I'll start tomorrow

I'll start tomorrow

A Poem by shewrites

You say tomorrow will be different. You say tomorrow you will change. No, tomorrow will not be any different then today. How can you expect tomorrow to be any different? Tomorrow can be different, it can be exactly what you want..if you choose to change today. You will change when your willing to completely embrace the pain of change this very moment, and each exact moment you feel it. You will change when you leave your comfort zone- when you no longer resist what you think you can’t bare. The change won’t come to you. Stop thinking it will, stop having constant pity for yourself. If you want something bad enough- you will go and get it. There is no promise that you won’t fall. No promise you will never fail. You will, but thats when you can make the most important change of all. The choice of choosing to stand immediately, to dust yourself off the second you hit your low. To say NO to everything that says you can’t, to say no to the comfort of staying in your own pity and sorrow and finally- to refuse to make your promises of tomorrow. TOMORROW WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW IN TODAYS FOOTSTEPS. Don’t you dare say, maybe next time. Maybe tomorrow. The real change takes place when you embrace the pain of change in the exact moment in happens. It’s worth it to start getting what you want- today. Nothing says you have to wait. Nothing says that one mess up means you can’t start until you can be perfect. Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to immediately brush off what tells you that you can’t start until tomorrow. You must not wait. There is no reason you can’t have everything you desire. There is enough in you to be who you want to be and there is enough in this world to have anything you want. No thing can keep you from being who you want to be. The real change is within this present moment and that’s when tomorrow will change. Don’t ever forget that tomorrow will follow in todays footsteps.

© 2011 shewrites

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Added on September 15, 2011
Last Updated on September 15, 2011



Grantsville, UT

I have such a love for poetry. Writing poetry has been such a help and escape in my life. My writings are generally about my depression, eating disorder and addiction. more..