Piece of Peace

Piece of Peace

A Poem by Shama Zara

When world peace is at the back of the mind, it's in the front of the heart.


Piece of peace; break it off for me,
Give me a slice of deep unity,
We all possess it inside and never seek
Grim and bleak, wow what a dream.
Save the crust for nature of whom we need,
Of which we breathe every second of life,
Do not find an organism in strife for they survive,
On the plants and trees and flowers that bloom
Big and beautiful, and clouds of vast,
Rain that pours and sours the wind up above,
And the sun and moon that orbit so fast.

Piece of peace; break it off for me,
Break off a corner for the animals,
That we overlook and took,
From shelters where they needed the most,
Love and surviving through the meek,
How could we have forgotten this message they long,
For companionship was all they wanted,
And endangered some and killed many,
How wrong!

Piece of peace; break it off for me,
Save the middle for humanity,
For what we desire, fear and need,
Support one another in hard times of grief,
Some lost and others find what they could use,
As weapons against whom they hate,
Wishing to be more successful in ones self
And loving too late,
Oh, Humanity!
Open your eyes to the pain and solve it,
With your being and close friends,
Seek to forgive hatred, racism,
And begin to realize the message we seek,
The discriminated woman,
And the taunts and jeers of those who can not speak,
Of the same language you talk,
Walk with your fellow peers,
And stop the madness, halt the murder,
Wipe the tears!

Piece of peace; break it off for me,
Believe and feel it in your heart,
The lives lost in war, find the solution,
Stop the abuse of teens and children,
Life will be what you can make it,
Let's start the new revolution.

© 2008 Shama Zara

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This is my favorite poem.
Perfect meanings and makes sense for once lol
I love it.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on March 30, 2008
Last Updated on April 14, 2008


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