He Ignored the Realization and kept going

He Ignored the Realization and kept going

A Chapter by ShaneBerry

Cellophane does a job for Hector After, father of his ex Jucey After. the cast grows and maybe some more story gets revealed. not sure yet :D


Chapter Two: He Ignored the Realization and kept going


He didn’t shave today, nor did he brush his teeth or put on deodorant. He put on a shirt he suspected was clean and walked out the door knives, Wallet and Cellphone in hand.  Tender was in his white truck impatiently waiting. As Cellophane hopped in the passenger seat Tender said,

                “Jesus man could you have taken longer?” Cellophane ignored the smug remark and looked at his phone, no messages. Tender then began driving.

                “I hear you and Sepia got into a spat this morning. Regretting the move back out here?” Tender tried making conversation. He and Cellophane had not known each other long, the only reason they knew each other was through Juicy. 

                “Yeah just medical bullshit. Nothing serious it’ll blow over fast.”  Cellophane replied looking at his boots remembering the argument earlier. His attention was now drawn to a beer bottle with a very obviously used condom in it.

                “Do I even ask?” Cellophane asked through a sideways grin, tender then replied with,

                “No, no you do not.”

                “No I don’t.” Cellophane laughed. 

The summer sun bled through the faded tint on the windows of the white single cab. Its warm rays slowly woke Cellophane as they grew closer and closer to the brick company where Juicy’s father was waiting with a s****y job.

                “So, what does Juices dear old padres want me to do today?” Cellophane asked as the truck stopped. Tender laughed slightly, not being the one who wanted to give the following information.

                “Well, they are expanding the storage yard, and need some roots dug up. He knows you are a bit of a plant nerd and could tell him the best way to dig up the roots.” Tender tried to make it seems like a nice simple job, but Cellophane knew what it really meant. ‘The old beaner wants me to dig up roots in a hundred degree weather. ‘He thought to himself as he shook Tender’s hand and got out of the truck.

                The Brick factory was just a small shack with mills behind it loud with the sound of concrete and clay being forged into traditional bricks for housing and construction. Juicy’s father only gave Cellophane work when there was a s**t job he did not want to spend a large amount of money on.


                “Cellfame, glad you could make it friend.” Greeted the voice of Juicey’s father, Cellophane never knew if he intentionally messed up pronouncing his name or if it was genuine bad English, either way it irritated him to no end.

                “Yes sir, so Tender tells me you have some roots that need to be removed?” Cellophane replied walking toward the shack. Juicey’s father smiled an ominous smile that made Cellophane know he was in for a long long day.

                “Yeah, but I no want the trees to die. I find them to my liking.” There was that good old misunderstanding of the English language that made the days when Cellophane and Juicy where living together very difficult.  Cellophane exhaled deeply,

                “Well I will see what I can do brother.” Before he could walk passed Juicey’s father the man stopped him and said,

                “I tell you not to call me that boy, my name is Hector. Understanding me?” Cellophane nodded and walked into the shack. Hector was a stout barrel chested man who seemed like he could break someone’s finger with his arm hair. Not someone you piss off. 

Cellophane knew allot about plants and animals. More about plants though, Diamond  Diamond knew more about animals being a vet and all.  In his mind he began contemplating all of the things he would need to border off the roots to prevent them from screwing with the concrete to be laid for the new warehouses.  As they approached the area in question however Cellophane grew highly irritated at the sight of very large, very old Green ash trees and Black jack trees.   

                “You do realize there is no way in hell I will be able to do this on my own….. Right?” Cellophane asked Hector as he slowly crept away. Hector laughed and said,

                “I just needing you for removal plans.” Cellophane scratched the back of his head in confusion.

“Just pencil down, let know how I am to have safe grounding for my warehouses.”  He then walked away. Cellophane was not going to argue with the simple task. Jotting down a few measurements and ideas for root control was much better than digging up two ton trees alone.


Hours passed and soon Cellophane was finished with the measurements, he was now in the middle of the forest behind the fence, lighting up a roach and sitting on a large boulder. As the warmness of the cheap weed washed over his body he looked out to a small clearing in front of him. In the middle was a single holly tree. Bearing beautiful white flowers. Slightly stoned he approached the tree and studied the soft petals and insects buzzing around them covered in pollen.   He thought about Sepia, Diamond , and Throttle. He wondered is Sepia would still be mad at him about the pills when he got home. They didn’t realize it. But they are all he has left in this world. A whistle came from behind him that snapped him out of his deep thoughts; Juicy was standing against the boulder with a brown bag in her hand.

                “Tender said my dad was making you do white boy slave labor out here. Figured you’d need some lunch.” She said setting the bag down on the boulder. Every time Cellophane saw her he remembered every minute of their relationship. He wasn’t hung up on her at all, just could never forget all the crap they put each other through. Cellophane sat next to her on the boulder and opened the bag pulling out a greasy Charlie burger, something he loved more than sex at times.

                “You are a wet back angel darling.” He said smiling, she winked and then pulled her own burger out of the sack and commenced eating.  They had a mutual understanding of each other and where one of those few people in the world who could be close friends even after having a relationship.

                “So, Lith tells me you got some s***s cherry juice all over his bed. Do I dare ask what you were thinking?” she asked creating a topic of conversation. Cellophane laughed,

                “I was thinking she was like this burger and your name, nice, wet and juicy.”  With a laugh Juicy sat down her burger and said,

                “I may vomit you f*****g weirdo,” they both laughed and continued talking about the night Cellophane had. Her wavy raven black hair became picked up by the wind and a chill washed over their bodies, they soon began their trek back to the shack. 

                “This worries me.” Exclaimed Hector as Juicy and Cellophane walked into his office. Juicy laughed and kissed him on the cheek,

                “No worries papa. I have to go meet up with Tender at the grocery store, can I leave you two alone and not worry about anyone dying…. Well worry about you killing Cellophane?” her attention was focused on her father who laughed replying,

                “I make no promises mija.” He then kissed her on the cheek and she left slapping Cellophane on the a*s making him very uncomfortable.

Cellophane half sat on a desk and pulled out a small pen and pad from his back pocket, he and Hector discussed the measurements and plans for a good hour or so. Hector then stopped Cellophane and said,

                “You are smart kid. Why not have a real job boy?” this was not the first time the father of one of his friends complimented him and then burned him without meaning to, Cellophane thought for a moment.

                “Nobody wants to hire a high school dropout who has multiple organ issues.” Cellophane was very direct when it came to this question, for it was one he was asked often and asked himself even more.  Hector then lit up a cigar and leaned back in his desk chair,

                “I hear about the liver things from Tender. Say it from pills.” Cellophane did not in any way shape or form understand Hectors newfound curiosity into his medical life. Hector placed an envelope with two hundred bucks in it as Cellophane said,

                “Well hey, at least with me not having a real job you get cheap landscaping advice.” Hector laughed, something Cellophane was seldom ever able to make him do.as he grabbed the envelope Hector grabbed Cellophanes arm and said,

                “Got some security work, some things you able to do from how Juicy talks of you. Call me if you interested boy.” He then released Cellophanes arm and allowed him to leave. Cellophane nodded as he walked out the door.


In the driveway Sepia sat in her silver hybrid half awake and very annoyed from the wait. ‘S**t I was hoping for the Dime…’ Cellophane thought to himself as he got into the car. Sepia looked over at him, her eyes seemed red with bloodshot.

                “Long day sis?” he asked, she did not reply, instead pulled out and began the quiet awkward drive home. Cellophane could only think of one thing after today, popping that pill and crashing into his pillows for the night.

© 2013 ShaneBerry

Author's Note

no reviews make me feel as though not many are liking this one. but i feel like i need to write it. hoping to get some kind of feedback on it soon.

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