A Chapter by W0lf-tale

I don’t remember much, just falling and falling into finally, I hit the ground and pain runs through my body. Slowly, I open my eyes and look around. I’m in a white room, laying on a bed. I hear a heart monitor to my left, I turn and see it, beeping away. I close my eyes and move my head straight. I open them again and stare at the white tiles along the ceiling. I hear a door open, but I don’t bother to move.
     “Good. You’re awake, I am Dr. Samuel’ I suddenly feel the bed move, the part where my torso is laying rises, I am now face to face with a women with dark brown hair that is pulled back into a pony tail and a cluster of freckles over her left eyes.
     “Where- where am I?” I stutter, not actually realizing how dry my throat is.
     “You’re at Gilbert Hospital. Do you remember anything from your car crash?”
I close my eyes, trying to recall something, but nothing springs to mind. I slowly shake my head.
     “Understandable, you have amnesia. When you were in the car, your seatbelt came off and you went right through the windscreen. You’re lucky to be alive, Lana”
I rack my brain, I can’t remember anything. No Christmas mornings, no family meals. Nothing. It was if I had been erased. In reality, I had.
     “We’ve run a few tests on you. Nothing, apart from the amnesia came back. You have a few bruises on your legs and some stitching along your forehead.” She pauses and grabs a clipboard from the end of the bed and flips over a page.
     “The car set alight as well, but we got you out almost in time. You have natural burns on your right arm, but that will heal naturally.” She smiles. “I’ll leave you to rest”
I nod, she presses a button and I go back down. She walks away and I stare at the ceiling.
What had happened to me?
    “Nurse!” I yell.
Someone rushes in and looks down at me.
    “Yes?” her voice is urgent.
    “Was anyone else hurt in that car crash?” I ask.
She slowly nods and presses a button, I rise and sit back.
     “You were in the car with your mother, father and sister” I frown; not remembering any of them, what type of monster was I?
     “Can I see them? It might help me”
She thinks about it for a second.
     “Sure, but you have to be quick.” She helps me out of bed and wraps a dressing gowns round my small fragile body.
She leads me out and down a hallway, we come to a door. Room Thirteen, the lady looks at me and awaits any sign I have of turning back.
I nod and she slowly opens the door.
The room consists of one bed; a small girl lays in it. I walk in, not noticing the sign Burn Room on the door. I walk over to the bed and look down at her. The girl’s eyes are closed and I can barely make her right one out. Her face is made out of two halves, the first being smooth, pale white skin, the other a violent red and a rose pink. There a few spaces where her skin has almost burnt completely, a thin piece is in the way of her bones.
I take her face in and look at her arms; the right one is also burnt. I look at the nurse who is standing in the door way.
     “What happened to her?” I ask.
She comes closer.
     “We didn’t get to her very quickly; she was stuck in the back seat. The car set alight and we saved her before she got her whole body burnt” I look back to her, then to the nurse. “Why don’t I look like her?”
     “When we got you, you were on the bonnet of the car, you arm was in the car” she nods to my burnt one. “It won’t ever be perfect, they will always be scars”
     “Her or I?” I say, turning back to the fragile girl.
She c***s her head slightly.
     “Both of you. She can get skin grafting, if she wants. But she’ll never look the same. Your arm will heal naturally, but scars will be replaced” I turn away.
     “I want to move on” I simply say.
She nods and leads me to another room, further down a corridor. I check the door before going in
     “Who is in here?” I ask.
      “Your mother” she replies leading me in.
This room is also white; a bed lays to the left. I walk over to there and look at her. She �"like the little girl- is asleep. Unlike her, though, her face is not burnt.
     “Will she be alright?” I ask.
The lady scrunches her nose up.
     “Too difficult to say this early. All we know is when her heart stopped, we don’t know how, but it did. She’s had surgery and she’s recovering now.”
     “Can we move on? I can’t stand seeing her like this, weather I know her or not. It’s just-” She nods.
     “Are you sure you want to see your father, then?”
     “Yes. I need to see if everyone is alright”
She leads me out and takes me once again down the corridor. The room says A&E, I enter. There are two beds in this room, one holds a middle-aged women, the other a man. They are both awake.
     “Lana” the man sighs, the women looks at me and seems happy.
I look at the nurse then back, I’ve now heard that name twice. Is that mine?
     “Lana? Are you okay? I tried to see you, but they said I couldn’t” he frowns.
I step closer; he looks at my bare feet.
     “Mr. Willow. Your daughter has amnesia. She’s forgotten almost everything” he looks at her then back to me.
     “No. She’s fine. Look, Lana, dear? You’re fine”
I consider this question; I don’t know the definition of fine. It’s like I’ve been born again, but without the baby years. I now have memories, and my first one is a heart monitor.
I stare at him, suddenly feeling light and dizzy.
     “I don’t know. I actually don’t know” I simply say.
The nurse steps closer.
I turn round.
I don’t remember replying, all I recall is falling once again into darkness.

© 2012 W0lf-tale

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