Occam's Razor

Occam's Razor

A Poem by ShaneBerry

Unrequited love and pill addiction are a bad combination.


Pop another pill,

Safe to say that my life is going downhill.

I try to write another descent piece but all I get,

Is something akin to me, telling me to do it,

Say it.

Tell it how it really is.

Get inside they head like a pop quiz.


Broken hope,

Pop some dope.

Tell yourself its OK.

Nothing feels right so,

Wrong is how ill be today.


Get feelings and hide them away,

No one wants to hear that s**t any f*****g way.

Try to write a rhyme,

But its corny every time.


Yeah, rhyme time, isn't that some lame s**t?

Fifth f*****g draft and it hasn't changed one bit!

"don’t be a p***y, grow some balls and confess."

Be a little b***h, pop another pill and suppress.

Get high, be a prick and protest.

Go against be a d****e and pretend,

Like every single feeling isn't betraying your best friend.


Act like you’re a good guy who's gonna ascend.

Then descend down to depths you have never been.

© 2013 ShaneBerry

Author's Note

Part of F/A/B/A/P/F2,
there is allot of turmoil in my life right now, in love, freindship, career and writing, so i decided it was time to start F/A/B/A/P/F2 because the first one really helped me get through allot.

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I like the feel of anger and desire to feel alive in the poem. Sometime life can make us wish to be elsewhere. We hide in the booze and drugs to keep a-flow. I like the honest and direct description in the poem. Always a pleasure to read your words. Thank you for the excellent poem.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Simple isn't always correct. This is really raw and I feel your frustration and rage. Nice work.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Dear Shane,

Yep, life can really suck. It's hard enough to get through if you don't have any particular handicaps. Hell, people who are rich beyond our dreams kill themselves because they can't find happiness. Apparently, this is a very hard commodity to find in life even if one has help and special advantages. So yep, it's awful hard.

And when you try so hard and it doesn't seem to matter how hard you try because it always comes up short, what then? This can happen, and does happen, to everyone from time to time. It seems so easy in comparison to pop a pill and be done with it. But I see you are aware of the disappointment in that solution. Ultimately that is less satisfying than trying and failing. At least then you know you've tried. Popping pills leaves a sort of guilt.

Yes. Frustration. We yell at ourselves, we do anything to vent our disappointment and frustration. I feel it, My Friend. "Broken hope". Yep. "Try to write a rhyme, / But it's corny every time." Yep.

This is a wonderful poem, Shane. Haven't reviewed you in a while. Glad I came by.

Best regards and best wishes for the holidays!


Posted 11 Years Ago

Poetry is life , that said , this is poetry - spilled ink , raw on the nerve , saying what needs saying ... yeah

Posted 11 Years Ago

Very raw and honest. Such darkness, I can relate a bit to the need to hide things and act okay. Nice emotions ang expression of this
God bless

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on December 24, 2012
Last Updated on January 16, 2013
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A Poem by ShaneBerry

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