A Story by siddarth

What really fascinated water is the fact that she had options. Options of joining into the ocean and never have the same day everyday or form a lake and be pleasant for the rest of its life. Having options really comforted her. But more than the comfort, they really confused her.

The problem with her was the fact that she had no form. She mingled with almost everything she met during her journey. Took various forms and created appreciable impressions. But all this while, never had an identity of her own or (more precisely), had multiple identities.

"De colores, de colores...Se visten los campos en la primavera." She sang as she flowed past the green fields. 
She loved the reflections on her when her favorite fireworks jumped in glee.

She was strong enough to collect herself up and calm herself down after a furious act of vanishing into thin air.

She was water. Independent. Fearless yet gentle. Strong yet calm.

She crossed boundaries.
Experienced new soil.
Drained down from different tunnels and flowed into various streams.
She looked, from above, at the vast canvas of earth, speechless at the abundance and just perplexed at the very sight.

Even though she started off as a drop, the other innumerable droplets during her course of life helped her grow bigger and better along the way. Never did she feel the other droplets to be worthless, because ,every droplet had directly or indirectly helped her grow, learn and flow.

She flowed through rocky lands, grassy hills, smooth sands and also into muddy waters. Each terrain had a new experience for her in store. She always had appreciation for every experience she has had as a part of her journey.

But now, as she stood near the inlet into her next journey, with all the confusion and appreciation apart, she looked back at her journey and wondered, "Is it time to say goodbye yet?"

She was deceptive.
Yet, abstractive.

She cried.
But who could've noticed? 

© 2013 siddarth

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Added on December 7, 2013
Last Updated on December 31, 2013



hyderabad, India

You already Know.........:D more..

copy copy

A Story by siddarth

Jade Blue Jade Blue

A Story by siddarth