The Black Widow

The Black Widow

A Poem by shewrites

Entangled in a web of an addiction

This isn’t right, this can’t be. Is this place as real as it seems? I explore, How did I get here? A place so strange. The comfort surrounds me, this wonderful new discovery. Although I can’t see what’s in front of me, I let the ropes guide me. Faint noises call for me. Don’t they know This is best for me? The noise screams louder to me. Piercing my ears with the warnings of danger. I won’t listen, can’t they trust me? I am in control. I can feel a wonderful web forming just for me. Gently guiding me where i want to be. I feel it pull about my feet, gliding me deeper into this mysterious dark web. Suddenly, a jolt within me. The web feels sticky. The web feels wrong. The web entangles my neck, i cant breathe. Where is it taking me? A place safe for me? Will i be happy? Will I feel peace? I anxiously resist the pull. Its entanglement I fight. till finally, The destination of where the web has taken me is revealed. My heart pounds rhythmically in my chest, how could I believe the web was here to catch me?! I look straight, and now see the widow head. The spiders web completely had entangled me, never to set me free.

© 2011 shewrites

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Very nice indeed! I loved it, being drawn deeper and deeper into the Widow's trap. And till at last you realize it's to late there's no escape! She has you now!

Posted 12 Years Ago

I love it this is absolutely amazing :o

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on September 14, 2011
Last Updated on September 14, 2011
Tags: addiction, prose, black widow, dark, eating disorder



Grantsville, UT

I have such a love for poetry. Writing poetry has been such a help and escape in my life. My writings are generally about my depression, eating disorder and addiction. more..