GL - Ch1

GL - Ch1

A Chapter by AngelBeat

     As I walked down a dirt path in a forest I knew something was wrong. Why would there be such a clear path here? Why was I in a forest in the first place? The air was hard to breathe in, the feeling of the heat rising with every step I took, felt so real; I knew this was a dream, but why did everything feel like this? 
     Walking another few metres, I heard the rustling of leaves. My first instinct was to run as fast as I could, but I knew I wouldn't last long with air like this, so I stood still, not moving a single muscle. 
     The rustling got louder, so did my heart. I carefully moved my eyes to the shaking leaves. My heart started to beat even faster when I saw the shadowy figure looming between the bushes. As the shadow moved something shiny to its neck area, I knew in that instance that it was going to kill me. Whilst keeping my eyes on the shadow, I tried to run. Wha- Why can’t I move my feet?! I looked down to my feet; they were melting into the path. Terror found its place in my body as I tried to pull my feet out. I quickly looked back to where the shadow was. It wasn't there anymore; quickly looking in every direction I could, I still couldn't see it. Where is it?! I pulled even harder on my legs, but it didn't help, I just kept slowly sinking into the ground. If this is a dream… I closed my eyes, tried to control my heart rate, and told myself to wake up. 3…2…1… 
     I opened my eyes. Regretting I did so though. The figure, still somehow a shadow, was right in front of me. Before I could even inhale, the shadow wrapped an ice cold hand around my neck. It slowly pulled me out of the ground and my whole body felt like air was being sucked out of it. I kicked at the shadow, but my feet went right through it. I clawed at the shadow’s hand, but got the same result. My strength was also leaving me, so this is how I’ll die? In a dream? Just as I was going to close my eyes, a silver tip was pointed at my left eye. What the hell?! No! I shut my eyes, ready for the slicing pain of the blade, but it didn't come. Instead, I heard a blood curdling shriek. I opened my eyes and saw the shadow melting. The blade dropped to the ground and started to sink. The shadow’s hand was slowly loosening it’s grip on my neck. Somehow, the shadow’s melted leftovers created a hole in the ground. I could just see into it and what I saw wasn't friendly. A monstrous beast lay sleeping; it resembled a rhino, a dog and a lizard. I tried to swing away from the hole while I was still in the air, but it was futile. I let out a little whimper and closed my eyes. I don’t want to die. Please help me. The weight of the shadow around my neck had faded away. My heart and stomach dropped. It’s over. 
     "No it isn't," a voice spoke. I then felt icy coldness crushing my wrist. I opened my eyes and saw a boy above me. Who... Wha.. While I was in my own world, he had managed to pull me up and away from the beast hole. 
     "Are you okay?" He asked, crouching in front of me.
     I looked up at him. He looked strange and also faintly familiar. His eyes looked like a fire was lit within them, he was just the slightest tan, his hair was a dark blue, almost black and slightly messy which made him look kind of cute. 
     My eyes started to blur and sting. I reached out with my shaky arms and caught hold of his shirt. I pulled myself towards it until I was resting against his chest, silently bawling my eyes. "Thank you.. Thank you.." I try to whisper between sobs. 
     "It’s okay," he whispered into my ear, "I’m here. I’ll protect you."
     Huh? What am I doing? What’s he talking about?!  I push him away and quickly try to stand up whilst wiping my nose and face with the back of my hand. "Stay away!" I say in a shaky voice. "Leave me alone!" I yell at him. 
     His face looks hurt, like someone important died. I turn around so I don’t have to look at him. So I don't cry again. Why..? I hear the sound of dirt moving and feet shuffling against it. A second later, arms from behind me wrap itself around me. The coldness soothed the heat of my skin, but worsened the knot forming in my chest. The arms pulled me back until I was against its owner’s body again. 
     "Don’t leave me.. Not again.." The boy spoke into my ear.
     "Who are you?" I try to say while ignoring the knot. 
     "Don’t you remember me?" He asked.
     Maybe.. "No," I reply firmly.
     "You don’t?" He asked again, but this time he sounded like he might cry. 
     I didn’t reply. I just stood there, trying to focus on the dirt in front of me, instead of the tears falling down my face and down my shoulder. Why am I crying? Why is he crying? Before I could ask him that, the world before me started to turn into a haze of colours, and the coldness around me slowly faded away. 
     "It’s me-" I heard him say, but I didn't hear the last word. 
     Who..? Who are you?

© 2012 AngelBeat

Author's Note

I hope there aren't any mistakes, it becomes a real pain editing something a several times. =.= Dafuq (pardon my language), why do I have colour behind my writing? You can barely see it, but still..

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