Did We take a Loose of a Sweet Little Thing called Love?

Did We take a Loose of a Sweet Little Thing called Love?

A Story by Siddharth

We all need someone to love, that somebody with whom we can let ourselves loose. Love is a phenomena that binds the hardness of the unknown ones into a pure magic of addiction.

Is it true that God really resides in children or they are type of an incarnation of the Almighty?

Some people consider the above mentioned question as a myth or they may have a different perception altogether. There is a strong reason behind me asking this question from the individuals. When the Lord first created this universe under which we reside with peace, harmony and comfort, little he did know that after several decades there would be a clash between his creation, which would lead to unavoidable disputes and scuffles among the family members. It literally torn him in apart as his heart was shattered into several pieces. Ever since the mankind began to set its foot on a captivating planet, which we fondly call “Earth”, there had been a plethora of unwanted wrongdoings that led to brawls speaking of which, many had come to blows and raised a War just to prove their superiority over others.

We need to adapt to an environment that is enriched with peace and prosperity. Where is the love? Where has it gone? We can go on a hunt for almost anything but when it comes to finding even a minute notion based on Love, we keep mum. And, it certainly proves to create an unwelcomed situation which we never pondered due to the fact that Jesus of Nazareth chose to crucify himself by the hands of Roman soldiers so that his children can live under one roof with love engrossed in them.

Nothing can refuse the fact that ever since the Universe came into existence, men had always ruled in such an atrocious way that the poor people found quite hard to survive in their presence. Why? This is Because of the reason that they wanted to follow the footsteps that were laid by Satan. They wanted to walk on a path laid by“Lucifer”, who was a fallen Angel. Now, if we talk about women, they were brutally tortured under the cruel shadows of ruthless rulers or emperors and both the children and women were made to work under unavoidable circumstances. If one dared to protest on behalf of others, he or she was slaughtered in such a way that nobody ever was able to gather the guts to raise the voice. It all happened due to the lack of “LOVE” that could have molded the inhumane ones into peace loving humans.

© 2012 Siddharth

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Added on September 13, 2012
Last Updated on September 14, 2012
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