Never Borrow Jewellery in Bribe or You'll Suffer 2

Never Borrow Jewellery in Bribe or You'll Suffer 2

A Chapter by Shimotsuma Akimoto

Mayuri loses the necklace.


Koel entered The Zoo, as the house was called and Mayuri was elated. Mayuri asked,"What happened in the party? Can you lend me the necklace for my friend's son's first birthday?

Koel replied,"Everyone was staring at my necklace!"


Ghotak added,"Mrs.Srivastava was going to fall to see the necklace!"


Koel said,"Mayuri, you can take the necklace."


The next evening, Mayuri entered the house. She said,"Everyone was talking about my dance and my necklace!"


Then Mayuri started dancing and Koel noticed that Mayuri was not wearing the necklace! She screamed,"No!"


By the scream all the flour in the kitchen fell on Gadha Prasadh, Gomukh's ink pot slipped from his hands and Babuji book fell down.


Babuji came to the verandah. He said,"Why are screaming, Koel?"


Koel said,"Mayuri lost Monica's necklace!"


Everyone shrieked,"What!


Next morning, the decision was fixed-everyone in the family, from Gillu to Babuji would earn some money. Koel sewed uniforms for Gillu and Gaj's school, Mayuri taught an NRI (Non-resident Indian) girl Indian classical dance, Gomukh became a tutor in Krishna Coaching Class adn Gillu and Gaj earned some money. Gadha Prasadh ported goods.


One month passed but the final amount was 221,000 not Rupees 400,000.


The next morning, Monica was going to return from Paris!

Whenever, Koel,Ghotak,Gomukh,Mayuri and Gillu heard a screech of a car, they would hide. Babuji entered the house. He said ,"My dear children, don't hide from the truth, have bravery to speak out the truth."


When Monica came, Koel said with all her might,"Mayuri lost your Rupees 400,000 necklace. We tried to buy by collecting money in different professions but could only make 221,000 rupees."


Monica's heart melted,"The truth is that my necklace costed only 4,000. I just wanted to be popular. I don't bo abroad."


Everyone laughed in unison.


When Monica went back home, Babuji said,"I've bought the Rupees 400,000 necklace. I took all the money from my savings account. Now, you can keep this necklace."


Gillu and Gaj said, "Never borrow jewellery or you'll suffer!"

© 2012 Shimotsuma Akimoto

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Shimotsuma Akimoto
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Added on April 3, 2012
Last Updated on April 3, 2012
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Shimotsuma Akimoto
Shimotsuma Akimoto

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