The Melody Of A Musician

The Melody Of A Musician

A Poem by shewrites

We play the music of our lives


I am the musician, the thoughts play the music of my mind. The chorus repeats itself, the beat is my cry. We all are musicians, musicians of our lives. Whether we repeat a familiar lyric or succeed the same song, we each have a melody humming within us, to each our own songs. Wanting to sing, waiting to pour out a unique melody. A dancing line of words, string of passion, tickling with pain. To each person a melody is different. a melody is not a song. You see, a musician has many choices, a musician can play with no wrong. He can choose to string the words of regret, hate and pain. Expressing and revealing a agonizing feeling harmonizing within. He can choose to spring out cheers or even uncover his overwhelming fears. You may repeat a chorus, you may repeat a song. But remember you are the musician and not your song. Your melody is within you. The artist of your unlimited passions and creations. Your melody is unlimited, you can choose what you play. Be weary of what you display. What songs you practice may affect you, they can create or destroy. Your music is contagious, your music is heard. We all create a symphony, choose to Contribute a song worth playing, a chorus meant to say. Remember you don’t need to put down your instrument. You are always free to create a new song.
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This is a wonderful insight of the diversity in our lives... I feel like the words take me away on a soft rollercoaster of the lines on a staff, and with every squeal of the wheels a new note comes along to add to our own melody. There are bright and sunny melodies, like the uphill chainlift, and there are also dark, emotional melodies, like the downhill slide. These are both equal in worth, the melodies. And however low we may feel... our melodies are not so far away. I absolutely loved it. :) Well done!

Posted 12 Years Ago

A very inspiring and beautiful piece.Great write.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Grantsville, UT

I have such a love for poetry. Writing poetry has been such a help and escape in my life. My writings are generally about my depression, eating disorder and addiction. more..