Truth be Told

Truth be Told

A Poem by ShaneBerry

loneliness and illness is catching up with me. i have no one here i can talk to about it, so this is how i vent i guess.


Truth be told,

The s**t is getting old.

Always the f**k alone,

Feeling pretty stupid, no say on the friend zone.


Hide it away because man you are sick,

Yeah I understand but aint that some s**t?

Get mad every time I get close.

Then say my feelings should never be disclose.


Tell the truth while you got the chance,

Maybe it seems so simple at first glance.

Maybe if the truth was hinted in advance,

Maybe if I even had a f*****g chance!


Yeah, truth be told,

Always being alone is,

Getting to me now and,

Its getting pretty old,

Pen down to page every feeling that I hold,

And put it in a poem called Truth Be Told.

© 2013 ShaneBerry

Author's Note

second one for F/A/B/A/P/F2,
being so far away from all of my friends, and being so far away from any new friends i could even try to make, the loneliness is getting to me. i am gaining weight from stress eating (i sound like a chick... haha..) and the excess weight is makeing my kidney pain that much worse. this is how i vent, hope you enjoy.

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Added on December 25, 2012
Last Updated on January 16, 2013
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denton, TX

My Chemical Romance “The Ghost of You” Name: Shane Douglas Berry Age: Born on 8/4/1992 Hair color: Brown Eye color: Green Skin color: White, Freckled Tattoos: Oroborus (red, center.. more..

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A Poem by ShaneBerry