Some Parenting Tips

Some Parenting Tips

A Story by Shweta Bhanda

Dedicated To Mothers and Going to-be Mothers (for sure fathers will not have time to read, if have some valuable moments, please go ahead and share your thoughts:-)

A thought crossed over my mind, while I was reading a face to face interview of Barrack Obama given to Reader’s Digest. An interviewee asked Obama, “What kind of life do you want to give your daughters?” Friends when President of a country is quiet concerned about the kind of life he wants to give to his children, then isn’t our duty as a common man to take out some valuable time and answer ourselves the same question. Answer yourself and start working over it.

• Don’t feel offended but being very straight forward (requested not to take as rude comment), every mammal gives birth to a child. It’s no more rocket science friends. But, rocket science is to decide what kind of life we want our child to give?
• Are we creating at home a healthy atmosphere for our toddlers/kids? Are we venting out our daily frustration and office issues on him, if not directly but are we yelling on each other in front of kids? If yes then please stop then and there. Friends it’s your problem your personal problem. You have no right to spoil childhood of your innocent child. Now don’t start thinking who must stop first. Sooner you take the charge, wiser you will be called.
• I have heard parents complaining my child is very cranky. She/he starts throwing up now and then. Friends more than half of the problems are not with our kids/toddlers but with us. Your child is reflection of your deeds. They act and behave according to the environment you create for them. Don’t blame them always. 
• They say that kids don't come with an instruction manual - it's true. Every child is different and therefore it is our duty(both mother and father) to give all ears to them. Are we too busy to listen them? Please listen earnestly to them.
• Spend quality time with your kids. Remember the time when your toddler was months old. It was you who keep looking at him/her and remain watchful. Then why now suddenly distanced yourself. Just because he/she grew with years, you stopped hearing him/her, spending time with him/her.
• There may be chances that your child does not open his/her heart and alas neither we do (though grew up with years). How many times have you shared your problems with them? Try this. Go back home today and sit with your kid and ask him with his daily routine, tell him yours. Just speak to him, even though he doesn’t understand what you are saying, but surely he understands your gestures. This way he will become responsive.
• The time you play games with him/her, read with/her, take her/him out for ice-cream, you suddenly will find that he/she in some way start becoming close to you.
• Act like a child with him, tease him, throw tantrums at him, get annoyed with him and just be a child in front of him. Some soft skills child learns from his parents.
• Being child does not mean you are caring him, but it is helping him to speak to his heart. He will not feel as some overloaded instructional manual is forcefully applied on him.
• Watch your language, words and gestures. When you fight with your spouse, your child does not understand the reason of shouting and screaming but he just become cranky or get afraid of the way you two are creating the scene and definitely with the gestures of you two. Do not leave any instance where your child just stumbled.
• Your child relates a lot. He relates the acts with the situation. He is a great observant. He can be at times a great judge. As kids are innocent at heart, so they are honest and tender. I advice to cautiously choose your words and stay vigilant on your acts.
• There is lot of difference in giving a birth to a child and raising him.

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Added on December 16, 2016
Last Updated on December 16, 2016
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