A Special Bond

A Special Bond

A Story by Shelley Warner

Chapter two in "Loveable Baxter" series


Baxter telepathically  to Faith: 

“One time today, a school bus drove past our house! I thought you were on it and I ran to the window to bark at it. But Mom (Nana) explained that summer school was over and that was someone else’s bus.” 

Baxter bonded with Faith on the first day we adopted him. Zach was a little disappointed, but Baxter was accustomed to the woman who had adopted him two years before from the animal shelter. She had loved Baxter, and agonized over her decision, but her fiance was highly allergic to dogs and she wanted to marry him.

I awoke in the middle of Baxter’s first night with us and heard him whimpering. I got out of bed and went into Faith’s room. She was sound asleep. Baxter was sitting beside her on his little blue blanket, crying. “I know you miss your owner,” I told him. “It’s OK to be sad. We will love you.”

Baxter did adjust and it became a part of his daily routine to take up his station on the couch at 3:15 and watch out the window for his girl. He did that in Boise, Idaho, where she attended junior high school and he did that in Camas, Washington after we moved and she attended high school. 

As time went by, Baxter attached more to me, as I was at home when the kids were at school. But he gave more attention to Zach as well. Eventually, Faith moved back to Idaho to be with her mom. So now, it is Zach and me that Baxter relates to. But I’m sure, in his doggie memory, that he has not forgotten Faith.

Streak of Lightning

He takes his vigil

by two o’clock,

watching out the window

from the back of the couch.

Finally he sees it,

the yellow bus bringing home

his girl.

He races to the door,

impatient for me to open it.

Out he races,

like a streak of white lightning,

to jump onto the bus,

and be picked up

by his girl.

© 2023 Shelley Warner

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This touched my heart. Thank you! I have 2 wonderful large dogs and I fear what someday losing them will.feel like.

Posted 3 Months Ago

Shelley Warner

3 Months Ago

I'm glad it touched your heart. Yes, we treasure each day we have with our dogs. Baxter is almost 10.. read more
Though they have a different consciousness, animals do form deep and loyal bonds. They are truly family members. I have two aging female cats, and as I watch them sleeping peacefully on nearby furniture, I realize how much they add to this home.

Posted 3 Months Ago

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Shelley Warner

3 Months Ago

Yes, animals do add to our lives. Thank you for the review.
Dogs are incredibly loyal. They never cease to amaze me. Also they don’t forget people either that they have bonded with. Yes, and they have real feelings. They grieve just as we grieve. So it is Zach and you now, but Baxter will remember Faith and make a big fuss of her when she visits. Love your included poem too Shelley. All the best. Love your pic as well.


Posted 3 Months Ago

Shelley Warner

3 Months Ago

Thank you Chris. Yes, it is just Zach and me now and John when he visits us and when we visit him.
Chris Shaw

3 Months Ago

I’m so pleased you have found happiness Shelley and you have a new love in your life.
Shelley Warner

3 Months Ago

Thank you Chris. I'm working on a book: Adventures with John in his Red Ford Truck. I've posted a fe.. read more
I find it just amazing how dogs and some other animals can bond with us humans. Their love and loyalty seems intense and unconditional--something our own kind could do well to copy. The photo is so very sweet. Again, I have been treated to a heartwarming tale from you.

Posted 3 Months Ago

Shelley Warner

3 Months Ago

Oh thank you Samuel, what a nice review. I'm having fun writing Baxter stories

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Shelley Warner
Shelley Warner

Camas, WA

I like to write about my life. Sounds a little narcissistic, right? But it's the challenges, the griefs, the joys, the faith struggles, and the enjoyment of nature that inspires me. I have published t.. more..


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