Finding Peace Within

Finding Peace Within

A Story by Shweta Bhanda

Acceptance is key to happiness and trust me it is in real. Over-engineering kills. Choose your battles wisely. Not everything require your judgement and not every question lures for answer.


Finding peace within:
1. In order to attain bliss and contentment try to accept things as they are. Acceptance is key to happiness. Accept people as they behave, accept situations as they fall in place and accept the act of nature.

2. Do not try to find out answers of each and everything. There are certain things/situations which are just meant to happen. Avoid detailing out and over-engineering on small issues which when detailed out takes a shape of massive problem.

3. Your conscience is the best judge and just don’t try to find out answers of every question, but listen earnestly and follow diligently to its voice. It is She (conscience) which gives you the right answer. And believe me friends; once you have taken Her approval, you can never be wrong (at least for yourself).

4. In Indian society a child since very beginning is been taught to follow instructions and we keep doing the same till we die. Instead of living a life we just have become ‘social robots’ who have lot of instructions, functions and formulae which are been fed inside us as a chip. At one certain time you can do and follow one instruction. It may be right for you and wrong for others. Try to follow your heart.

5. Our soul only understands the signs of love, compassion, care, wisdom and prayers and it respond accordingly. It has no room for lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego.

6. Today we all are in search of ‘peace’ which is within us and we keep finding it in either other things (material) or in other person. Friend, think for a while if one cannot keep happy himself/herself how can we claim of keeping others happy.

7. Are you keeping yourselves happy? Are you aiming for thing which you aspire to have? Are your actions meeting the expectations of yourselves? Are you enjoying your income? Are you spending apt time with your family? Are you getting time to serve your parents? Are you able to keep your girlfriend/boyfriend happy? So much is expected out of you. Isn’t it? But just take out few moments from your busy schedule and close your eyes, and answer yourself Are you on the right track?
8. Fear, anxiety, negligence, annoyance creates pain and leave us stressed. We all readily accept the fact that we will die one day. But friends we never fear from dying, but we fear from the questions which arise like how we will die? Will it be an accident or a sudden death? Such dilemmas, uncertainties and questions make us coward and leave us depressed.

9. As we accept the changing of day and night, blooming of flowers, falling of tree leaves, chirping of birds, flowing water waves we must accept the situations, people, and transitions in their own unique way. That is the beauty of life.

10. Some people live life as a task. They think that they are here in this world to change people. Friend, every individual is different with different body constitution, different genes and different DNA. If your replica is not as similar as of you, how could the other person will be?

11. Spend some moments in peace and find yourself, your existence and your own uniqueness. This will answer all your questions which you are finding in others.

12. Social networking websites and social mediums are making our live hollow, vague and meaningless. We know many but we recognize few. We follow many but we reach few, we like many but we appreciate few, we comment on many but we give very few.

13. We spend hours in knowing others and in this task we forget to know ourselves. By doing this we grow up expectations from others which just give us pain and distress. Try laughing for/with yourself, crying for/with yourself, spending time for/with yourself, gifting for yourself, loving yourself. In short, know yourself.

14. Remaining occupied within ourselves does not state that you become narcissist and adopt the policy of self-preoccupation. It explains remain contended with yourself and learn the art of spreading love with your aura. If you are happy with yourself, you tend to transfer positive energy, love, affection and compassion to others also.

15. Remove following C’s in your life Condemn, Complain and Criticize

© 2016 Shweta Bhanda

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Added on December 16, 2016
Last Updated on December 16, 2016
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