A Chapter by W0lf-tale

Part One

The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.

-Proverbs 28:1






Polly Niel
Before I start, I’m going to tell you something. I has nothing to do with the story, more like advice to you as a reader. Like I said before I’m leaving you hanging. I’m going to be almost like those people in the Tudor times when they led the prisoner to their death, but don’t actually kill the poor soul. I will lead you in and with a snap of my fingers or a blink of my eye, you’ll be hooked. And then the imagination will kill you, neither me nor the worlds I type. Your mind is the executer. So will that, I will lead you forward. Five words darlings: Get ready for the guessing.

She looks at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t going to lie, the sunglasses looked good on her. The man behind the counter was watching her like a hawk, a slight smile easing on his face. She lowered them to the tip of her nose and looked right at him.

‘Can I help you?’ she snaps.

The man shakes his head and she pushed them back up.

‘Good. Stop watching me then’ she snarls.

The man rolls his eyes and Polly sees this. She stares at him before pushing the glasses to the top of her head.

‘Is there something wrong with your eyes?’

‘No’ the man replies.

‘So you have a problem with me then’ she barks.

‘I wasn’t doing anything’ he says blankly.

She laughs.

‘I saw you roll your eyes at me. The customer is always right. So turn round and don’t look at me’ she smirks and the boy goes and serves someone else.

Polly glances behind her before pulling out her old pair of glasses. She puts them on the counter and slips the ones on her head off and into her bag.

‘Hey, dude. I’m done. I don’t like them. Left them on the counter’ she calls to him.

The man nods and carries on talking to the lady in front. Polly smiles and walks out.

‘Did you get them?’ Rita says jumping in front of her.

Polly grabs her hand and pulls her out of the store. She pulls the glasses out of her bag and Rita squeels.

‘How did you do it?’ she asks.

Polly slips them on and pushes her fringe out of her eyes.

‘It’s a talent.’ She laughs and so does Rita.

‘Oh, I really like this scarf from the market down town. I can’t afford it though since my mum cut my money. Would you mind, you know?’ she questions.

€‘Stealing it for you?’ Polly raises her eyebrows just as Rita nods her head.

‘It would be my pleasure, sweety’ she smiles and Rita grins.

‘Shall we go now?’

‘Um, yes. It’s getting dark, that’s when you steal from a market’

Polly checks her bag for her old scarf, it’s sitting out her scarf from her bag and wraps it around herself. She grabs her hand and pulls her toward her Ford Minivan.
They climb in and Polly starts the engine. She drives into town and parks just outside the market. They get out and head to the stall Rita was talking about.
She points to it and Polly nods. She walks up to the man.

‘Hey, do you mind if I try on that scarf?’ she asks pointing to it.

The man turns and looks at it, he nods. He stands up and grabs it, handing it to her.

‘Also, do you mind if I use one of your changing rooms. I got an early gift from mother nature’ she lowers her eyebrows and bites her lip.

He nods and shows her to the changing rooms.

‘Thank you’ she smiles and closes the curtain.

Polly quickly swaps the scarves over and slips the new one back into her bag. She then sits down on the floor and fiddles with her old one. After a minute or so of sitting, Polly gets up and opens the curtain.

‘Thank you for that. Here’ she hands the scarf back.

‘Made my face look fat’ she smiles and walks to Rita, she’s smiling as she knows that Polly has what she wants.

They walk away toward the car. Once inside Polly and Rita were in, she pulled out the scarf.

‘You are the best’

Polly smiles.

‘I know I am’


© 2012 W0lf-tale

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