Ago

this is one of my favorites buddi! and considering that of written just about everything youve ever wrote that is a compliment. il l definitly keep reading it so you have to keep writing! ;]

Posted 11 Years Ago

Very intense, i loved it. Very creative. Nice descprition.

Posted 11 Years Ago

omg this is freaking intense. poor andrea; her dad is such an a*s! that's got to be so scary. once again, well worded. i'm so excited for more!

Posted 11 Years Ago

I have the privilege to be somewhat involved in the creation process of a small bit of this chapter, so, I am so happy that it worked out so well! I feel Andrea is just discovering her powers, so I'm pleased to see them already working so well! This bodes for the future chapters of this story. How powerful will she get? and how controlled? Also, the guy who shows up, Axl, is awesomely written in. I want to know how he's going to be involved with Andrea! Her father, i'm sorry to say, must die for the deeds he has done. If he's not careful, Andrea could accidentally, or "accidentally" set him on fire.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Dun Dun duhhh! :D I love this, and you were upset while writing it weren't you? (I can tell) Hmmm. I'm curious to see how this is going to end, what little twist will my sister put into it. I have no idea, vampires maybe? or maybe something completely different that will throw me off? or maybe neither...hmmm I'll be back for more :)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 11 Years Ago

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