7 Deadly Sins for the Transformation of One’s Soul

7 Deadly Sins for the Transformation of One’s Soul

A Story by Siddharth

We get succumbed to seven sins for diverse reasons but we tend to take a loose of our minds thinking that we would derive pure pleasure but it's the other way round.

I am going to take a laconic journey with you all in which we deeply throw some light on 7 deadly sins that take us for granted if we don’t keep an eye on any one of them. They have been on their prowl since the Lord created this gigantic planet or since those times when universe came into existence. We are acquainted with seven (7) deadly sins that keep us engrossed with diverse activities whether good or bad. They determine whether an individual is hailing from an era when there were Saints who used to convey themselves when it came to let the people become the followers of Jesus of Nazareth who gave his life for his children or reflecting the negative effect on individuals that prefer walking on a trail led by the Satan. 

It is apparent that where good prevails, bad exists. It is self-explanatory when we talk about Saints or Sinners or Good or Bad. They go hand in hand but in the end, it is good that takes over the entire world by storm by crushing the devilish notions of bad elements.

I have had a close encounter with a plethora of people who have been showering upon their negative effects on others for the purpose of taking an undue advantage just to satisfy their wills. Here, it would certainly not be wrong to state that individuals at times tend to take an illegitimate advantage of others’ innocence. Everyone has to pay for his or her sins in this birth because of the reason that there is no mercy for those who indulge themselves in committing a heinous wrongdoing that proves to be hazardous for the human beings.

Let’s take a look at the 7 deadly sins that have taken over the entire hemisphere by storm or shall we say, they have occupied this colossal planet with their respective charms. They are Pride, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth and Greed.

How about describing the above mentioned sins briefly?
Ø  Pride " When we talk about pride, don’t we realize that the word explains everything in terms of being domineering. People begin to believe in their abilities excessively which is considered unacceptable as they commence comparing their works with the works of God.
Ø  Envy " It is one of the deadly sins in which a person yearns for others’ abilities, traits, etc.
Ø  Lust " It is an excessive craving for the various pleasures of the body.
Ø  Gluttony " It is an unwanted craving to consume more than required.
Ø  Wrath " It is shown in the individual that opts for anger in lieu of choosing love. It is also known as anger.
Ø  Sloth " It occurs when a person tends to avoid physical or spiritual work, which is necessary for the overall development.
Ø  Greed " It is the intense craving for material gains.

I simply don’t understand the fact that why people tend to take a loose of their minds and become ruthless. There have been so many instances in the past when brutal individuals took a ride over the sacred feelings of those followers of the Almighty who ever lived under the shadows of compassion and generosity.

© 2012 Siddharth

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I am sorry. Forgive even me?

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

Ask the Almighty to forgive you for your unwanted sins if you have committed in the past. In him, yo.. read more

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Added on September 14, 2012
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