zenfones birthday

zenfones birthday

A Story by ShaneBerry

a short story from element z, it might become a chapter later


                                                                      zenfones birthday


the sun was shining, i was sitting out on my fathers deck were he and i would fish when i was younger.I looked at beautiful koi fish as they swam in circles awaiting food, I sighed staring out into the forest that surrounded our castle. The trees were an olive green during this summer, it was the warmest yet. I felt the wind as it phased past my body. I sat one leg hanging over the edge of the dock,  the bracelets on my wrist sat, not moving like they were last night. The pain I felt was insane, it was like little creatures were crawling into my wrist.

        “why did that happen to me?” I asked the Koi fish as they circled below.
Then I could hear the foot steps of my father as he approached me.
        “Zen my son. I am sorry but you must leave now.” he said, his deep voice sent chills up my spine.
I looked at him fearfully.
        “what? Father why?” I asked not wanting to leave my home.
        “there are things you cannot possibly understand Zen, you are now a chosen one. I will give you a thirty year head start.” he said looking out into the lake.
        “what? What do you mean Papa?” I asked using his nickname I had given him since I was a young child.
        “Zen, I am Jupiter. Destroyer of realities, bringer of death and pain,” he said sadly.
My eyes widened as this news was revealed to me.
        “w…what do you mean papa?”  I asked standing up.
Suddenly a dark violet aura appeared around him, his eyes turned black. 
        “Son! Now go!” he shouted as a cloud of silver dust began to float around him.
        “father what’s wrong? Father!?” I shouted in fear.
        “Erika shim!” he shouted shoving me into the lake, as he did a portal opened and I was sucked into a new reality.
        My tunic was soaked, and I looked like I had just gotten out of a bath. In front of me was a beautiful woman, she had brilliant blue ocean eyes and fare pale skin. She wore a cloak only reveling that she had blue hair and her eyes.
        “think about your life, think about all of your memories and your family. Zen you should remember that Jupiter was your father until he was over taken by Owen, Owen is his alternate reality self, they were met when you were born. Zen you are destined to kill your father,” her voice was young.
        “who are you?” I asked.
        “I am an Oracle. My name is Zambia, I chose you.” she said blushing.
I looked around, I could feel the love in the air, not that of infatuation, but that of family and warmth. I then said.
        “ok, I will do it. I will destroy my father.” 

© 2009 ShaneBerry

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Author's Note

well? confused yet? read chapter ten of element z wen publish it and this will be alitlle more simple to understand

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great job its really powerful touch on the reader

Posted 8 Years Ago

You have done an excellent job of this love! Always a great surprise to read your work, I find I can lose myself within it....so....I guess you could say...that is a task well executed lol Hugs xx

Posted 8 Years Ago

To kill a God ain't easy. You made a interesting tale so far. Now need reason and purpose for the killing of a father. I like the ending. Myths are one of my favorite things to read about. History had made them a permanent part of us. A very strong beginning to the story.

Posted 8 Years Ago

wow great guess! 1 i got the koi fish idea wen i was watching that very tv show lol, and 2 its a preview for an entire three chapters in element z 2

Posted 10 Years Ago

Koi fish remind me of this show I use to watch called 'Avatar the last air bender'.
Your story sounds very interesting. A proof read should fix a few grammatical errors. But otherwise it was really good =] It seems like a preview of something so its not that confusing =]

Posted 10 Years Ago

Vivid Descriptions!!! I love you way you intertwine the conversations with emotion and imagery!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on August 6, 2009



denton, TX

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