A Chapter by Shelby

Chapter 1

My life, it always changed within the blink of the eye. You see I was born into a “loving” family and they decided to call me Katie.  I have a mother and father and one older brother. My parents are Stephanie and Scott Smith. Tyler Smith is my brother. At one point in time we all were a very happy family. But it changed.

I woke up one morning when I was around that age of five. Remembering I could see double, I wasn’t able to get up and move.Not only had that but my head felt as if it was going to explode from the pain that I was feeling. Before I could get out of bed, my mother came into my room.

When they took me to the doctor, we found out that I had a type of brain tumor. It’s called Pineal Region Tumor. Most doctors call it Pineal Region Pineal Cell Tumor. So I guess you could say that is the correct medical term. It grows slowly which is a good thing because if it didn’t, well I wouldn’t be here. Most of the time it’s little kids that get it. Your best example, me.

I didn’t understand why or how I got this disease. One thing I do remember is asking my father if the reason I got sick was because I kissed the little boy named Tommy, who lived down the street. He didn’t answer me though; he just sat there in his seat softly laughing.

Pushing through the surgery was one of the hardest things I ever went through, well at the time that is. You see when we first found out what was wrong, we immediately started deciding the surgery, but my mother was the one who put it off. I remember that she didn’t want a little kid to go through that. So we decided to wait until I was around the age of ten. I was fine with everything that went along with my tumor. What wasn’t okay with me was when my father started drinking. To be completely honest, I really didn’t even care that he was. Well, that was until he started hitting my family. He started hitting me.

I really can’t tell you how it was for me. Maybe it’s the fact that I really don’t remember. Yes, some people right now that are reading this are thinking, “How in the world can you not remember that?” For me, I was young and I thought that maybe this was my dad’s way of punishing me for getting sick.

Any way lets continue. Most people think that normally if the father is abusive he would be the one to try to kill his only daughter. Though, in my story and life that’s not how it went. Somehow it went completely different then I or anyone else planned. I was eight years old when the next disaster happened.  

Still to this day, I can smell the pancakes that my mother had made fill my bright pink and light blue room. The feeling of the cool air bursting into my room as the door right in front of my bed open up. Though, the cold air was shut out when she had shut the door. I can still feel the pressure I felt as she slowly sat on the left side of my bed.

"Katie, honey?” She asked making sure that I was awake.

I turn over on my back to look up at her big light blue eyes. When I did that, I noticed that there wasn’t the normal sparkle in her eyes. To a point, you could say that’s when I knew something was wrong.  

“Katie, there is a problem with you that no one can help you with. That is why I have to do this, I'm terribly sorry. God please forgive me for the sin I'm about to do." My mother said as the knife slowly started raise above my body.

“Mommy, whats-” I began to say. Never finishing my sentence I felt the knife quickly slashed at my stomach.

To me, in my memories, the knife went across my body slowly. Though I know in true life, when it was happening it went back very quickly.

"No. Get Away!" I screamed as I tried so hard to get away from her. But my blood was flowing swiftly out of the wound.  

Trying to stand up, I stumbled and hit the plastic table to the right side of my bed. As I heard her footstep coming up behind me, I lost all feeling in my feet. My hands start shaking violently while I opened my bedroom door. I remember looking up on my door, which was painted with dots all over it, as a closed it.

There was no way to get away from her; at least not with this gash is what I kept telling myself. Maybe it was because it was the truth. Or maybe it was because I thought that she would do worst to me for running away.

"Katie, please baby don't make this hard on the both of us. Come back here." I could hear her scream as I fell to the floor.  

That's when I realized that I was going to die. There isn't any way for me to get away. She will success in what she is trying to do.  That no one would ever know what pain I already went through.

© 2012 Shelby

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Added on November 20, 2012
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