Cement Me Up

Cement Me Up

A Poem by ShameemAkhtar

I am a wall

Smack me
Smack me with the echoes
Of your hatred

And let me make
Of it
A boomerang

The mud splashes your face
And reflects

Your own voice

Make me a wall
For a wall I am

A standing spectator
Watching you unfurl
The forlorn cast
Of your heart

I am a wall
Of plastic marbles
Osmotic membranes
And rock glasses

Throw me your throw-ups
The vomits of your heart

The remnants of my heart
The undigested parts
That somehow survived
The ethnic cleansing
In the bowels of love

I am a wall
So make me one

Fling things at me
And let me boomerang them back.

I am a wall.

Erect, forlorn.

Amidst loneliness

The echoes come from you

What you see is what you threw
Get your eyes checked

What you hear is what you shouted at me
Get your ears cleaned

And then chop me down

© 2011 ShameemAkhtar

Author's Note

As most of the poems I submitted, this is far from a cheerful poem. Somehow I feel the end is too abrupt and I get the impression that the poem needs a bit of polishing...

Hmm... I wrote that some time back. I think I never finished the poem...

I normally never touch again what I wrote, but for this one, I think I will have to...

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I like this a lot love your style

I edit my work all the time, to me I dont thing a poem is ever really finished

Posted 9 Years Ago

I see this as a on going work of all your prose. You seem to be finding fault with life the like I haven't seen in a while. I like your style and the aim of the topic. I wish you had something that found the good in life, I mean you are here aren't you. That is a great thing you know. Great read.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Walls are meant to deflect at times. Walls are made to protect. The walls you speak of are many and I read this twice to make sure I got everything and still feel I might have missed something because this was a write within itself. i love the boomerang part....many don't notice things bounce once they hit a wall but walls stand tall and strong...until something very powerful finds a way to knock them down.

Posted 9 Years Ago

The title of the poem is what grabbed my attention first.
"Cement Me Up"
My first thought was, "Is this poem going to be about sealing someone in a cinder block?"
With that in mind, I was definitely blown away by this poem. The diction was wonderful.
I loved these two lines in particular:
"I am a wall
So make me one"
The only thing is, I'm a bit confused about these two lines:
"What you see is what you threw
Get your eyes checked"
The overall form of the poem is a bit choppy, and agreed with Jeremy Baker, the ending is a tad bit abrupt.
Overall, however, this was a good poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I loved how it begine but then i didnt get the idea ...
sorry ..

Posted 9 Years Ago

sometimes "Unfinished" is the true state of a finished work...


Posted 9 Years Ago

The ending is rather abrupt, but that also gives it an added edge. Liked it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is powerful. Speaking volumes of strength. The unfortunate circumstances only make us stronger. Well written. Thank you for the insight.

Posted 9 Years Ago

It is excellent :).. A man stoned by hostilities of love, perhaps betrayed does not get affected by anything else. Everything you throw comes back to you. wonderfully put together.. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

this is dark but yet awesome :) amzing !:)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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