Approaching Another Aeon

Approaching Another Aeon

A Story by shaun7

The inception of the laws of temporal theologies, and of the leasing power which resides in those bold enough to recognize earthly beginnings. To the very lusts which sustain the continuance of life, itself, extends the recognition of our earthly heritage unto a talisman of power. The leadership of the earth upon the hands of those great satanic magicians have held dominion over the people of the world. To the cycling of the ages of time. The satanic placing of traditional priests and wizards upon the earth for the purpose of misdirection. The structure and form of that which has become the order. To invoke lust, pay homage to glamour and rejoice in the delights of the flesh. To the emergence of the satanic age. Warns of the use of substances, devices, or pharmaceuticals. Which may lead to delusion and subsequent enslavement of the master. Rampant, wrath and produce of violence, dangerous to employ. Unless one have learnt to safeguard his own immunity. To herald the coming of the dead and establish a sustenance beyond the grave, to bind the earth. Vent one's displeasures towards man's need for misery and bring for torment and conflict to the harbingers of woe. Make the sterile lustful and vex those who would deny the pleasures of sex. Vengeance and the manifestation of justice. Is a resolution of acceptance and understanding of the masters. Whose duty lies administering the seekers after spiritual gods. Gives recognition of the wondrous contrasts of the earth, and of the sustenance of these dichotomies. Used to enlighten then be numbered and destroyed through revelation. Opens the gates of hell and casts up Lucifer's blessings. The great sustainer of the natural balance of the earth, the law of thrift and of the jungle. It lays bare all hypocrisy and the sanctimonious shall become as slaves under it. It brings forth the greatest outpouring of wrath upon the miserable and lays the foundation of success for the lover of life.

© 2016 shaun7

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Added on October 17, 2016
Last Updated on October 17, 2016
Tags: new age, occult, satanic, satanic age



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