Fairy-tales Broken

Fairy-tales Broken

A Poem by shallimarRose



Love bestowed a gentle kiss

Wrapped in warmth of lovers bliss

Through the threshold of his charm

There came a wave of dis-alarm


Where bargains made of blackened chips

And aces wake to inward whips

Of licorice stems on chocolate roses

The should have beens

And I supposes


There fairy castles made of wine

Have inner rooms where royalty dine

Upon the carcass in the sand

Of dragons slain in fairyland


And carriages built of paper cards

Are drawn by memories disregard

Who carry to the very end

And lose the yearning to descend


The happily and for ever after

Lost its way in violent laughter

Born of boisterous lofty lies

That hid behind the silent cries


Of broken dreams and fallen princes

Fairy-tales with solemn glimpses

Become the saddened ended story

Forever lost its lofty glory


And shudders close on inward dreams

Of mountains built near chocolate streams

Where fairy elves are found near death

The songs of silence, left bereft


written by bj smith

aka shallimarRose 

© 2013 shallimarRose

Author's Note

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It takes a lot of work and imagination for it to be "Happily ever after". But, in my mind, I truly do believe it can be done. Fairy Tales aren't always a just some made up story or poem if your heart feels that special world unfold within it. Castles in the sky with chocolate streams...that is love my friend and you have painted it so beautifully in this poem. Rose, you always impress me. Loved it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Thank you Jack...a four line review from you? woo hoo... smles


A good write about not so happy endings in life and love. Heartfelt. Well crafted free style metered rhyming poetry which I enjoy. Good imagery and flow. Line to line transition and breaks are done well. Nice rhythm and enjambment. Rhyme is good as is the rhyme scheme. A nice mix of near perfect dactylic, feminine and masculine end line rhyme that's executed well in this piece. Lovely depth of feeling. I sense the sadness of no happily ever after fairytale ending. Well penned. Write on!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

You are correct in the ending no happily ever after in the ending of most.. Each Stanza is conjoined.. read more

8 Years Ago

You're welcome and my pleasure. Have a good day!
For me, this is about the loss of imagination in society... I think with the uprising of technology, movies, etc., we are losing the grasp on what it means to really "imagine" things. I remember playing as a child, and I imagined entire worlds, now days those worlds are laid out for us visually; everything with the push of a button. Anyway, that's what I got from this one. Nice flow and imagery here.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

Thank you for reading Sarah.. I think a poem IS what the reader gets out of it.. I am sure that each.. read more
I love the rhythm of this poem. It never feels forced. The rhythm pulls you in and carries you along. The words flow beautifully and create powerful images. I admit that I am intrigued by your author's note... Having re-read it again, I wonder if it is the end of a relationship gone bad due to cheating or alcoholism?.?.

A fantastic read!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

Thank you for reading and for the nice compliment. I never have to force rhyme it has been spewing.. read more

8 Years Ago

I think you are on the right track... It is in part about relationships, drinking and the rich, famo.. read more

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I am a singer, writer, poet, dreamer, believer..... I am an unconventional poet who has been writing rhyme since the age of five. I enjoy all styles of poetry. I write by ear not syllable count .. more..

Broken Broken

A Poem by shallimarRose

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