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The Land - The Thieves

The Land - The Thieves

A Story by Shimotsuma Akimoto

A story about a family living in the Japanese colonial era (1940s) in Joseon, Korea.


The morning sun rose on the land of scholars- Joseon. Joseon was now being invaded by the Japanese. Everyday, you could see women asking for a stitch that could fulfill their prayers of saving their loved ones in the war. In the middle of this, Park Seol-hye a noble scholar had made plans to stop her daughter,Park Chung-Sun from becoming an Japanese army medic as her husband was already a Pro-Japanese army official. Seol-hye and her children lived in The Choi House, Pyeongsa-ri, Joseon. Chung-Sun was adopted. Her real mother was Lee Eun- sun who lived in Seoul.

During the night, some people from the Japanese army bombed the Joseon Police Station and robbed the house of Kim A-Seuk, a Pro-Japanese official. This news came to Seol-hye's ears. She told her guards to tie her mouth,legs and hands with a silk parchment and switch off the lights. She acted like someone had robbed the house. Seol-hye was a strong freedom fighter and decided to trick Lieutenant Gondo who was forcing her to put her sons, Chung-hee and Tae-min in the army. Seol-hye offred the thieves the money kept in the treasury of The Choi House. 

The next day, Gondo visited The Choi House and found Seol-hye on the floor unconsious. He opened the silk parchment and found the treasury empty. He sure was tricked.

© 2013 Shimotsuma Akimoto

Author's Note

Shimotsuma Akimoto
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Hopefully you will turn this into a fleshed out story because it is REALLY interesting.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on January 10, 2013
Last Updated on January 10, 2013
Tags: Joseon, scholars, korea, young-sun


Shimotsuma Akimoto
Shimotsuma Akimoto

New Delhi, North India, India

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