Never Borrow Jewellery in Bribe Or you'll Suffer

Never Borrow Jewellery in Bribe Or you'll Suffer

A Chapter by Shimotsuma Akimoto

Koel gets attracted to Monica's necklace.


The sky rejoiced the morning's birth in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. The Narayans woke up. Ghotak Narayan, the Head TC (Ticket Checker) was in hurry to go to the the railway station to catch Howrah Express and Gomukh Narayan, the teacher had to go to school. But before the family would go to do their duties, they ain't forget Kesari Narayan or Babuji's moral lessons. We should call him Babuji. Babuji was a retired principal of a school in Ghaziabad.


Babuji wrote on the blackboard, "Never borrow jewellery in bribe or you'll be in trouble."


Gaj Narayan, Gomukh daughter who was a schoolgirl took a bite of her apple and asked Babuji, "But Dadaji", Babuji was her grandfather,"why can't we borrow jewellery in bribe?"


"That's because in Uttar Pradesh (U.P) it's very dangerours to wear costly jewellery as it can be stolen or lost." replied Babuji.


"Ghotak Bhaiya, I won't give you my brain in bribe." said Gadha Prasad, the man-servant of the house.


"Gadha Prasad, just lock your mouth", said Babuji.


Gadha Prasad went really closed his mouth with a lock. He screamed to ask Babuji to open his mouth.


"You should keep your mouth locked." Babuji said to Gadha Prasad.


Gadha Prasad was actually Gadda Prasad but he was called "Gadha" because Gadha meant donkey in Hindi.


After Gomukh and Ghotak left for work, the sond of a revving car came. Koel, Ghotak's wife ran to the gate with Mayuri, Gomukh's wife.


The car opened and a leg reached out laced with a gliterring anklet. The person came out. Koel shrieked, psyched with surprise, "Monica, my best friend!"


" Yes it's me, Koel!" said Monica.


"Koel, you're married? I think when you were married, I was in London, no, Tokyo, no, Paris, no, Singapore. Oh! I'm so confused. Actually my husband owns a multi-national  company. So, we're always taking a world tour." said Monica.


"This is Mayuri, my sister-in-law." said Koel, introducing Mayuri to Monica.


"Hi, Monicaji!" greeted Mayuri.


"Anyway, what does your husband do, Koel?" asked Monica.


"He is the Head TC in the railways." replied Koel.


"Hahaha!" Monica laughed,"I didn't know your husband is a TC. I don't travel by train, you know. I'll tell Jaya, Reshma and Sushma that your husband is a TC! They travel in train you know."


"Anyway, we have to renovate our old chateau. Where is your house?" asked Monica.


"This is our house." said Koel pointing to Chidiya Ghar or The Zoo as it was called in English.


"You should visit us tomorrow." said Mayuri.


"Okay, I'll come. Bye" said Monica.

Monica's comment on Koel's husband, made her hurt.


Next afternoon, the Narayans were sitting in the verandah waiting for Monica.


"Koel, when  is she going to come. Her train seems slow. Is  she really very rich?" said Ghotak.


"Yes, Jethji," said Mayuri. In Hindi, they call their elder brother-in-law Jethji.


Screech... The sound of a revving car came.


Monica came out," Hi, Koel."


Koel introduced her family,"This is my young brother-in-law, Gomukh, my son, Gillu, Mayuri's daughter, Gaj, my father-in-law, Kesari Narayan and my husband, Ghotak."


"Oh, so you are the Head TC," Monica.


"If you want a reservation in Rajdhani Express, tell me,"said Ghotak.


" No,thanks. I don't travel by train." said Monica.


The family went to the dining table.


"Get me a napkin. Come closer to give me the napkin," ordered Monica to Gadha Prasad.


"You are a millionaire's wife you won't let me come closer to you but now that you're asking me I'll come." said Gadha Prasad.


"Is he that innocent that he'll do the exact thing I order?" asked Monica to Babuji.


"Yes, certainly." said Babuji.


"Okay, get me some water Gadha Prasad." ordered Monica.


Gadha Prasad got water in the bucket which was used for taking bath.


"Oh! I asked him to get water ina glass but he got the whole bucket for me." said Monica.


"Babuji told you that Gadha Prasad is too innocent." said Koel.


"I think not. I think he's smart. Anyway, so, if I order him to pour water on me he will?" said Monica.


"Try to ask him"said Babuji.


"What should I do with this bucket?" asked Gadha Prasad.


"Okay, Gadha Prasad pour water on me." said Monica.


Splash... Gadha Prasad poured water. Ghotak and Gomukh became excited and elated.


"Oh! My necklace that costs 400,000 Rupees and my 600 dollars goggles! I am leaving, Koel!" said Monica and deserted the house.




© 2012 Shimotsuma Akimoto

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Shimotsuma Akimoto
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Added on March 21, 2012
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Shimotsuma Akimoto
Shimotsuma Akimoto

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