Chapter 3 - Demon

Chapter 3 - Demon

A Chapter by AngelBeat

Written by me

    The next day (Monday) Sophia came into Lilith’s bedroom to give her the uniform she’d be wearing as of today. “Lilith, wake up already, you need to get ready for school."
    “ughhhh…...I don’t want to….” Lilith groaned from tiredness
    “Lilith, you don’t want to make Lucifer angry do you?”

    “no ma’am, I’ll get up” and with that, she got up out of bed,  went into the bathroom, brushed her teeth, washed her face and came back out to find Sophia gone and her uniform on her neatly made bed. Lilith’s uniform was a red blouse and a mini black skirt.

    What a great looking uniform... I can’t wait to get to school and see what the mortal boy ‘Devin’ looks like…

    Once she put her uniform on, she went to the kitchen and her breakfast was already made. Sophia must’ve made my breakfast. She made pancakes for me, how nice, I should make her something, sometime later.

    After Lilith had finished eating her pancakes, she heard Sophia coming, so she quickly washed her plate, and dried her hands on the nearest towel she could find.

    Sophia was standing behind her, “what are you doing?”

    “Oh, I’m just washing my plate”

    “Why were you washing your plate?”

    “Well, since you made my breakfast, I thought that I should at least wash my plate,”

    “Okay, but next time you don’t have to do this,”

    “But why not?”

    “Lucifer wouldn’t approve of this”

    “Why not?”

    “Just stop asking questions and get ready for school!”

    “Okay, sorry.”

    “Once you get yourself ready, come to the car, I’ll be waiting for you, okay?"


    With that, Sophia was already heading outside to her car, while Lilith got all her stuff together.

    Lilith packed everything she would need and also the notebook that her parents gave her.

    She headed outside and got into the car where Sophia was waiting.

    Breaking the silence, Sophia said “I’m sorry for yelling at you before.”

    “It’s okay, I deserved it, I’ve been told to stop asking questions before, since I ask too many.” Lilith tried to smile but she had no energy to do so.


    Sophia pulled out of the driveway and headed to Valkyrie Academy (the new school Lilith would be attending).

    On the way there, Lilith felt a surge of energy from somewhere and quickly looked outside, only to find a mortal boy minding his own business, walking to school. can I feel energy radiating from him if he's only a mortal...I wonder if he's the boy that I'm supposed to watch...

    They arrived at Valkyrie Academy and Sophia pulled into an empty carpark, they both got out, and a few girls walked past, "good morning Miss Lucia" called out one of the girls.

    "Good morning Melissa," Sophia called out to the girl,

    "Is Lucia your last name?" Lilith asked,

    "Yes it is, didn't i tell you?"

    "No, no you didn't..." Lilith answered deep in thought. I swear I've heard that name before...

    "Your first class is English with me" Sophia said, bringing Lilith back to reality,

    "Okay." They headed to class.


    The bell had rung and everyone was in their classes.

    "Everyone, this is Lilith Revana, she is new here and I want all of you to make her feel welcome," explained Sophia.

    "Hi everybody" Lilith said shyly.

    "Okay, I'm going to choose somebody to show Miss Revana around the school. Hmm...Devin you will show her around, no excuses."

    "'Kay," replied Devin.

    "You can sit over there Miss Revana," said Sophia, pointing to an empty desk to the left of Devin, which was at the back right by a window.

    Yes! I'm by a window!

    Once she sat down and Miss Lucia started teaching, from the side of her eye Lilith could see Devin trying to get her attention but she just ignored him, yet he still continued to try so Lilith gave in and faced him and whispered "what!?"

    "I just wanted to say hi and that you're lucky that you get to sit by the window, since Miss Lucia won't let anyone sit there, " whispered James apologetically, then he turned to his attention to the board.

    Wow that was mean of me...I'll apologise to him later... Regretting what she did, she leaned on her arm and gazed out the window, looking at trees and the green scenery.

    Class seemed to drag on and all Lilith did was look out the window, but she occasionally looked at the board just in case Miss Lucia might ask her something.

The bell rang and class was over, most people  got out of their seats and rushed out of class to get to their next class, except a few of them.

    The maths teacher started to teach once everyone took their seats, and like English, this class also seemed to drag on.

    When will the bell ring...hurry up and ring already!

    With that, the bell rang.


    Everyone left class except one person, Devin. 

    "How come your still here?" asked Lilith,

    "I have to show you around, remember?"

    "Oh right, I forgot, my bad..."

    "It's alright, are you ready to go?"

    "Yep, lets go"

    They walked out of the classroom and walked around the school, while Devin showed and explained what things were.

    "Can we just stop for a bit?" Lilith asked, "I want to draw a rough map of the school and where things are."

    "Sure," replied Devin.

    Lilith took her notebook and pencil out, then she accidently dropped her bag and everything spilled out. She knelt onto her knees and tried to pick up her stuff, and the same time that's what Devin did. A few things were left on the ground and then their hands met on the last item, they both looked up and and their eyes met,"wow, your eyes are really pretty," said Devin awestruck.

    Lilith blushed and quickly got up, "I'm sorry for being rude to you in class, um I need to go now, bye!" with that the bell rung and she ran off to her next class.

    In her classes and once she got home, all she could think about was what happened and what Devin had said to her.

© 2012 AngelBeat

Author's Note

if you see the name 'James' in this or any other story, tell me, it shouldn't be there

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show her around, no excuses." "'Kay," replied James. "You can sit over there

Found it! Btw i loved it!

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