A Chapter by W0lf-tale


I open the door and walk in, shutting it behind me.
I stand in the hallway and look at the house. I’ve never called this place home, it’s too quiet and empty to be one.
I move away from the door and into the front room.
I sit down, placing my forearms on my knees, leaning forward I open the box that I left on the table yesterday.
I open the lid revealing everything I have to keep hidden. I pull out a picture of myself and her.
I smile.

‘Nora’ calls out a voice

I shove the picture back in and slam down the lid; I get up and turn quickly.

‘Harrison’ I sigh.

‘I want to ask you what you meant back there.’

‘Harrison, I can’t.’

He steps forward.

‘What, because it’s not safe enough? Nora, we’re safe now. Now one will hear you’

‘Harrison, I told you, don’t call me Nora’

‘What aren’t you telling me?’ he nearly shouts.

‘If I told you, I would have to kill you.’

Harrison frowns.

‘You’re being melodramatic’

‘I’m not’ I snap. ‘They’re everywhere, Harrison. How do I know you’re not one?’

‘One of who?’ he snarls.

‘One of the people trying to track me down’ I spit.

I stop.

‘I shouldn’t have told you that’

I sit down on the sofa and bring my head into my hands, I rock back and forth.

‘Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God’ I echo.

‘Nora’ he whispers.

I jump up.

‘Stop calling me that’ I scream, I’m now crying.

He stares at me as if I’ve just stabbed him.

‘I’m sorry’ I say.

I turn and run up the stairs, I push open my bedroom door.
I open my wardrobe and pull out a small black box, I open it.
The dark gun is still there.
I grab a bag and shove some clothes in; I take out the gun and place the box into the bag. I put the gun into my trousers waistband.
I take some money from another box that lies under my bed, along with a grey remote; I put them both in the bag.
I run back downstairs, Harrison still stands there.
I put the box with everything in into the bag. I zip it up and put it onto my back.
I go to the kitchen and find my car keys and phone, I put them both in my front pocket, I go back into the front room.

‘Nora, you can’t go’ he says.

I look to him and move closer.
I place my palm against his cheek.

‘I’m sorry, I told too much’

‘Don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me’ Harrison begs.

‘I have to though’ I pull my hand away from him.

I stop; these are the same words my mother said before she left.
Is this what happened to her? She told too much to someone and they found out?

‘Don’t leave without telling me the truth’ he mutters, tears falling from his eyes.

I look around and then I nod, I hold his hand.

‘My name isn’t Nora’ I whisper.

Harrison frowns.

‘It’s Ruth. My mother, Adele, left me when I was seven. She left the house and never came back. She died ten years ago ad right now I’m in the same scenery with you as she was with me’

‘Then stay’ Harrison gasps.

I shake my head and pull my hand away.

‘Goodbye Harrison’ I mutter, I run away and to the front door.

Before I open it, I pull the gun out from my waistband.

‘Nora’ I hear from behind, but I ignore him, just like my mother ignored me all those years ago.

I open the door and leave.
Just like she did.
I really am my mother’s daughter.

© 2012 W0lf-tale

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Added on September 2, 2012
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Hi, my name is Jess. I love to write! J.K Rowling is my idol, along with Evanna Lynch, Demi Lovato and Emma Watson. I'm in love with them, Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, Matt Lewis, Ian.. more..

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