A Poem by ShaneBerry

first poem ever for Nikki, just like the one for tori, it is a 'rap' i MISS THEM ALL!!!



Crazy, this girl is off the chain,

Goes wild insane,

You could try to keep her down

Hold her down in vain.

But even if you could, she wouldn’t be the same,

You wouldn’t believe the things

That comes out of this girl’s mouth,

Sometimes, it be obvious that she from down south.

A social outcast, like Kenny from South Park,

So mysterious she the one that missed Noah’s ark.

(Wayne) wait, what,

Watch what you say, or she will f*****g spazz,

Run all over ya boy like the god damn tazz.

(Wayne) bro that a slim shady line!

(S.B.) back off bro I’m fine!

(Wayne) ok, ok, may I say something based on this picture of her and her boy?

(S.B.) ok, spit that s**t.

(Wayne) f*****g honky a*s…

(Interruption Pt.II  Ft. Wayne RepNificent) 


I aint ever met this hoe,

But from these pictures of her I can say,

This the girl you would see at the sickest shows,

Rock rap hick blues,

Always looking happy,

This girl aint got no issues.

My boy talks about her and his two other sisters,

These three girls bring out the best in him they like his transistors!

Tongue twister? Are you all knotted up?

Won’t ya try to play it off, this be the way we f****n bump.

(Final Pt.III S.B.)

Ok, this is all I got to say for ya girl,

You Holly n’d Tori brought me out,

Into the f****n world.

Opened new doors, broadened my horizons,

It was like I went to AT&T and left Verizon.

Being far apart, I really miss you guys,

But when I’m with yo family all I can say is I love these Cryes!

Like ketchup and French fries,

We have a good time don’t even have to try.

There for me when I’m down,

When I break down b***h and cry.

Ask me any f****n thing, I will not deny.

Oh! Ya one thing,

You cover everything in tiny shiny stickers,

Ha HA got to know, love ya Nikkers!

(Wayne) That was solid boy,

(S.B.) Thanks man,

(Wayne) What was with all the Slim Shady lines?

(S.B.) They all love slim shady?

(Wayne) F*****g poser.

© 2011 ShaneBerry

© 2011 WayneRepNificent


© 2013 ShaneBerry

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Author's Note

another shout out to my friend RepNificent for mentoring me at the art of rap, it is helping me grow both creatively and rhythmically. hope you all like this one :) please lea ve your honest opinion of my rap!!

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Added on December 8, 2011
Last Updated on January 16, 2013
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A Poem by ShaneBerry