A Chapter by W0lf-tale

For Aaron, because he lost the battle


The first thing I hear when I first wake up is the heart monitor that sits next to my bed. I knew why I was here and yet it didn't seem real enough.
It wasn't something that you would come to terms with overnight, who wrap your head around it over a few hours. It was something that I had to think over for a week.
I had read stories of people in my position; they say you have a 50% chance of surviving. But the fact was, you may survive physically, but mentally? That's out of the equation.
It would stick with you forever it may not be in your body, but it will be hanging over your head. It was with you wherever you went and it seemed it was written on my forehead as everyone would stare at me as if I was a demon child. I may not be one, but I shall as hell had one in me.
Because the 'thing' inside me had caused not only me, but other people pain. I can't handle the fact it was hurting me because it was in my body, but my family and friends? That made me angry.
The fact was I would never recover from this point in my life. I had hit rock bottom.
There was no way I could get out. It was as if someone locked me in a prison and threw away the key.
But as a wise woman once said: “Rock bottom became a solid foundation upon which I built my life.” and that I would do.
Because I didn't care how bad my life was at this very point in time, I knew no way in hell was this going to kill me. 
The cancer would not have a chance, because once I set my mind to something. It will happen. No matter what.
This is my story

© 2012 W0lf-tale

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Added on September 2, 2012
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Essex, United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Jess. I love to write! J.K Rowling is my idol, along with Evanna Lynch, Demi Lovato and Emma Watson. I'm in love with them, Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, Matt Lewis, Ian.. more..

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A Story by W0lf-tale

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A Chapter by W0lf-tale