Chapter 2 - Angel

Chapter 2 - Angel

A Chapter by AngelBeat

By Alyssa/PIxieheart97


    Silky Blonde waves cascaded to her hips. Her eyes, so blue they made the sky seem dull and boring. She wore a plain white maxi dress. Her feet were bare. Her name was Rory Warrick. She was an angel. Her parents were sent with the other matured angels to infiltrate the Underworld. Few angels returned and  the small group that did, did not include Rory's parents. They had left her alone in the world. From that moment on, Rory trained hard. She taught herself how to fight and survive. She vowed to avenge her parents. Even if she had to kill every last demon. Even if she had to travel to the depths of the underworld to do so.

    Rory was lost in her puzzle of thoughts. She was startled when she heard her name being called by a familiar voice in the distance. She turned around to discover her only friend,the angel Adair Devana, running towards her.

    "He wants to see you," Adair said in her bell chime voice. Nobody ever had to ask who He was.

    It didn't take long to find him. He kind of stood out. A complete individual. "I have a mission for you Miss Warrick," he rumbled in a deep voice.

    Rory could see some of the other angels glaring at her jealously. "A mission? But I'm not even a matured angel yet..." she wondered aloud.

    He seemed to ponder this for a moment. "Maybe not. But you have grown in ways that the others could not possibly imagine. Now,the Earthwalkers have sighted a mortal boy displaying angelic characteristics. Your mission is to protect him and make sure no harm comes his way. But, most importantly, he must discover his true identity. Without any demon interference. The mission will take place in Te Kuiti, New Zealand. Miss Ashford will be your guide. She will welcome you into her home and she will help you in any way possible. If you have any questions please ask her. Now, you must be on your way."

    Evangeline took her hand and they plummeted into a swirling white abyss. "Why couldn't we just fly?" Rory asked.

    "It is much faster this way. We must remain one step ahead of the demons at all times," Evangeline replied.

    "What is his name?," Rory pondered, moving on to her next question.

    "His name is Devin Mayer. He is your age. Though, time passes differently for us."

Their feet touched down on solid ground and the world appeared around them once more. They were in a large but rather cozy house. It had hard wood floors, oak doors and the walls were painted in soft, earthy colours. Hanging from the ceiling were the most elegant and beautiful chandeliers Rory had ever seen. Each room had a large open fireplace. The house was warm and welcoming.

    "Evangeline..your house. It's beautiful," said Rory, awed.

    "Thank you. I spend quite a lot of time here. It's my favourite part of the mortal division of the world," Evangeline replied, leading Rory to a long hallway. "You will find your room at the end of the hall. All your belongings and school supplies are already here. Get some rest. You start school early tomorrow morning," Evangeline concluded before leaving the room.

    Rory ambled to the end of the hallway, taking her time to look in each room. She finally reached the last door. It swung open to reveal the most beautiful of rooms she had seen yet. Her belongings lay at the foot of a bed with silk sheets, duvet and pillows. At the end of it, a black mink blanket was folded neatly. A chandelier hung from the roof and a fireplace gave the room a soft glow. Before sinking into the mattress, Rory noticed the room even had it's own bathroom and wardrobe. Her eyes drooped and she let sleep take her way.

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Author's Note

sorry about the mistakes ^^"

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Ooh! Two girls, one boy! What will happen next? Reading on for more..!

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