Ichigo Gets an Unexpected Company

Ichigo Gets an Unexpected Company

A Story by Shimotsuma Akimoto

Ichigo meets Momoko at the hospital.


It was another new day and IchigoTakemoto woke up in her little dormitory in Yamamaru Girl's Hostel, Osaka. She brushed her teeth and went to the dining hall to eat her breakfast just rice, rancid meat and ramen soup. After the meal, she went to her school, Morimitsu High School. It was her graduation day after which she planned to go to Tokyo and become fashion designer so she can open her clohing line called "Tsubasa." Someone would love to learn to lead a really simple life like Ichigo. This simple girl who wore Versace frock had the great talent of embroidery and debating. Her father was death sentenced and deceased in Hiroshima for robbery and murder.

Ichigo entered the gate. There were so many students outside that she got lost in the crowd. She had to say a speech which was difficult for such a tongue-tied girl but she did with all her might. Ichigo me her arch-enemy, Kuroki Megumi. She was the most popular girl in school. Ichigo ignored her and when the school ended she went on her way to the hostel. Just then, a bike group came and crash..crash.. a truck and bike's collision made Ichigo fly up in the air. It seemed like all the memories came flashing in her mind. Thrash... she fell on the road. Agirl came next to her body, now feeble by the sudden accident. This tomboy good samaritan called the ambulance. On Saturday, Ichigo woke up from her bed in the general ward of the hospital. She wondered- what was she doing in the hospital ? A girl appraoched her bed she said, "Hi, my name is Momoko Mori. I am the leader of the bike group. I'm really sorry to hit you like that." Ichigo said "No problem because you repented by sending me to the hospital.  I know you didn't mean it. I've heard about your bike group at school. Do you know Megumi-Chan? She is so like, stupid. She puts lipstick on her head to make up her mind." Ichigo had a very good sense of humour. Momoko asked, "Anyway, like to be friends? When I aske for friendship I mean it!" Ichigo agreed for she found her new friend kind of exciting. "Okay, you live alone? Now that we have holidays as we have graduated. We can meet anywhere. I think we should live together. I'm thinking of leaving the hostel." said Ichigo. "Okay, if our friendship will grow, I will let stay at my apartment. The dostor said that you can be discharged today. So, we'll meet up at Ramen Restaurant tonight."

Ichigo came out of her bed wore her frock took her little hand bag went home. 


© 2012 Shimotsuma Akimoto

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Shimotsuma Akimoto
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Me too! I love manga!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Love this sort of thing and I love anime/manga in general!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Shimotsuma Akimoto

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