2- Quentin

2- Quentin

A Chapter by W0lf-tale


We all have a past. Some hide it, some face it and some even run from it. But I am done running. I sat in the waiting room of the hospital, knowing that if I had stayed the way I had been seven years ago, it could possibly me in that bed instead of Jem. Every time a doctor passed me, I would look up to see if it was Doc. Shaun. It seemed like hours until he actually came out of the room and stood in front of me.
     “He’s fine. He was very drunk, but he’s asleep now.” I stood up.
     “What about the blood on his clothes?” Doc. Shaun pulled a face and I frowned.
     “That blood wasn’t his. It doesn’t match up. Did he say anything before he collapsed? Anything about the blood?” he asked.
     I racked my brain back, trying to think. I them remembered he said he had done something terrible. Had he killed someone? No, I thought. Jem may be total idiot sometimes, but he would never kill. Sure, he had hurt so many people, but kill? No, it just didn’t make sense. I needed to choose what side I was on. Was I on Jem’s and stayed quiet, or was I on the other side and told them? I decided.
     “No, not that I recall of,” I said, shaking my head. Doc didn’t look convinced, but he nodded anyway.
     “Okay, tell me if you do. But Quentin, you know I still need to call the police. He has blood on his clothes and hands. Blood that doesn’t belong to him. That sparks worry in me. I don’t think he has killed anyone, he doesn’t seem the type, but if there is someone out their bleeding to death. We need to know.” I nodded and handed them my mobile.
     “You can call from my mobile if needed. Like you said, I don’t think he killed anyone either. He has nothing to hide.”
     Doc Shaun shook his head. “No, there is no need for that, I’ll call from my office. And Quentin, I never said he did. But every day someone enters through that door.” He pointed at the entrance. “Whether they are homeless, a serial killer or just an idiot, I try to save them. Their life is their life. In that moment, they are just another patient. Us doctors can judge all we want, but we still have to save them. Whether we want to or not.” I nodded and slipped my phone back into my pocket.
     “You can go see him now.” He said before walking off into his office, I watched him through the window pick up the phone. He dialled the number and pressed it to his ear, his eyes met mine for a second before I looked away and went into Jem’s room.
     “Hey, Jem. You gave me a heart attack back there.” I whispered, before sitting down on the chair next to him. I knew he wouldn’t reply, after all, Jem was still asleep.
     “I’m glad you’re alright though.” I grabbed his hand in mine. “I’m really sorry for not staying on the phone to you. I told you to turn to a friend, not a drink, and you did. You turned to me, but I just threw it back into your face. Sorry about that, but you know how I am with mornings. If I can avoid them, I will.” I smiled and squeezed his hand, he laid there lifeless.
     “I got so worried when I saw you enter, blood on your shirt and tears falling down your face. Then you added to my worry. Don’t ever do that again.”
     He started to stir, his eyes opened and he moved his head slightly.
     “Jem, hey.” I muttered, smiling.
     “I’m in big trouble, aren’t I?” he replied, my smile faded before I nodded.
     “Yes, I’m afraid so.” Jem looked away and I turned to see what he was looking at, through the room window, we could see two police men talking to Doc. Shaun.
     “I know what this all looks like, Q, but trust me, I didn’t hurt anyone.” I looked at him and nodded.
     “I trust you.”

© 2013 W0lf-tale

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