A Chapter by shareeg

What are you doing waking up after me, you should be up before me. You should be awaiting my commands like a dog. Barking beside the bed excited, hoping master wakes up soon.



The next morning when I awoke I immediately noticed Daniel was already up. He was reading a letter, I stood there shivering. I had hoped this was a bad dream but it was real he sat there smug, as if he didn’t notice me. I was waiting for his direction, I hated having to cater to this a*****e. Finally he placed the letter down and his evil eyes met mine, he was so translucent.

“What are you doing waking up after me, you should be up before me. You should be awaiting my commands like a dog. Barking beside the bed excited, hoping master wakes up soon.”

“Master, if you tell me what you want I will do it, but I’m not psychic.”

“Are you being slick with your tong?”

“No master, I just want your direction.”

“You were being sassy with me because your frustrated, you never show me your weak little human emotions. I expect you to be a solider in front of me, keep your little meaningless feelings checked and hidden. Now get over here and bend over on the bed, you can hold on to the sheets but it‘s time for a spanking. You talked sassy to master and you over slept.”

I walked over to him and he stood quickly, I was dizzy again I leaned over the bed. I was hoping he would not hurt me but I realized he wanted to hurt me. Any excuse was valid this was training to him and he wanted to make things hard.

He lift my slip so my behind was exposed and he slapped me on my butt quickly. It stung like hell and he did it again and again, the slaps were coming fast and I was in extreme pain. It felt like fire on a knife just cutting into me and he was excited as he did this, that is what bothered me the most. There most have been twenty quick slaps from his hands. Suddenly he leaned over my back and began to grab my breast, he held them in his hands. I could feel his penis against my rear end, I hoped he wasn’t going to take my body.

Just you wait till I start making you take all thirteen inches of me inside, I’m wide too, I’m going to open you up like an envelope.”

He let me go and stood behind me, I was trembling then he picked me up but I was to sore to stand.

I like to eat in the mornings and you need to bring me home a meal. You get someone back here and don’t attempt to run. I will find you easily and I will punish you in a way that you can't imagine. Now go and try to do this quickly because the longer you take the angrier I will be.”

I could not believe he was trusting me to go out, to me this could only mean one thing. He was sure that if I ran he would find me and this was a test to see if I would try. I was so scared of him and aware of just how much of a predator he was that I knew better. He probably wanted to punish me royally and me attempting to escape would give him a reason. I got dressed fast and I knew exactly what my mission was.

I moved quickly down the block, I caught a bus that took me to a shopping center. As I walked I did think about running but I was too traumatized and scared. My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding and vomit had reached the top of my throat. There was this odd feeling that some people were staring at me.

There was a cute guy in a red shirt, he was a black man about twenty and he was handsome. As soon as we made eye contact he walked over to me and I noticed he was really tall. His complexion was very dark and he had almond shaped eyes and thick full lips. This was someone I would actually have dated, but now was I going to use him as food for Daniel, how malicious.

Hi, what’s your name gorgeous?”

My name is Brown, what’s up with you, what’s your name?”

“Tyrone, I’m Just cruising the mall, trying to meet a pretty girl like you.”

“I bet you said that to every girl you approached today.”

“No, but you sort of look like the girl who I heard about?”

“What do you mean?”

“Some girl has been running all around town saying someone from the internet took her sister.”

“If it’s you what are you doing around this area? Are you okay? Why are you in the burbs?”

“No it’s not me.”

“Well the picture she was flashing sure did look like you, now that I am up close on you, Id have to really think so.”

“No, I live out here with my family in a mansion, I’m not a city girl. My parents are on vacation. You can come back to my house and I will show you the truth.”

Right after I said those words to him, I felt super guilty it was like I sold my soul to the devil. Maybe I should fight more and say no, run away and not give him what he wants. Something in his eyes makes me anxious, I could imagine him torturing me slowly and painfully. He said he knew everything about me, he could go after my family. Daniel had a presence about him that was terrorizing and you could see he was soulless.

Poor Tyrone would have to be my sacrifice to show that I wasn’t fighting for freedom and I was a good slave girl. I knew I was a coward, in the face of real danger this was who I turned out to be. A girl who gave in, who would do anything for herself and family; maybe I was a monster too.

“Really you gon take me home with you?” I felt sorry for him here he was thinking he was lucky and had scored. In reality he was about to die because he wanted to meet a girl and was probably hoping for sex, he was thinking with the wrong body part.

“Yes I hate being there alone, we can take the bus.”

“No, I got a car just lead the way.”

His car was sort of sporty and red, you could tell he was proud of it as I sat in the car with him guilt ran over me. The guilt was strong like a drug and I had to focus, I felt my entire body vacillating.

What is wrong with you Brown?, you seem scared of me.”

“Well, how do I know your not a killer?”

“How do I know your not inviting me home to kill me, just because you’re a girl don’t me nothing. You could have super human strength, you could be like a real psycho for all I know.” Tyrone laughed but little did he know he had a big reason to feel worry.

“Well, I guess your right we both should be nervous. I think it’s a right here, no a left.”

“Okay so a left then right?”

“Yes, I don’t drive I’m use to taking the bus home, I’m so sorry my directions are bad.”

“It’s cool, but since you live in a mansion your parents really should be able to buy you a car.

“Well they think I should work and buy my own. Ah turn right here no left, as a matter of a fact this is the wrong block make a u turn.”

“Girl, you seem lost, what’s up are you guys new to the area?”

“No I’m just high, I smoked weed earlier.” As the words left my mouth I felt like such a manipulator, I was not only getting this poor guy killed but roping him into it.

You got more at home?”

yeah I got weed at home, okay now just keep straight my house is a few blocks away.”

“Brown, I cant believe this your just a mile from the mall, and you made me go through all that, this was actually simple.”

“I have a bad sense of direction, sorry about this.”

“No it’s school, you must have monster weed girl.”

“Yeah I do, this is my block but just pull to the side for a second.”

I placed my hands over my face, what was I about to do. Daniels eyes were haunting me and the thought of making him upset was just too much. I could die instead, I had to do it, it was him or me in my mind.

You okay brown, be honest is everything really alright. I’m starting to worry here you seem like your struggling with something.”

“No, I’m good just pull down the block, it’s the corner house.”

“First tell me why you seem so sad?”

“I’m not, look just let me out you go home Tyrone.”

“No I want to come over, what’s wrong?”

I jumped out the car and just ran away from him as quickly as possible, no looking back. When I got to Daniel’s house I could almost hear my heart beating, I noticed Tyrone parking his car and he jumped out quickly, he was walking towards me. I kept knocking hard and Daniel answered just as Tyrone caught up.

“Oh we have a guest, what is your name kid?”

“I’m Tyrone, Brown invited me.”

“Cool, don’t worry kid I know my little sister likes to have company, I’m not going to be in your way.”

“You’re her brother?, what is your name?”

“Daniel, but come in lets all get acquainted, we can have a little breakfast.”

“Oh great, I’m hungry as hell dude.”

“Yeah me too Tyrone, me too.

© 2010 shareeg

Author's Note

More chappies to come!!!

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I Love it. Great story, nice emotions potrayed. Also, i like your style of wrighting, very organized. Keep wrighting I'd love to read the rest of it when your done, Or as you progress in your wrighting of it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!n ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
keep on writing!!
your wonderful
wonderful talent gurl luv it
luv ya

Posted 12 Years Ago

It's pretty good. You have a great storyline and you characters seem pretty good. When your Vampire came out it gave me chills. However I would like to see more detail, it's great where you have it but we readers need filler, and more chapters as previously stated. But all in all very good, keep writing.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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